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  1. Had to go with the 2 Ashleys. Got a thing for the girls with the bigger top parts.
  2. So, what are everyones thoughts on Derek Roy? Anyone think he would be a good fit?
  3. Rumor- Eric Staal for Joe Thornton. Ekland.....so maybe just hot air.
  4. Now the Penguins have hired Jason Karmanos as VP or hockey operations. Wow!
  5. I was not suggesting any certain players to move. I was just saying that with all the change going on, if RF moved some of the bigger names on the team and was able to get a good return, that I would not be upset by it. At this point, anything that makes the team as a whole better is an option to me. I have heard that Joe Thornton could be moved. I doubt that he would take a trade to Carolina since he has a no trade clause ......but if it were possible, I'd take a trade like that no matter who we gave up. I'd love to see something like this: Eric and Cam moved and Nash and Thornton brought in. Or maybe Thornton and Iginla. NOW I KNOW this is not going to happen. But it is nice to have your own pipe dream once in a while. LoL.
  6. Ulf does not sound like the type of coach we need. He has not seemed to do much either a a player or coach so, why bring him here? He sounds like less of a qualified coach then even Muller was. Desjardins sound like a much better candidate. Of the 2 LA assistant coaches spoke of on here, I do not know much about either of them. Bylsma would probably do for a while at least. I'm sure he would be able to get us to the playoffs......just not sure how far into them we would get. It all depends of the off-season moves Francis makes. Who we sign, draft, trade will go a long way toward how well our new coach does his first year. I for one would not mind seeing a big trade the moves some of the bigger names and brings in some bigger name replacements. If we are going for change, then go ahead and change the whole team, from top to bottom. We can't do any worse than we have these last 3 years. Might actually bring a few fans back to see the whole new and improved Hurricanes.
  7. I'd like to ask the members on here what they think the most pressing need is for the Canes in the off season this summer? Which position do we need to fill the most? I think we need a big power forward the most.
  8. Is there a website that list all the free agents who will be available this summer?
  9. What do you guys think about signing Dan Boyle this offseason as a free agent? He is older(37), but seems like a solid pickup. Could provide some veteran leadership for the younger guys.
  10. Dineen for the Canes and then move Samuelson to Charlotte might not be a bad idea. I read where someone else suggested that in a post up above. Not sure Daniels will be ousted though. Honestly, I am not up to date on who is available for a coaching job....so not sure what all the options might be. Whomever it is I want a coach who will hold all player accountable no matter how long they have been here and I hope Ronnie makes it clear that no one is safe if they underperform. If a player seem to be lazy or lacking in motivation, sit them down a couple of games and send a statement to the whole team. No favorites here....everyone must earn their paycheck.
  11. Larose used to be one of my favorite players. I remember when he first started on the team. He always gave 100 % and even though it took him forever to make that very 1st goal, he kept trying and never let up. Kevin Adams was another 4th liner whom I liked. GAve 100 % and was always going wide open. I think the team lacks that kind of hustle and drive. The team used to always chase after the puck and hounded whomever had it on the other team. They never let up and created chances and turnovers. Seems the last few years, there has been more of a confused chase after the puck and no where near the results as earlier teams. We have had teams with not as many big name players who still brought it every night. I miss that kind of drive on this team. The motivation seems to be lacking. A lot of games the team just seems to be skating around just waiting for the other team to make a mistake instead of creating those opportunities.
  12. If we were to move to number 4 I'd want Draisaitl considering that Ekblad and Reinhardt woulld probably be gone by then. If we stay at number 7 I am hoping for Vertanen as my 1st choice followed closely by Ritchie. I feel we need a Cole like power forward back on the team. We have not had one who made as big of an impact since Cole left. In his prime, he was one of my favorite players on the team. Loved the way he would drive to the net and He finished with a score a lot of those times or at least put it where a rebound could be knocked in by whomever was following him up.
  13. No, I have not seen. But if we did move Cam and maybe Eric??? Who knows. Maybe Cam and trade our pick for Florida's pick? That probably would not do it. I myself would not move Staal....but you never know what Francis is thinking at this point.
  14. It is rumored that Florida might be willing to trade away the number 1 pick. Do you think the Canes would be wise to try to get it?
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