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  1. Hi all. I have been "active" user of this site for a year now but have not got around to registering myself as an official member, unttil now! Great site with a lot of cool information and dialogue. I was hoping I might get a bit of information, direction, or even some re-affirmed confidence in the Caniac Coach transporation bus that runs through downtown picking up Canes fans for games. As a mini-game season ticket holder last year we attempted the use this service a few times last year via the heart of downtown Raleigh stops (e.g. Raleigh Times, Busy etc). However, it was very inconsistent in terms of the time of pick-up and sometimes never even stopped at those places listed on the website as pick-up places! I looked at the website for this year and there some definate differences in stops/times imbedded through the site. So really not even sure what time/where the stops are. Anyways, I have tried to contact the guy listed on the website but havent had any sucess. I was just reaching out to see if others have had similar issues or if people might be aware of an attempt to have a more consistent, reliable route. It is a free service and I think it's a great idea for the city and the fans so here is hoping things get ironed out! Go Canes!!
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