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  1. Just like RB did as a player, this team plays its best when everything's on the line. Just win.
  2. Faulk back to playing lazy. Almost gave them a breakaway.
  3. Good to end the period only down 1. Could have been worse. We need to skate faster and get physical. Time for Aho, Ned, Jordan, Turbo, and Dougie to step up.
  4. We're a step slow and the new Chexs are very tentative.
  5. McGinn had no stick but still should have been out on Ovi. He was useless where he was.
  6. What we're seeing is Brind'Amour hockey—hockey played the way Rod played it, the way Rod thinks it still should be played—hockey with grit, tenacity, and punching above your weight. We may not be the most skilled team in the playoffs, but we're the most determined.
  7. Agreed. Got to admire his grit, but it was a rookie mistake to get played like that by Ovi. At least it put Ovi in the box for 5. Need to get Evander Holyfield to give Svech some lessons.
  8. It’s gonna be loud in here tonight!
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