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  1. While either Walker or Brind'Amour would be great, as Coastal points out, Walker walked away from Guelph to spend more time with his family and this job is not conducive to that. The thought of Brind'Amour developing prospects is very intriguing but who knows if he'd want that. I'm not sure that going outside of the organization is such a bad idea though. It always felt like Rutherford kept it "in the family" to a fault. I'm a big fan of Francis's tendancy to move in the other direction in search of qualified candidates and fresh ideas.
  2. Jeff Daniels will not be renewed in Charlotte. This seems to me to be a step in the right direction. I'm not sure he was developing players in the AHL at a reasonable rate and it will be good to see the organization focus more on this hopefully leading to the type of depth we need to overcome injuries to key personnel throughout the season. Good for Ron Francis. He said he was going to overhaul the entire organization and I'm happy to see him make this move. Not that Jeff Daniels isn't a great guy but it is time for a change down there.
  3. Hey, of course we don't know. We're only fans; doesn't mean it's not fun to speculate and discuss. This board is entertainment for the ones who care to discuss/play armchair GM etc. Cheers!
  4. Semin for Kane straight up I'd do in a heartbeat. There's an argument to be made that both players are toxic to their teams (in different ways) and perhaps a change of scenery for both is beneficial to all parties.
  5. Does anyone think an Evander Kane for Jeff Skinner trade (straight up) could be possible and make sense for both teams?
  6. This is spot on. Semin has been called a coach killer before. Maybe he thinks Peters will be gone soon, given the miserable state of the Canes' record at this point in the season, and he can start breaking in another new coach next year. I don't see that happening here. Peters is the right guy for this job and despite the record I think the organization is very pleased with him. If Semin is waiting for Peters to be dismissed he's going to be waiting for a while. I'd pay to see the spectacle of Semin playing in Charlotte. If you think he looks disinterested in Raleigh just wait. Anyway, if Francis decides to put him through waivers, which he would obviously clear, and then assigns him to Charlotte I don't see him reporting. The only problem is that the economics of the KHL don't seem to be what they once were. Who knows--some Russian mobster running a team over there might want Semin badly eough to make him forget his NHL contract. One can hope.
  7. I think if he doesn't respond you might be looking at a Kovalchuk-type exit from the NHL. He retires, goes back to Russia, and makes millions playing at home.
  8. Personally I think what' s happening here is that the organization is hoping to light a fire under Semin for however long it takes to restore some trade value in him. I think they know what he is about and don't want to stay on the roller coaster. If he plays well from now until the end of the year I think he will be gone for picks and prospects.
  9. The season is upon us and for those of you in Raleigh there will be an NHL game tonight you can see live. Not too shabby. I choose to be optimistic. We are only two points out of first place with a game in hand. Go Canes!
  10. I think a lot of people would agree with this. Over time it would be hard to support a team that left your town for greener pastures; I'm sure Hartford didn't have a parade in June 2006 for the Stanley Cup Champions. You almost get the sense a rebuild is upon us but management won't acknowledge it for fear of alienating the casual fan. I like the fact that Francis has beefed up some of the infrastructure (scouting etc.) to support a robust organization. This is going to take time and patience and somehow fans are going to need to be onboard to the point that they continue to buy tickets even when the immediate future isn't so bright. It's easy to take shots at Karmanos for not spending enough money to ice a better team, but the fact is the Hurricanes have spent money; they just haven't spent it wisely. The improvements in scouting and player development will help the organization make better decisions moving forward about how those dollars are spent. I think the future is bright even if the coming season is miserable. I still hope that it isn't but as a fan I am prepared for it. I'd much rather finish at the bottom this year than be 8 or 10 points out of the playoffs and drafting between seven and fourteen.
  11. Panik is off the board as Toronto has claimed him. Cue the "Leafs Panic after loss to Canadiens" jokes.
  12. Fortunately there are guys looking at this type of thing who know what they're doiing. I'm just a fan, but that said, it seems to me it make some sense while Skinner is out to look at a guy like this. If, by the time Skinner returns, there are guys who are better options than Panik, then you waive him. He either gets picked up or you send him to Charlotte. It's very low risk in my humble and amateur opinion!
  13. He's a big skilled kid. Last man out on a pretty skilled TBL roster and they don't want to lose him. He seems to have all the tools to succeed and is still learning. I would bet he does not clear waivers, whether the Canes claim him or not. Word is he had a great camp but a couple of others really impressed and he was the odd man out. Just a thought. He seemed to look pretty good against the Canes last year. But then again, who didn't?
