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  1. I'll be there tonight against the Leafs.. Im holding back my inner Randy Quaid (major league 2)..just hoping that we get some momentum.. Start filling up PNC again.. Rough.. Players, Coaches Fans.. Need to get up for this one...
  2. First year as STH... Can't wait for the season to start but would also appreciate any information that helps us enjoy the season even more... Thanks guys
  3. Just moved to Raleigh from West Texas. I'm a Stars fan at heart, but have a new found affection for the canes and the community.. I did not grow up with hockey .. Of course football and baseball were the sport of choice. Until 96, 97.. When a minor league hockey team came into the area and instantly fell in love with the game.. Ironically, MY first hockey ballcap was a Carolina hurricanes hat.. In 97 Adopted the Stars as my favorite team.. And have been a diehard fan ever since.. on vacation this summer with my wife, we visited Raleigh, Virginia, washington dc, Maryland.. Really loved it here and decided to make it our new home.. Life has been good.. except for being a little disappointed with the Canes not making the playoffs.. It's nice to see all the teams come through Carolina.. I'll be wearing the Red and black for all 41 games save the game against the Stars, where Victory Green prevails..lol.. Can't wait for next season...
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