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  1. Glad to Dzingel back on the line with Necas.
  2. I'll take the Rangers (Dec. 27) and the Canadiens (Dec. 31).
  3. Yes. Keep the top line the way it is. Until Haula returns, I'd like to see Dzingel put back with Wallmark and Necas on our second line. I think Dzingel has more speed and scoring upside than Nino, and he seems to be a better fit with Necas. Try Staal with McGinn and Martinook for a shutdown line. They might even have some chemistry and score a goal every now and then. Then put Nino and Foegele with Eetu and see if they could generate some offense. I think Eetu can be more of an offensive center, but not so long as he's with McGinn and Martinook. Not sure whether Staal or Eetu would be our fourth line, but at this point it doesn't really matter.
  4. How about this: Since we're not paying Skinner $9 million for the next 7 years, we could add Eric Haula and Ryan Dzingel — Dzingel 14 pts +7 $3.375 million Haula 11 pts 0 $2.75 million 25 pts +7 $6.125 million Skinner 13 pts +3 $9 million Also, we'll have more $$$ to pay Hamilton and Svech in two years: Hamilton 22 pts Svech 22 pts Skinner 13 pts
  5. Dougie Hamilton 22 pts + 11 Noah Hanifin 7 pts – 9 Joel Edmundson 5 pts + 3 Justin Faulk 6 pts – 5
  6. Yes, he did. He also seemed engaged, articulate, and even happy during the between-period interview. Good for him!
  7. If Jordan's last name was Smith rather than Staal, he'd be a 2C or 3C who plays solid at both ends without much upside or downside. He's not a great leader, playmaker, or scorer, but he's dependable, good defensively, and is not going to make mistakes that cost games. I agree that he seems a little different this year. Maybe he's still dealing with the loss of his child last year, and he certainly deserves to be cut a lot of slack after that. Maybe he's playing hurt. He seems lost or vacant in his post-game interviews. Sometimes I wonder if he'd just rather be Jordan "Smith" and enjoy playing hockey as a solid 2C or 3C who doesn't have all the baggage that comes with being a Staal or wearing the C. Whatever is going on with him, I hope he finds his way—not because it will help the team, but just because he matters as a person.
  8. Just what we needed . . . whew!
  9. Finally a line with Svech-Aho-Turbo!!!! Let's quit pretending that Staal is the 1C and his line is the first line. I'm afraid Dzingle's "promotion" is nothing more than being paired with two of our worst performers in the top 9 (Staal and Foegele have 10 points and 3 goals together in 17 games). I'd much rather see Dzingle and Necas paired with Wallmark or Luostarinen and put Ned-Staal-Foegele together. At least then we'd have two scoring lines.
  10. Pathetic. Maybe it's time to: 1. Trade Jordan Staal. It's time to bring an end to the Staal era in Raleigh and all the mediocrity it has brought us since the 2013-14 season. He lacks the leadership, energy, and grit to wear the C or be considered our 1C. 2. Get a new backup goalie. Reimer's terrible. He's not our new McIlhenny. Let's bring up Forsberg or trade for a backup. 3. Stop diluting our talent by trying to make every line a scoring line. Let's see Turbo-Aho-Sevch together for a while. 4. Trade Fleury or TVR for a top-9 forward with some real grit. We're playing like the Candy Canes again. Fleury's not doing the team any good being a healthy scratch every night. 5. Put Ned on the 3rd or 4th line until he starts playing like a top-sixer. He's been a huge anchor to his line mates. 6. Send Foegele down and bring up Geekie.
  11. No leadership on ice. No playership on ice.
  12. Maybe we should trade Jordan to Pittsburgh for goalie Casey DeSmith. Kill two birds with one stone.
  13. Drive lags when there's no leadership.
  14. Jordo is not—and will never be—a goal scorer, playmaker, or team leader. If his last name wasn't Staal, he'd be recognized for what he is: a solid journeyman 3rd-line center who plays hard at both ends and who will provide some help to the offense by putting up 40-45 points a season. He's a stand-up guy with a strong veteran presence, but at best he is part of the supporting cast. The team should never be in the position of having to rely on him for offense. I agree that a line with Aho-Turbo-Svech might get something going. The way Jordo and Ned are playing, Turbo is wasted on their line. Heck, Foegele might bring some much needed energy to the Jord-Ned line. I'd also like to see what Luo could do with Dzingle and Necas.
  15. We've brought up Luostarinen for tonight's game. What's Haula's status?
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