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  1. to #8, thought about writing an article about how often Canes get injured, but thankfully we did some research beforehand and were surprised to find out that over the past 4 years, the Canes have not been an anomaly in terms of man-games lost to injury. Here's their NHL rank in terms of games lost to injury the past 4 seasons (1st would be MOST games lost to injury): 2013: 15th 11-12: 22nd 10-11: 30th (what what!?) 09-10: 5th Despite it FEELING like we're more injured than the average team, we're really not. All stats via Man Games Lost
  2. That game plan is a mystery to us all. We remember when Muller came to town, the mantra was "no passengers." Now it seems the captain is waiting for the beverage cart to bring him a ginger ale to his window seat.
  3. In our current situation, it's tough to have our wagon hitched to Staal with his NTC and investing so much in the Staal family. Here's our letter to Eric: http://section328.com/2013/11/03/an-open-letter-to-our-captain/
  4. This 100%. When your options are a beer you know is crappy and a beer that might be crappy, but could surprise you, why not go with the latter?
  5. He hasn't allowed a goal in the NHL. Granted he's only had to make 9 saves...
  6. and Peters has a SPARKLING .897% with 3.29 GAA in the NHL. We know Peters isn't an NHL goalie, so why not see what Murphy has?
  7. Heck, I'd much rather see Murphy get time than Peters.
  8. Agree that there shouldn't be guys with his..umm... skillset? in the NHL, but Scott has never been suspended or fined before.
  9. How do you mean when you say "costly to use them"? Playing them in a game? If they simply get in a fight? Or when they do something monumentally stupid like Scott last night?
  10. We didn't make it, and it's not supposed to mean anything. It's just fun.
  11. Cooke has changed his game completely, and credit to him for (finally) seeing the light. Guys like Scott who have so little hockey skill that they make Jesse Boulerice look like Patrick Kane have no place in the game. They can't be legislated out though; it's going to take more GMs waking up and seeing the fact that having guys who DO have hockey skill and won't be suspended multiple times per year to finally get rid of the sideshow clowns. Give us tough guys like Claude Lemieux, Tie Domi, and the likes that, regardless of how you felt about them, could hit, fight, and weren't devoid of talent.
  12. Ottawa's front office is led by a head case who wants to play amateur detective on the side.
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