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  1. Regarding faceoffs, it should be interesting to see what happens with Manny Malhotra CBC's Satellite Hotstove reports interest is being shown in him from around the league, as teams are watching to see how he plays out.
  2. I do remember a few years ago Sidney Crosby mentioned that the ice in Carolina was the best, or best maintained, in the league.
  3. Yay beautiful women! Hey fellas, have you heard if the "Ruutu Train" is playing tonight?
  4. Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster here! Ive' appreciated your insight and opinions over the years. Just thought I'd mention that because the Leafs signed Cody Franson, they are now over the cap and NEED to move someone. While they'd like to move J.M. Liles, Bob Mckenzie says they likely won't have takers for that contract. Instead, they may have to move someone like Joe Colbourne. At this point he is not a great fit in Toronto (square peg, round hole situation), which is why they would consider moving him. Now, I'm not necessarily saying we would get him or that he would fit with us, but it should be interesting over the next few days to see movement among teams as some are over the cap. Possible steals could be had due to some teams, like the Leafs, not being in a position of strength. Hopefully we can get some help.
  5. Hey guys, I figure I should start posting, what with the new season being upon us soon, I'm a long time Whaler/Canes fan ( they were taken from me here in CT when I was 15), and I just couldn't bring myself to be a Bruins fan (ewww...). So I stayed with the organization cuz, well, it was the same people and players I grew up watching, and I really respect the way the organization is (usually) run. So anyway, thank you all for your insight these past few years, especially during the looooong off-seasons!
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