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  1. Sad to see this. Like many coach firings, i don't believe the blame for the Panthers situation is on him. I hope he gets another chance somewhere else or maybe even on the Canes coaching staff as an assistant.
  2. How is Lindholm capable of being sent to the AHL? Isn't he too young?
  3. I'm starting to worry that we may need one of these things for Cam Ward. Specifically one that points out the High-Glove side defect...
  4. Unless he can score some goals too! So in that case maybe we should bring in Ron Hextall
  5. Some players are able to relax and just play their game once the C is taken away. I believe this worked for Patrick Marleau a few years ago. I don't think any of us are expecting Staal to be a 100 point scorer. Most of us are simply angry at the lazy appearance and lack of heart that his play seems to demonstrate.
  6. My worst fear is this team becoming a bunch of lovable losers. I don't want the Canes to be the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Browns. I know they will probably never be the Yankees, Patriots, Red Wings, or Penguins, but I want a relatively consistent playoff team. I don't think firing the head coach accomplishes anything as we've done this before. I do believe the Staal brothers are the ones holding us back, whether they are purposefully playing with a lack of heart or they simply are in a huge slump (as seems to happen every year to E Staal). The sad part is, I don't see any trade involving Eric Staal where we would look at it and feel like we came out as the "winner" of the trade, at least initially. And as is the case with most players we trade, he'll go to his new team and somehow find consistancy and put up 80-90 points a year and will, of course, be a Canes-killer when they played against us..
  7. We've changed coaches many times now. If things do not turn around this season then it is time for a major player personnel change to send a message to whoever remains after the trade.
  8. Interested to see in how much playing time the 4rth line gets moving forward. Really like this signing and the way it shapes out our 4rth line. Hope they are given a fair shot at making an impact.
  9. If Malhotra can help the Canes win those key defensive zone draws where we've been hemmed in our own zone for awhile, that would be huge. Add in help on the PK and I think its a great signing.
  10. If found guilty, how is this handled? Would he be imprisoned here or sent back to Russia for them to deal with?
  11. New user here! Am I the only one sick of hearing "lack of confidence" as an excuse for the canes play? It seems that comes up every year. These guys didn't make it to the pros without having confidence or win Stanley Cup's without having confidence in the case of E Staal , J Staal, Ward, etc. I feel like so many times whenever there is bad play, the finger tries to point to external circumstances rather than pointing directly at themselves. They simply need to play harder. Its cliche, but many nights, the winner is often the team that wants it more. I'm sick of seeing Eric try to break up a play by lazily reaching in with his stick instead of using his size and skating ability to attack the puck carrier.
  12. Hello Caniacs! I've been reading these forums for the past few seasons and always appreciated the insight offered from many of the members on here as well as the tid bits of information that the average fan may not have. I look forward to joining in on the conversation and rooting on the canes!
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