  14. Richard Panik-RW 6'2" 207 would be a nice pick up. He's on waivers from Tampa.
  15. The team looked flat yesterday and it left me feeling as pessimistic as ever. Let's hope for better once the lights come up on Friday night. I guess my biggest concern these days is the chatter that's out there that the team isn't selling enough tickets combined with Karmonos's stated price tag for the team. Consider this: the team isn't worth that kind of money in Raleigh. It is absolutely worth that kind of money in Hamilton or another Toronto area suburb. Who's to say that Karmonos wouldn't get the king's ransom he seeks by selling the team to ownership that would move the team out? So it's a hard call as to whether to put hard-earned money into tickets to watch this team provide the same mediocre performance to which we have become accustomed. But if butts aren't in the seats this year, I'll begin to fear the worst.
  16. The thought of picking up Mueller is appealing, but he did play last night and the coaching staff had a chance to watch him skate so they should have a pretty good idea whether he could beat out anyone else in camp vying for the same spot. We will see at noon tomorrow but my hunch is Francis will not put in a claim.
  17. Like everyone, I get energized by the free agent fantasy. It's tempting to get pulled into the feeding frenzy and I'm glad Mr. Francis didn't bite. There aren't many deals that appear to me to be deals this team would have/should have done, except maybe Brad Richards. And he wasn't coming here for the money the Blackhawks offered because that team is an obvious contender. The Hurricanes aren't contenders until they prove otherwise. Sometimes the best changes are the ones you don't make. I'm satisfied as a fan to see how all this pans out. If it is unsuccessful then we are one year closer to a rebuild, and 2015 is a pretty good year to be a lottery team. By 2016 some large contracts come off the books and the team could be very well positioned for a quick rebuild. I'll take what's going on here over the train wreck that is the Florida Panthers. All that free agent spending and what has that team achieved? I think as fans we're going to appreciate Francis's thoughtful approach to managing this team and fostering a culture that breeds success. At least my curiosity is piqued; it will be fun to watch and see whether he can accomplish what he's trying to accomplish culturally.
  18. I wouldn't feel too bad for Gleason. He'll make 2/3 of his contract for doing nothing and he still has enough in the tank to sign a 2 year deal with another team in the $2M range. He'll probably end up playing and making more money than he would have if Toronto had kept him around.
  19. Thanks. After 11 years in North Carolina I am back on the west coast and will have to exchange 35-40 games a season at PNC for Center Ice and an annual trip to the Shark Tank. Not a great trade for an avid fan. It'll be nice to have a place to follow the Hurricanes closely and talk about the team. Again, I feel there are better times ahead for this club. Hey, could they get much worse than the last five years? This team was so bad so often at home this past season I would leave the arena thinking, "was this fun? Entertaining? Should I pay for the privilege again next year?" Were I to stay in Raleigh, this hire and the changes Mr. Francis has made already would be getting me back on the STH train. I'm hoping others feel the same way. Butts in the seats are what makes it all go. Taken at face value, it seems Peters will get PNC energized once again. I also like that he was hired on 6-19. A good omen perhaps? Time will tell.
  20. There's a lot to like about this guy. As someone said, talk is cheap, but the talk so far is perfect. My favorite quote: "Work ethic is non-negotiable". It certainly sounds as if Peters has no tolerance for players taking shifts off.
  21. After reading this board for years, this is my first post. I am excited about Mr. Francis's potential. It is clear he is making his own decisions and the selection of Peters, to me, says that he values a change in culture above all else. And from his comments yesterday on the Fan, I not only think Peters will hold players accountable but Francis will backstop him. Muller may not have had that same luxury from Mr. Rutherford. Time will tell, but to me, the Hurricanes are getting stronger organizationally and that will start to show in all facets, from drafting to player development, to coaching and finally to the on ice product. The easiest thing for Mr. Francis to have done would have been to select a Dan Bylsma or someone like him just because he had NHL head coaching experience. But if you look at Bylsma, he had his best results when we was brand new to coaching in the NHL. His success very well might have been simply a product of circumstance. (And that fact that he was not Michael Therrien.) The most attractive thing about Peters is he comes from a winning culture. If he can help shift the culture of mediocrity that has plagued this organization for many of its years in North Carolina (and even Hartford), fans will look back on this as an incredibly successful hire. I am very optimistic.
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