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  1. Yeah, I know Pekka Rinne is their star goalie. But Mazanec isn't exactly top game, so it wouldn't surprise me if they shipped him elsewhere and put Cam Ward in as an alternative.
  2. Yeah LOL I would never play on that. It would be frustrating to track the puck. While we're on the topic of kids painting, Bryzgalov let his kids paint his new Oilers mask. I thought that was so creative and special. Lots of people poke fun of him, but I love him. He's a really great guy.
  3. Five game winning streak! Looking at the schedule, if we keep playing as we have, we should easily be able to take an 8 game winning streak. If we can overcome Tampa Bay, then a 9 game winning streak. (Matter of fact, I'm going to that game!) Philadelphia will be a challenge, as they have been very strong lately, so they may be able to bring it to an end. That's just my prediction though. I don't want to get too cocky and jinx anything.
  4. How amazing would it be if we got Shea Weber for Cam Ward? Highly unlikely, but that would be a great trade. Their contract value is about fair, but then again, Ward is the most overpaid goalie in the league.
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