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  1. This. Not sure why Rod can't get 110% effort out of these guys. JW's return will help, but Rod needs to step up with some accountability.
  2. Defense played well tonight, despite Dougie's absence. Right now, we don't have the offense or goaltending to make the playoffs—especially with the hard schedule we have in February and March. Something must change.
  3. Wouldn't it be nice if this is the start of a 5-0 homestand?
  4. Hah! Of course not, but one can hope for a perfect world, can't he? 😁
  5. We need to play a physical game but stay out of the penalty box. Let's hope the refs don't let Ovi and Co. get away with a lot of cheap shots.
  6. Sorry, but as long as you keep misrepresenting what I say, I will not stop it. When I said "zero" it was a figure of speech was referring to JW not playing on this year's team. "Hero" = glad he played a lot last year; "zero" = he shouldn't play at all (zero) this year. I made that clear in a follow up post. Yet you overreacted and still are claiming (falsely) that I was accusing those who don't want him to return of thinking that JW is now personally a "zero" in terms of this skill and leadership as a hockey player. I said nothing of the sort. I agree wholeheartedly with you that JW is (present tense) a great player. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't anticipate there being that much of a fall off in his play since just last May. That's why I find somewhat puzzling all the "that ship has sailed" talk. Why shouldn't we want a "great player" like JW playing for us? The chemistry and "who should sit?" are legit concerns, but Roddy's in the best position to judge that.
  7. I'm not saying that those who'd rather JW not return also want to kick his dog, so please don't put words in my mouth. What I am saying is that last season JW was the second coming of Brindy to many, but now—just three months into this season—a significant number don't want him back. Forgive me if I find that a little puzzling. Time passed since JW last played in the NHL: 6.5 months. Time JW has not played this season: 3 months. You obviously disagree, but I don't consider that being away from hockey "for so long." So what that JW doesn't kill penalties? That's not his role. What he brings is more leadership and point scoring. And sure, this year's team is not last year's team—but is this year's team so much different and so much better that there's no longer any room for last year's captain and third-leading scorer? Should he stay away because Ned or McGinn or TVR will help us more in a playoff run? I get the concern about JW's age and conditioning. But so long as Brindy and the Committee think he's in shape to contribute, I'm fine with it.
  8. Well, if you don't want him on the team now, I'd say that constitutes a present zero. You want his current contribution as a player to be zilch, nada, nothing. That is the sense in which I was using "zero."
  9. Wow. Lots of folks who were singing JW's praises 8 or 9 months ago—especially during the playoffs—have a very different tune now. How JW can go from a hero to a zero in such a short time is difficult to understand. If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it's that the Canes are still subject to the "no-show-up-itis" that has plagued us for the last several years (albeit not quite as frequently). That's where leadership matters. And we've got a huge hill to climb between now and April. That's also where leadership matters. Just because we're in a playoff spot now is no guarantee we'll be there when the dust settles. Our perch is still precarious. I'd just as soon have a guy who was instrumental in getting us there last year be with us again this year. Assuming, of course, he's conditioned to play.
  10. Thanks for sharing about these difficult times, guys! I hope the Haulas have people like you around them to encourage and support.
  11. So sad. Praying for Eric and his wife.
  12. Great crowd, but it’s not really into it yet either.
  13. Carolina Hurricanes vs. Montreal Canadiens 23-14-2 PNC Arena 18-15-6 7:00 pm Carolina last five (2-3-0): Colorado (W 3-1), Florida (L 2-4), Toronto (L 6-8), New York (L 3-5), Washington (W 6-4) Montreal last five (2-3-0): Calgary (W 4-3 OT), Edmonton (L 3-4), Winnipeg (W 6-2), Tampa (L 4-5), Florida (L 5-6) The Canes opened the season with a 4-3 SO win over the Habs with goals from Wallmark, Necas, and Haula and with Dougie scoring the only goal in the shootout. Both teams have scoring depth and identical 2-3 records over the last five games. The big question is . . . WHICH CANE TEAM IS GOING TO SHOW UP? The "Toronto Canes" or the "Washington Canes"? JUST WIN
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