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  1. My opinion and the experts on NHL tv, the front office sill hasn't addressed the main issue with the team, size and physical play. Boston probably won the cup today by getting Richie to go along with the size and physical play the bruins already have.
  2. Almost everyone on the NHL Network has said over the past 3 weeks of more the canes need to get big and physical. Weeks said canes need a young Lucic type player or a Tom Wison.
  3. You must of missed the Boston series. 2nd most physical team in the NHL last season. St. Louis was third. You got to play the physical game to compete in this league. The canes couldn't keep up with Boston playing physical. I want to see the canes do good this season and go back to the playoffs but they need a good physical forward to take Ferland's place.
  4. Lucic traded to Flames for Neal. Wonder if Tkachuk could be had. Canes probably couldn't afford him. He could be the physical presence the canes could use.
  5. Well Coastal we may have found our gritty player.
  6. Yeah, that's why i went looking for the crow and found it. I familiar with Gauthier, I saw 10 or 12 Checker games this past season. I agree with you on Westgarth.
  7. Sounds good if i can figure where to find the icon. You are betting against a 69yr old. Not to tech savvy. LOL. I found it.
  8. What will be the bet? Heck they both could make the big team. I said Gauthier for his size.
  9. I believe Williams will retire. Turbo-Aho-Nino Paula-Dzingel-Svech Mcginn-Staal-Gauthier Foegele-Walmark-Martinook Saku--The extra forward. I believe Necas will be in Charlotte one more year.
  10. Might be a trade coming soon involving one or two of the younger players. Just a gut feeling. Wonder why it took so long for a team to sign Dzingel. I thought for sure he would be in Pittsburgh.
  11. If i could change my vote i would change to pretty good from average with the signing of Dzingel.
  12. Like this deal a lot, but still looking for a gritty physical player. No i really like this deal. The committee did very good on this deal.
  13. If the canes doesn't pick up a player with size, grit, plays the physical game and doesn't mind getting in the trenches this team will not make the playoffs this coming season. Remember how physical Boston was with the canes and Boston and St.Louis were two of the biggest and physical team in the league. I sure would like the canes make a trade for DeBrusk from Boston. He is physical and pretty good scorer. Or maybe make Tripp happy and trade for Wilson. He says every GM wants a Tom Wilson on their team.
  14. Average was the grade i gave the committee, they haven't went and got any physical player. They loose Ferland and my opinion they haven't replaced him. If the committee doesn't improve on the physical play i do not believe the canes make the playoffs this coming season. Someone posted in the Off season and trades that the nhl was going smaller and faster. The two teams that played for the cup were 2 of the biggest and physical teams in the nhl. Smaller and faster got Tampa and Pittsburgh an early out. If they go out and get a physical player or two i would give the committee a grade of pretty good and a better chance of making the playoffs this coming season.
  15. Monday, i am thinking Dzingel or something with Toronto.
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