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  1. I really hope they show up willing to battle hard for that win. There are few things more annoying than smug, loud, drunk caps fans. Plus, it is Hat Night. A few years ago that was known as Eric Staal Hat Trick Night...maybe it can be Skinner's night this year. That kid needs a hat shower.
  2. Ruu was my favorite player and I will miss him greatly, but the writing was on the wall. I expect that we will see Brock McGinn next season fill in the role of a hard banging scoring wing. His game is similar to Ruu in his prime, and after Brock's year so far with Guelph, I expect him to come out of training camp with a spot on the team.
  3. According to john forsland's twitter, 2nd line is getting tweeked with skinner and Lindholm as Jordan's wings....this could be interesting....
  4. Add Trevor Carrick with GP 36 G 14 A 13. And he is D. Really looking forward to McGinn making it up. Tolch will depend on his physical development but lord he is an offensive machine.
  5. *rolls in* How bout that Skinner! And woooweee! Faulk! I totally threw my nice fedora half way across Lucky B's for Skinny's hatty (80th aniversary of the repeal of Prohibition for those unaware). What the bejeebus are we gonna do when we have 3 healthy goalies? I am so torn. I want to root for our underDAWG Peters...but...Dobby is so dynamic! I agree with others, Ward has been placed on the Franchise Pedistal. I can't see him leaving anytime soon.
  6. Quick Tolchinsky update: http://www.subwaysuperseries.ca/video/index/id/c19c725c363294547ae15e3361efcb84 1 goal in two games, Russia beats OHL twice. This kid...I tell you what. Add that Brock McGinn is tearing it up, Tolch is at least a point a game, and Trevor Carrick is going pretty strong as well, it makes for an interesting near future.
  7. radionradiation


    Pics n gifs of canes
  8. Ahhh...trade talk. It's like a rainbow in the dark (Dio on the brain... Blame the unicorns). At this point I see Ruu and Gleason as trade possibilities because of cap vs. redundancy and slow starts. I also think that by next year, if Brock McGinn is ready to go, he would be a good replacement for Ruutu's hard hitting style. I also would not be surprised if there may be a shake up in or Charlotte roster for trades as well. They are on a 7 game skid. I wish they would swing Lindholm back up. I know he hasn't been tearing it up down there but he does have two assists. Offense is anemic for our entire organization right now. Disheartening, but optimistically, this slump has to break sometime.
  9. They had that one last year on and off, but they updated it for this season. I can't help bit sing along and catch others doing the same. I think the complaints were so hearty for the muddle of pudd intro at the start that canes vision had to scramble an old one out. Miss 2008-2009 (IIRC) Burn it to the Ground though. That could get the whole arena first pumping, Nickelback or no.
  10. I saw that he was injured maybe on one of chip alexander's tweets yesterday. It was noted that he was not at the signing last night but was suppose to be at the table with Hainsey, Semin and Murph.
  11. News from the sth party... Skinny not expected for the weekend. Was only doing photos... Gotta be hand/wrist. Dobby's timetable still not firm. Ankle injury confirmed. Dvorak could make it back on ice this a weekend. Muller really likes Lindholm. Muller is awesome because he signed my 1990 all star card of him. Good times were had.
  12. alright, after the avs game, I am here not to be a debby downer, but to say, man, we hung in there! The numbers (SOG, FO%) were very similar. The takeaway/giveaway numbers were encouraging. Here's some of what I came away with. Gleason is playing with smarts and zip again, and I may be in love with Ryan Murphy's passing skills. Sure he had some hiccups on the ice, but he hung in there at ALL times, and had a near preternatural sense of where the opposing team were going to go on breakaways. He covered Pete-dawgs holes well in those situations. Pete Dawg had some strong saves. At least 2 of the goals he allowed came from a bit of a D-breakdown. Though, not as bad as last year. Very interesting that Muller threw the Staal, Staal, Semin line in the last period, and MAN were they fierce, PP or no. That is A LOT of strength, teamed with Semin and Murphy svelt passing (though I hope for more consistent wicked Sasha passes). So. All aboard the Murphy boat, I'm your captain, running game day trips to Remkin Island. Also, your Friday night OHL update: Tolchinsky with 2 assists Friday night SOO wins BROCK McGinn with 1 goal and 2 assists Guelph wins Trevor Corrente +3, MISS wins (sadly, 4-0 against Altshuller) Friday night AHL: Boychuck 2 assists, 1 goal Jordan, 3 assists Muse with the shutout, 30 saves. Checkers win 5-0
  13. Skinny looked in pain bending his right wrist back.
  14. In addition to the Tolch burning it up for Soo, McGinn is tearing it up for Guelph with 10 goals, 9 assists. Awwww yeah. *puts shades on*
  15. Will be good to see Komi finally in action. 7 D sounds like Muller is prepping to choke that Caps PP offense with fresh, big D. Here's hoping for Sasha finally putting the biscuit in the basket....AND watching that stick of his. Caps PP is scaring about every one apparently. Our guys are going to have to play smart.
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