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  1. Capfriendly reporting that Geekie and Forsberg sent back to Charlotte.
  2. DZ apparently has an upper body injury.
  3. Let's end their win streak and start one of our own.
  4. The fat lady may be warming up, but she hasn't stepped on stage yet. I still am hopeful we can pull it off. There is no doubt that this team is dealing with adversity—Dougie, Pesce, and both goaltenders out, PP & PK on the decline, and some players having poor seasons (Staal, Gardiner, maybe Nino). There's no one player or coach who shoulders most of the blame—it's a team thing. But it seems to me that two things need to change team-wise for us to make the playoffs. First, we've got to start moving the puck up the ice and into the O-zone without dumping and chasing (and typically giving the puck up) or our D-men taking shots from the blue line without anyone within a mile of the net. We're just lazy—it's easier to dump or take long shots than making good passes, everyone getting their butts up the ice quickly, and creating chances to score. To me, that's a coaching thing and needs to be corrected. Second, we've got to have intensity the moment we hit the ice. As everyone has noted, we're showing up late and spotting the other team one or more goals to start. It's not clear why our mental focus is so lacking at the start of games. You would expect professional athletes to have learned to self-motivate, but that simply does not happen on a regular basis with us. We've seen the team come out ready to play in the 3rd and close the gap or even eek out a close win, so it CAN happen with this team. Rod, the assistants, Jordan, and JWilly (or whoever else) need to figure out what's going on and fix it. We can't keep showing up mentally one or two periods and expect to make the playoffs. Of course, we got to have everyone elevate their individual games and our AHL goalies have got to come through (and get Mrazek back), but from a team standpoint, the above two issues need to be solved. We've got to come together as a team on the ice.
  5. Not unless three things happen : 1. Mrazek returns and plays lights out the remainder of the season 2. Vatanen returns and Gardiner sits 3. The players start playing like they want to be in the playoffs—stop making stupid, head-in-your-a** mistakes, get the puck up the ice by passing it to players with the same-colored jerseys, quit dumping and chasing, stop taking shots from the blue line when nobody's in front of the net (looking at you D-men), stay out of the penalty box, and just friggin' execute! I would add to the list that Rod has to start holding players accountable, but other than sitting Gardiner I think that ship has sailed at this point in the season. The key is #3, of course. Unless Rod or Jordo or JWilly can make this to happen, the March schedule will chew us up and spit us out.
  6. With 18 total games left, and 12 of them against the Pens (4), Boston (2), NYI (2), Philly, St. Louis, Toronto, and Columbus, who all currently have more points than us. . . yep, it is.
  7. Watching the Williams interview, it seemed like he is really frustrated and hesitant to say what he wants to say for the reasons you mention. Probably much harder than we think to be the team leader when you come in mid-season and someone else is wearing the C.
  8. This team is not mentally ready. Whose problem is that? (edited to ask the question rather than answer it)
  9. First sentence summarizes Williams; second sentence is mine. Sorry for any confusion.
  10. J Willy: Clearly frustrated by the team's lack of urgency from the start of the game again and again. This ultimately is a coaching and leadership issue.
  11. Got one, but needed two. Terrible start to the road trip. Got behind early, AGAIN. Some really stupid plays (looking at you, Turbo). Weak goaltending hurt us. Rod looks like he doesn't know what to do.
  12. Too many rent seekers on this team.
  13. Gotta put last night behind us and win this one. Trocheck and Skjei are looking good as they adjust to a new team. Gardiner is a turnover machine and his defensive errors are costing us every game. Staal needs to start bringing is A-game. So far, no accountability. We're in the gut-check phase of the season. Only 19 games left. Still in the chase with the BJs and Rags losing last night, but with our ridiculously difficult schedule in March, games like this one are MUST WINS.
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