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  1. 59 minutes ago, Kyrule said:


    I agree it worked out in the end, and as soon as I saw the details of the offer sheet I knew we would match and have him at a decent AAV.


    My problem is with Aho’s role in this. That’s not going to change.


    Look how many other high-profile RFA’s are unsigned. Aho was basically the first big domino to fall. The others are still negotiating, the way it’s normally been done over the last...forever.


    Aho, his agent, and Montreal worked to force the Hurricanes hand. There is no way around that. Aho forced a decision and I’m never a fan of the inmates running the asylum.

    I agree with this but we’ll probably never know much about the detail of this.  The fact is, Brayden Point is still out there, with the same agent and with Tampa in a bind, and everything we hear there is, “the player loves Tampa and doesn’t want to be anywhere else”, so they continue to work with Tampa on a contract.


    Now, what very well may be happening is that the Aho offer sheet is more about leveraging Tampa and forcing them to the table with $9M or $9.5M AAV for Brayden Point.  In other words, use Aho to get the market moving; scare Tampa into thinking someone will offer sheet Point.  Still, there’s no way around the fact that Aho was complicit in forcing a “less than ideal” resolution in terms of cash flow an revenue in a lock out year.  It’s his right, but I will still maintain that he and his agent went out of their way to put a small market team in (what they thought) was a difficult position that might make them consider letting him go.  


    Maybe Aho will come to the realization that the terms of the offer sheet actually undervalued his worth (the agent and Montreal basically used a gimmick (signing bonuses) and then said he was only worth Montreal’s first, second, and third draft choices in the 2020 draft).  It will be fun to speculate whether Aho is happy with his agent or not after Brayden Point’s deal gets done.  Though not likely to happen, it would be great to see Aho fire Gerry Johansson at some point.  There are a lot of reasons he could be upset (below market value, maybe he really did want to go to Montreal and his agent failed etc.)  But this is all speculative; we’ll most likely never know how he really feels and that’s fine too.  As long as he shows up and produces all will be forgotten.  

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  2. It sure looks like Aho doesn’t want to be here long term. They all say the convenient things when asked, but even insistence on a five year term seems to suggest he wants to be UFA ASAP so he can jump. And signing an offer sheet that is specifically written to cripple the organization, cash-wise, if they match is kind of an a**hole move. I know much of this is on the agent but without Aho signing it it’s nothing.


    Why not just call Waddell and say, “this is the AAV and term of the offer sheet we have; what do you want to do?”  All this SB crap is just designed to favor the large, richer franchises who are incapable of drafting and developing their own talent. 


    Huck the Fabs. 

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  3. 10 minutes ago, OBXer said:


    Tues., March 26 Carolina Washington NBCSN 7 p.m.


    If we are still relevant in March maybe we won't be bumped and actually get on national tv

    To bump this game would mean to bump one of Washington’s 18 nationally televised games. So I think we’re safe!  Incidentally, the Stanley Cup Champion Capitals get one fewer game than the draft lottery Chicago Blackhawks. 

  4. Just my opinion but as much as I’ve enjoyed watching Skinner score goals over the years he didn’t help the team win enough to make a difference.  What good is a guy who scores 20 but is directly responsible for giving up 40 because he either misses his defensive assignments or decides to cherry pick at the blue line in hopes of getting a breakaway chance?  Brind’Amour worked with the forwards and likely butted heads with Skinner over his two way work ethic and with Rod taking over as head coach Skinner likely didn’t want anything to do with this team next year or in the future.  


    Like most, I’m underwhelmed by the return but the rest of the league no doubt know  Skinner’s flaws and maybe this really was the best deal out there. Maybe Buffalo flips him at the deadline and maybe he nets a first round pick then. But maybe he doesn’t and Buffalo either sells low af the deadline or loses him for nothing next year and ends up regretting the trade. Buffalo isn’t making the playoffs next year and I don’t understand why anyone would think Skinner helps them get there when he never did that in Carolina. I just don’t think anyone really knows who won this trade today; time will tell. 


    Again, I’d hoped for more, like everyone else but I’m a fan and fans always overvalue their teams’ players. ?

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  5. 5 hours ago, legend-1 said:

    Why you'd bring in a guy who flipped you off at the beginning of his career is beyond me, why you'd defend him when he's still got issues is even more baffling. Seems like JR is trying to prove his usage of the #3 pick wasn't idiotic in 2005.


    When I look at past drafts I get varying amounts of shock when I see who went where with my 20/20 glasses on but I'd never guess Kopitar went 11th that year.

    2008 is the year that still haunts me. Erik Karlsson at 15 to Ottawa. Canes took Zach Boychuk at 14. 

