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  1. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/canes-agree-to-terms-with-chase-priskie/c-308549560 Priskie signed!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwKC5IoN5CY&frags=pl%2Cwn This is part two of Dzingle's highlights. See his big hit on Chara at the 1:04 mark. 😱
  3. Maybe Haula at center rather than Dzingle? Haula has more FO experience and a higher FO-win % than Dzingle.
  4. Hats off to Dundon and Waddell. We have only $7M cap space left and still need to sign JW, Fleury, McGinn, and Saku. So much for the el-cheapo take on Dundon. That myth is done.
  5. This. The existence and $$$ of the offer sheet has been overblown. Had no offer sheet been extended, DW and Aho likely would have negotiated a deal around 8-8.5M anyway. Of course, it wouldn't have been front loaded like the offer sheet, but I doubt TD will have great difficulty meeting that. Assuming we match (and I don't see us not), the offer sheet simply has the effect of getting both parties off the dime and to an agreement. As super dave says, "It's just business, folks. . . . Move on." The real issue, IMHO, is the assertion by Bergevin that Aho said he wants to play in Montreal. If Bergevin was implying, embellishing, or downright lying about this, then is a despicable person and the league GMs should treat him accordingly. If Aho (or more likely Aho's agent) actually said this, then either (1) it was just something he thought was necessary to say it to get the offer sheet or (2) he really is unhappy with the Canes, spoke truthfully, and would rather play somewhere else. We likely will never know the truth because nobody will be honest in their public statements. But, if I was RB, I'd wait until the contract was signed and then have a sit down with Aho to see what he says. Personally, without more evidence to the contrary, I think Aho is fine staying here and that (1) his agent may have embellished this to Bergeven to assure the offer sheet or (2) Bergevin is a liar. We'll get Aho signed, but afterwards RB needs to do some behind-the-scenes work to ensure that this doesn't affect the team chemistry.
  6. This is either a tempest in a teapot and we will match for 8.5 . . . OR it's a lowdown sorry a** move by Montreal's GM who'll pay for it eventually . . . OR it is a gambit played by Aho's agent and Montreal to get Aho out of his RFA status with Carolina, which tells us that Aho doesn't want to be here. The structure of the OS suggests either #2 or #3.
  7. Frankly, TD and DW should have gotten the deal with Aho signed before all this started. Maybe we ought to let Aho walk and offer sheet Marner with what we've saved. 😉
  8. DW has said we will match any offer. If we don't both DW and TD will take a BIG hit to their credibility and judgment. I can't believe we won't pay our top scorer 8.5.
  9. If the reports are right (a big IF), then we were at 7.5 and Aho was at 9.5. Montreal is middling to see if we put up or shut up.
  10. Did Montreal just offer sheet Aho? Montreal has given Aho an offer sheet
  11. The Haula trade has the potential to be like the Nino trade. If Haula can put up numbers like his 2017-18 season, he's a 2C for sure. My concerns are two-fold: (1) Can he return to the same level he was before the injury? and (2) Were Haula's 2017-18 numbers exceptional? As to the latter, we all know that the 2017-18 season was magic for VGK and everybody punched above their weight. Karlsson, for example, had 43 goals and 78 points that season, but fell back to earth this past year with 24 goals and 56 points (which still is very strong). It's too small a sample size, but before his injury last season Haula had only 2 goals in 15 games. If JW returns, I agree with Rem that we will be better with the addition of Haula and Necas and increased scoring from Svech. But if JW retires, we will need another top-6 forward. In either case, top priority should be to going big on goalie.
  12. Agree. Given our cap space, the two big things left are (1) a #1 goalie and (2) another top-6 forward if JW retires. After how the Isles have treated Lehner, I'd make a big play for him. If JW retires, I think our best bets would be Ehlers or Anders Lee (who also has been treated shabbily by the Isles).
  13. By the way, what we pay our AHLers does not count against our cap space, only our internal budget.
  14. Let's compare with TOR, which has at this point 6.9M of cap space. TOR 18 current roster players: 2 @ 11M+, 1 @ 6.9M, 2 @ 5M, 3 @ 4M+, 2 @ 3M+ and 2 @ 2M+. The remaining 6 are under 1M. They also have 1.2M in retained salary (Kessel). This is without signing Marner (RFA), Ennis (UFA), and Gardiner (UFA). CAR has 21.9M cap space with 15 current roster players: 1 @ 6M, 4 @ 5M+, 3 @ 4M+ (including AHWSNBN), 3 @ 2M+, and the remaining 5 under 1M—PLUS 8.5M of buyout hit. This is without signing Aho (RFA), a goaltender, and JW (UFA). One big point of comparison is defense: If TOR does not sign Gardiner and goes with a below 1M guy as #6, it will have only 3 Ds making 4M+. The other 3 will be under 1M. That tells you most of what you need to know about TOR's D. CAR has 2 Ds making 5M+, 2 making 4M+, and one at 2M+. (And before the de Haan trade, we had 5 out of 6 making 4M+, since he was making 4.5M.). If we sign Fleury, it likely will be 1M+. So ALL of our Ds will be making at least 1M. We have a lot of $$$ invested in defense and most think it's worth it. We should be able to sign Aho in the range of 8-9M and a goalie in the range of 4-5M and still find some relatively easy way to move one or two contracts and pay a top-6 forward 6-7M. By contrast, TOR will not be able to sign Marner at $$$ comparable to Tavares or Matthews unless it dumps some big contracts, and it's mediocre D is only going to get worse. The big difference for us seems to be the $$$ we've invested in Ds and the BO hits for Marleau, HWSNBN, and possibly for AHWSNBN. We're probably overbalanced towards D, so in the end we likely will need to trade another D to make room for a top-6 winger.
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