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  1. Looks like Karlsson really wants to stay in Vegas, so highly unlikely he'd be traded to us, especially with that deal. VGK is at $89M, so they have to shed some salary. Any thoughts about Cody Eakin along with Haula or Miller?
  2. With the cap limit now announced, I'd see if VGK would be willing to work a deal for William Karlsson. Looks like they're going to sign him at 8 years/5.9M AAV. They still need defense.
  3. Still think this is the first part of a bigger deal.
  4. So 3.8 million for Leaf's 1st round pick if we buy Marleau out?
  5. If I'm reading Capfriendly right, the buyout calculator says that it will cost us $833,333 for Marleau's contract. But maybe I'm reading this wrong? Not sure what "post-buyout earnings" means, but that's 3.8 million.
  6. Capfriendly says Marleau HAS a NMC. So he must have agreed to come here. But why? Thinking that this is more about getting the 1st round pick than about Marleau. Probably more to come.
  7. Elliott Friedman just tweeted that Subban is NOT going to the Leafs.
  8. Capfriendly says that the conditional 1st round pick is this: if the Leafs pick is top 10 in 2020, we'll instead receive the Leafs 1st round pick in 2021. Pierre LeBrun is saying that we'll try to convince Marleau to play for us, but if answer is no we'll buy him out (he only has one year left on his contract).
  9. Just edited my post to include Freedman's comment that we will buy him out. So we'll get a conditional 1st + 7th for a 6th + buyout. Looks like DW is trying to put together some package of picks for a trade?
  10. Carolina trades 2020 6th round pick to Toronto for Patrick Marleau, a conditional 1st round pick in the 2020 draft, and a 7th round pick in the 2020 draft. Elliotte Freedman tweets that we will buy out Marleau and he possibly will return to SJ.
  11. Corrected! Thanks, my friend. Don't want to trigger a lot of irrelevant posts.
  12. Craig Custance of The Athletic lists the following Cs as potential top-20 trade candidates: Kyle Turris (NSH), Chris Kreider (NYR), J.T. Miller (TB), and Vladislav Namestnikov (NYR). Kreider and Miller are a reliable 20+ goal and 50+ point scorers. Krider is 28 years old and Miller is 26. Miller was a little down on the numbers this past season with Tampa. Not sure how any of these would work as a 2C for us.
  13. On the other hand, William Karlsson won the Bing Trophy last year, which is given to the the player who "exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability." (Ok . . . so this is my last post on Karlsson for a while 🤫)
  14. Yes, but we also would have had Karlsson as our 2C for 2019-20 and for several years to come. The guy scored 67 goals and had 67 assists over the last two years. Based on that performance, he has 30-goal and 60-point potential, and he's only 26.
  15. Not so sure. The 1sts would be in 2020 and 2021. Consider: (1) we have multiple second round picks this year and next—three 2nds in 2019 and two 2nds in 2020 (assuming Fox plays 30 games for NYR); (2) if we go deep in the playoffs the next two years (hopefully!), the 1sts will be late 1st-round picks (like this year); and (3) we currently have several developing prospects that could offset the loss of those picks. Of course, this assumes that adding a top-six C would help us more than adding a winger.
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