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  1. I don't understand why we need help fast...this is a proper rebuild. It takes time. Think back to this time last year, we weren't expecting to be in the hunt for a playoff spot on March. This team did last year what we weren't expecting it to do until this upcoming season. We are ahead of schedule in Raleigh and that's a great thing but I just don't see the dire circumstances to win now. Additionally with our additions up front, and another year under our young Ds belt, how could someone not expect us to improve this year?...we finished something like 7 points out this year...3 wins and a OT loss, not a huge gap with how close NHL games can be. Look at where BP came from in Detroit. They had 1 50 point scorer last year and made the playoffs.
  2. What did we have last year because we were pretty close to the playoffs?...another year of progression for our young core, add in a 50 point guy, toss in TT who scored 30 points last year at 21, and we added size. What do you want? Should we have signed everybody available yesterday??? Not saying we win the Presidents Trophy but we are in a good spot. Certainly the best spot we've been in for years. Most importantly, we are set up nicely down the road where we can challenge to be a top level team!
  3. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zt6hTDdzx6c/VcDhoOdaxiI/AAAAAAAAAVw/W2ZXV3JGSwI/s1600/image.jpg
  4. Seriously Blue Devil one account per person. You two are on the same page (not my page though)
  5. Blue Devil one account per person...
  6. Why even try to reason...you hooked me again...Big signings tend to back fire, we have a young core that is due for money soon. Big signings get butts in seats short term, building teams the right way fills seats for the long term. Trust the process.
  7. I like the situation for him. I could see him with a bounce backish year. 50 points?
  8. Eric 3 years $3.5 mil to Wild
  9. No. Just no. Management understands it takes SMART money to make money. Most signings today the experts are saying upfront will kick these teams down the road. Why buy into a bad contract when we will have a lot of young guys needing a nice pay day in a few years? Wait and get a 2nd or 3rd tier guy after the dust settles at a reasonable price.
  10. NHL Netword reported that Eric is requesting $6 mil x 4 years from teams to start negotiations.
  11. Looks like the Sabres are trying to move him, not sure if they'd want Murphy. Just spitballing. Reading they are about to sign Okposo, might make them lean more so toward trading Kane?
  12. Evander Kane for Murphy and a 2nd. Thoughts?
  13. Murphy only played 35 last season. You would have to play Murphy 35 games this year to reach 70 in 2 seasons. Idk about you but I don't quite call that a sure bet.For me it becomes, take care of this situation now and ensure Faulk won't have to be exposed. Too much comes into play to risk it. Injuries namely.
  14. It's pretty simple in my eyes. You have to expose a Dman with 40/70 and a contract through 2017-2018 Wiz A) didn't have a contract through 2017-2018 and B ) played 1 game last year so risked not meeting 40/70 depending on how this season goes. Hanifin, Pesce, Slavin are automatically protected. Hainsey doesn't have a contract through 2017-2018. Murphy won't have 40/70. That leaves Faulk. So we could expose Faulk or cut Wiz and bring in a UFA Dman that meets the expansion draft requirements (they will likely play a lot this year to help meet 40/70, so no go on the young guys right now). I wouldn't take this move as a sign that we are going shopping tomorrow. I will think we wait for a reasonable deal for a forward in a few weeks.
  15. Any chance Bickell has a bounce back year and GMRF trades him at the deadline with some retained salary for a 2nd or 3rd? That would just be the cake topper on this deal!
  16. Why can't the NHL just approve Vegas and Quebec for 2017-2018, move Detroit back to the West and call it a day at 16 teams per conference?...
  17. I guess my point is we literally sit on here and speculate about everything, plenty I'm sure is "truly meaningless" in the grand scheme of things. We've heard strip Eric of his "C" for so long from some many people when people had 0 clue about what went on in the locker room (not saying you did), seems hypocritical now to sit here now and act as though it's a topic we shouldn't speculate on.
  18. You're right this question is out of bounds but, us speculating about trades and moves for weeks without knowing much of what is going on behind closed doors makes sense...Got it
  19. From Blackhawks Wiki: "A somber note was struck in February 2004 when ESPN named the Blackhawks the worst franchise in professional sports.[11] Indeed, the Blackhawks were viewed with much indifference by Chicagoans for much of the 1990s and early 2000s due to anger over several policies instituted by then-owner Bill Wirtz (derisively known as "Dollar Bill")....Following the lockout of the 2004–05 season, new GM Dale Tallon set about restructuring the team in the hopes of making a playoff run. Tallon made several moves in the summer of 2005, most notably the signing of Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup-winning goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin and All-Star defenseman Adrian Aucoin. However, injuries plagued Khabibulin and Aucoin, among others, and the Blackhawks again finished well out of the playoffs with a 26–43–13 record – next-to-last in the Western Conference and the second-worst in the NHL This happens in hockey, attendance drops and things look gloomy when teams play bad. No indications from Karmanos, the NHL or any other relevant party suggest anything other than the Canes staying in Raleigh.
  20. NYR are built how our team is being built, blueline first. Bright future ahead for us and as great as it would be to be in win now mode I would gladly be in our shoes over theirs. We are sitting a year or two from being true contenders in the East while the Rangers, with the Eric and Yandle's contracts running out, have to win this year, or at the very least soon. Once Lundqvist is gone the rebuild for them starts, a complete rebuild, the have limited prospect depth already and are trading picks like they are going out of style. As bad is it seems that we haven't been to the playoffs since '09 we have to realize its just how hockey works. Went to the ECF in '09 and barely missed the playoffs for the couple years following, we then entered a rebuild phase and now are starting to see the fruits of the rebuild. As much as it'd be nice to be a Rangers fan today, they are going to trend downward in coming years, we are clearly on the up turn!
  21. Whenever I hear other teams goal horns it reminds me how great ours is, I don't feel as though most horns have enough bass, while some are too low. I have a biased ear but really think our is the best. As for songs, as much as I hate to say it, the Caps is pretty nice with the sirens.
  22. Staal played well for the Rangers tonight, they held on BARELY, Jackets scored tying goal .5 second after the buzzer.
  23. This is how it should be, NHL captains seem to just default to a teams best player these days and that's not how it should be. If Jordan or Faulk are the true leaders I am fine with them but would be just as fine with anyone else aslong as they have the leadership our young guys need.
  24. Do you see a problem with this avatar? I feel as though it brings a begrudging smirk to board members even on the gloomiest of days. It's my passive way of trolling everyone on on the board. haha I think Jordan is the favorite but not sure if the fact his brother was captain plays for or against him at all, I would assume not but maybe. I agree the rest of the years our A's will be Jordan, Faulk, and Hainsey but my question is who you think will fill the 3rd A until Faulk is back. The reason I think that is important is because I think whoever it ends up being becomes the likely choice as fulltime Alternate in the post Hainsey era.
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