  6. Just my two cents, but all this speculation about “whispers” and “rumblings” is terribly non-specific and seems to be put out there by these clubs in order to manage the emotions of their customers. So Hamilton didn’t want to fly to Vegas and bro down with Lucic et al. Lucic is a guy who told Dale Weiss in the handshake line that he was going to “****ing kill him”. That’s tolerated but somehow the guy who doesn’t want to go do Vegas with his teammates isn’t and is somehow defective.  Maybe it’s not his thing. Maybe he’s socially awkward. Maybe he’s health-conscious and doesn’t want to be exposed to drinking, strip clubs, etc. just to try and fit in. Who knows?  It could be a hundred different things. 


    I hope everyone recognizes this guy is a talent and gives him a chance. Brind’Amour is okay with the guy apparently. And I’d be shocked if talking to Jordan wasn’t part of the due diligence.


    Dougie will enjoy Raleigh’s museums!  

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  7. 5 hours ago, winger52 said:


    Wow! You really are new here. One can hope.

    Hey, if there’s one thing Vegas teaches us it’s that the conventional thinking in the hockey world is getting turned on its head. All the excuses for teams while they “stick to the plan” are rubbish apparently. I’m starting to come around to the idea that Dundon isn’t buying it. He may in the end fail, but good on him for charting a different course. 

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  8. This is getting troubling. We aren’t really looking for a GM if we’re being honest. Chuck Fletcher and Lou Lamariello are GMs who want to run the show. Guys like that aren’t going to want any part of Dundon’s experiment here. 


    Dundon couldnt “come to terms” with Steve Greeley. Whether that was due to role or compensation we’ll probably never know. But what is becoming increasingly clear is that Dundon doesn’t think the position is a difficult one and that people in the hockey world should be lining up for the opportunity to work for him.  I don’t think AGMs see the position as a step up from their current roles. And this “we’re in the playoffs so I’m not available to interview” is a load of crap. Paul Fenton had no problem getting himself to Minnesota to interview for their open position last week. Mike Futa’s probably in LA working on the draft and letting his phone go to voicemail whenever a 214 area code shows up on his phone. 


    I hope Dundon re-examines his strategy on this one. And quickly. Waddell is no doubt trying to figure out how he can trade the number 2 pick this year to Tampa for Ondrej Palat and Ryan Callahan. 


    As excited as I am about Saturday’s lottery, I am terrified that the organizational chaos is going to kill this golden opportunity.  It’s not getting any easier to be a fan of this team. 

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  9. 25 minutes ago, super_dave_1 said:


    Did you say "get a 4th"?  Surely thou jest.  If Francis could throw in a 2nd and trade for future considerations, it would be a miracle.

    This organization has an odd talent for ruining players. This will be very tricky for the new GM. Guys like Kruger and Darling had value before the Hurricanes got hold of them. Skinner is still a talent. What you see now is not what a new team will get. Like Eric Staal, these guys will move on and find their games once again. Which to me points out that selling low on these guys might be a bad idea. The better idea might be to try and lift them out of this malaise through cultural and coaching changes. That is easier said than done of course. 


    I think Darling can at least back up here. I think we need to move on from Ward though. Part of me wonders whether Ward’s presence here messed with Darling’s head. Maybe he’s a different guy without having a guy who’s been the number one here for twelve years peering over his shoulder waiting to reclaim the role.  I’d keep Darling rather than selling low and try to find a serviceable starter on the trade market. A guy like Philip Grubauer could be interesting though that’s obviously following the same track that has been ineffective the past two times the team has tried it. 


    Go Canes???

  10. 1 hour ago, caniac6 said:

    It almost looks like Bill quit on the team tonight.

    Agreed. I just think he knows they’re done and he’s out of ideas. Dundon says that Peters gets a vote on whether or not he stays. At this point I can’t imagine he really wants to stick around. I’m sure if Bill votes with his head and not his heart (or wallet) he’ll vote “no”. 

  11. Peters has to go, which is too bad because I do think he’s a good coach. But the team has clearly quit on him based on what we saw tonight. I’m hoping Chicago lets Quenneville go and we pick him up before he hits the pavement.  This team needs an *edit* kicker who will take no crap and hold players accountable.  For whatever reason that isn’t Peters, at least not at this point. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Whaler1 said:

    I saw that in Dillman's twitter. Was just my opinion considering how high Lombardi thinks of him. Leafs failed as did the Canucks and Sabres and considering Futa's scouting background and pretty good success, I can't see why Lombardi would all of a sudden be ok with him leaving. I know GMs usually support their assistant managers if they have a chance to advance elsewhere but the guy seems to be a little gem to have around. I guess we need to wait and see what comes out of it.




