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  1. Yes, keep this line together by all means. I'd like to see Svech play with Aho and Turbo. Both Nino and Aho are searching for their games. Keeping them together on the same line seems counterproductive.
  2. Maybe it's time to switch Svech and Nino. Might take both Svech and Turbo to elevate Aho's game, cause it sure needs elevatin' . . . .. 😬
  3. What a finish. Who woulda believed 3-0???
  4. Looks like we're playing mostly with 5 D.
  5. Maybe move Svech to the line with Aho and TT. Might generate more offense. Svech is wasted with Jordan and McGinn.
  6. When is Aho going to show up this season?
  7. It's really early in the season . . . but what a difference a new owner makes.
  8. Yes, I agree that the Dzingle-Haula-Necas line has a huge upside. I think it's a big waste of Svech's talent, however, to play on the line with Staal and McGinn. Staal and especially McGinn do not have the offensive skills to complement Svech. Svech is going to be a an elite talent—maybe even better than Aho and Eric Staal in his prime. He should be playing with better line mates this year. Personally, I'd like to see him paired with Aho-TT or with Dzingle-Haula.
  9. Great job Coastal!!! SO ready for the season to begin.
  10. I'd add passing and physicality, but I could see where the former would go under chemistry.
  11. I remember the very first time I saw Fleury was at the prospects camp the year he was drafted. He supposedly was a big deal, being drafted so high, but I was unimpressed after seeing him on the ice. Why? Everything about him said "I'm so good that I don't have to work hard." He lacked drive and intensity. He just wasn't hungry.
  12. Just what I was thinking. We've got a logjam behind our top-4: van Riemsdyk, Edmondson, Fleury, Bean, Priskie, Forsling. Like Faulk, Edmondson is in the last year of his 3.1 million contract.
  13. Edmundson is 6-4 and 215. Supposed to be very physical player. Slots in for us on third line.
  14. The other team would have to catch them first 😀
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