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  1. Have you sold them yet? Would you be willing to split them? Looking to buy two tickets to the game.
  2. That's quite a collection there!
  3. Looking forward to this event. Took the day off just so I could go. And for those asking they chose Friday because NC State plays Saturday.
  4. Same here would like to seat around STH as well. Last season I didn't have any STH around me. Moving to the shoot twice zone in the 300s this season. Looking forward to seeing how this online selection process is going to work.
  5. I am not all that surprised a lot of the fans have not renewed. Most fans have not been happy not making playoffs and the general direction of the team.
  6. Last season I was a full season ticket holder in section 316. This season cutting back to 12 games and planning on sitting somewhere on the third level in the shoot twice zone.
  7. No problem. What zone you sitting in?
  8. My ticket rep said it would be the beginning to mid August before 12 game ticket holders would pick their seats.
  9. Tolchinsky has been invited to the Russian World Junior Camp in early August. That maybe the reason he was not invited.
  10. They have posted 3 different 12 game packages (two weekend plans and on weekday plan). You should be able to find the different plans on their website. I am a 12 game ticket holder myself got the email last week.
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