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  1. Lindholm has decided to go over and play for Carolina. http://brynas.se/Nyheter/Lindholm-lamnar-Brynas-IF/ You can run the article in Google translate.
  2. In the the interview with him in a Swedish newspaper he says that he is struggeling with the decision. One day he feels ready for NHL and the other day he doesn't. From Carolinas side they have told him that he is to be given a chance to play on the team and that if if doesn't make it he would not be sent to AHL. In that case he has the possibility to be on loan to Brynäs. It sounds a bit like it is up to him if he feels ready or not. Perhaps his indecision comes from the fact that he got injured and he couldn't participate as much as he (and others) wanted in the camp. If I read something in the news here I will try to update you all. Link to the article: http://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/hockey/sverige/elitserien/brynas/article17185092.ab (I couldn't run it through Google translate, but that might be my browser.)
  3. Elias Lindholm has been in a meeting with Brynäs today. He hasn't taken a decision yet wether he'll stay in Brynäs or will go over to Carolina. Mikael, Elias father, wants him to stay in Brynäs another year.
  4. The contract has been signed. Jim Rutherford says he would be "shocked" if he doesn't play already this year. Elias says that he thinks he's ready even if it a higher level of game. http://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/hockey/sverige/elitserien/brynas/article17137809.ab http://www.expressen.se/sport/hockey/nhl/klart-elias-lindholm-skriver-pa-for-carolina/
  5. Yes, a couple of years ago I helped out the guy who usually takes the photos for Brynäs (Elias Lindholms recent team) at their home games. Before the players comes out on the ice they have their helmets lined up on the rink, so I took a photo of them and made a wallpaper. The origin of the avatar. Thanks to all of you who have welcommed me to the forum!
  6. I think it is a fair bet that he will sign and if he doesn't make the team he will be on loan to Brynäs. We have seen several other examples of that just in Brynäs. Hope you guys over there can give some updates during the camp. Would be much appreciated!
  7. Here is the link: http://gd.se/sport/brynas/1.6065470-lindholm-just-nu-ar-det-brynas-som-galler- It might be so that he keeps both doors open. Who knows? All we can do is speculate and I guess we will see in time. Personally I would not mind if he stays in Brynäs one year. Selfish? Yepp, but we really need him another year. If he leave I can only say to him good luck. And I would not blame him.
  8. The latest written in the Swedish newspapers is that Elias Lindholm will stay in Brynäs. He states that he hasn't heard anything directly from Carolina that they want him to come over this year. As I understand the contract needs to be signed before the 15'th, and if it is signed by then he might still be on loan to Brynäs. I have seen him play many games and Carolina has drafted a very talented guy. My experiense of NHL and AHL is only through TV so I cannot say if he would benefit more to play in the Swedish league or to go over right now.
  9. Elias is no stranger to a physical game. He can give and take hits. I will try to follow Carolina a bit closer now when he is on your rooster. Last time you picked a player from 'my team' it was Niclas Wallin. He was a pretty good defence man in my view.
  10. I hope you can be a bit patient with Elias Lindholm in Carolina. He might be one of the best player you have ever drafted. Even though he might not be the type of player you would like to have right now, but he has the potential to be one of the leagues best players when he will be in his prime. I have had the oppertunity to see him play many, many games. He is a smart player and if you like the skilled game and not just brute force he will give it to you.
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