    Lombardi is no longer in LA, and Rob Blake and Luc Robitaille probably aren’t going to hold Futa back if he has the opportunity to be a general manager. 

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  13. It was very telling that Karmanos couldn’t be bothered to fly in the night before to ensure he was on time for the press conference.  It is emblematic of how he has run this organization from afar (geographically and emotionally) over the past few years.  It is also clear that Dundon is his own man and I see a disconnect between what he and Karmanos believe Karmanos’s role will be moving forward.  I don’t see his phone ringing nearly as much as he thinks it will.  


    This is going to be great, not only in terms of the fan experience, but the improvement in the players’ experience is going to help make Raleigh a potential destination for free agents like it has never been.  I also believe that with that, he will hold players accountable and he seems to want the media to do the same.  It seems too many players over the years have enjoyed the absence of pressure to win in Raleigh.


    Now if I could just figure out a way to move back to North Carolina...

  14. 5 minutes ago, slapshot02 said:

    Way to long of a term. Not at  his age. Been there done that

    I don’t disagree. But the first four years could be what the team needs. Nashville was likely prepared to do it. I don’t want to overreact to what’s going on now, but this team just looks mediocre right now, and that’s all too familiar for those of us who have followed this team for the last few years. I look at VGK this year. For a team that has never played together, is working with a new coach, learning new systems, is on its fourth goalie, and basically is comprised of players that weren’t wanted by their own teams, they have had early season success the Canes haven’t been able to achieve despite years of building. 


    Turris would, I think, be a year or two older than Jordan Staal at the end of their respective contracts.  And they’ll both be too old at the end of these deals to justify their salaries. I guess I’d just like to see a move to improve the team in the near term before the moving vans show up. 

  15. I totally agree. He's an adult and he has an obligation to perform. But as a fan, I'd rather the team move on if he can't be professional and put 100% effort into fulfilling his contract. He doesn't seem like a guy who's going to sulk but I'm hoping Francis finds out now before he becomes disgruntled and the organization starts to get less than his best.

  16. There are so many things that could be going through Staal's mind. It's probably pointless to speculate but I will anyway!

    He may have an issue with the fact that the team was so close but then traded away a top six forward, who was also the team's captain and, by the way, his brother. It's entirely possible he is as concerned with the direction of the team (whether they are doubling down on the rebuild or whether Francis will add some veterans to try and move the team forward next year to continue the progression towards a contending team). I wouldn't discount the possibility that Jordan just wants to be sure this team is committed to continuing to improve and it's as much a hockey thing as it is a family thing for him.

    Just my two cents.

  17. Eric Staal is a class act. He will be missed for more than his performance on the ice.

    In April of 2010 I was headed to Las Vegas on business. Eric and his wife were both on my Southwest Airlines flight (yes, he was in the "cattle call") going out and coming back. While waiting for my luggage, I got up the nerve to talk with him and asked him to sign an autograph to my 9 year old daughter, who was a big fan. He was gracious, friendly, and accommodating. I was struck by his receptiveness and the way he conducted himself.

    Though his play has no doubt slipped in recent years, Eric has always been a great ambassador for the Hurricanes and for the sport. It will be odd to see him wearing a Rangers sweater but I wish him success in the playoffs. Hopefully he and his brother can lift a cup together.

    I think Eric was worn down over time trying to carry this team. Some guys just aren't cut out for that. I wish nothing but the best for him.

  18. I think having him out of Carolina makes it easier to see the issues with his moves. Frankly I'm not sure many would disagree that he squandered the good will from 2006 and failed miserably. There's a reason he was "retired".

    The man hired Johnston. He mortgaged the future of the Penguins to try and ensure a "win now" situation. But the team is still flawed (but still five games above 500--I'd take that!). How much of this was Johnston not playing Daniel Sprong?

    I don't care what happens in Pitt. But I just think this smacks of Rutherford's prior history in Carolina. And I'm glad he's not calling the shots in Carolina any longer.

  19. Is it Thanksgiving yet? On November 16 I am most excited about what this team's "assets" can fetch in terms of draft picks. November was the month this team was going to ride the home-heavy schedule into contention and instead it's the month they're going to fall out of playoff contention. One man's opinion is that this team just isn't talented enough. The system works; hence the impressive differential in shots and scoring chances. They just don't have enough skill or desire to score. I am hoping Francis starts jettisoning veterans as soon as he can with an eye towards building this team through better drafting. The defense will be good if these guys are allowed to grow together. A couple more years concentrated on drafting skilled forwards and this team should be competitive. They clearly aren't now. Look at what Tampa and Chicago have done. It will be painful getting there but the reward could be great and the team will be more fun to watch. It's painful now because of the futility.

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