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  1. Looking for 4 tix Sat night 3-31-18 vs the Blueshirts. Hoping for lower level. Taking 6 yr and 8 yr old to their first game..... If anything available at a low cost. Not a must, but would like to catch 1 more before Canes golfing season.
  2. Let the interviews begin. I have no idea who would be on the list. Don Maloney did a lot with very little (under extreme duress as well) in Arizona. John Ferguson Jr. is still well regarded. Feaster has probably aged out. Tim Murry was a little too intense for me. If Ken Holland is let got in DET (as rumored), then he could be our man. Anyone have ideas for Mr. Dundon?
  3. Given Faulk's exceptional contact, his recent All-Star appearances, his upward trending ability, and his overall reputation in this league, I personally feel we could get Draisaitl plus. Given the Oilers stock of young forwards, their need for a "big-time" defenseman, movement into a new barn, and their fan's impatience, I actually think Faulk could get us a big haul from Edmonton. So yes, I would do it for a package centered around Draisaitl. The Duchene celebration for his 30th goal was a bit of a head-scratcher. Losing by 3 goals, getting beaten out of the playoffs, and jumping for joy over that goal was somewhat telling. Certainly a very admirable accomplishment, but just not the time for an over-the-top celebration. So I'm out on Duchene for Faulk.
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