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  1. Hey all, I got a Hainsey, looking for a Semin. If anyone wants to trade I can add a bit to make it even. Thanks
  2. He did this the past 2 years as well I think? I wish he would sit out a week or 2 and come back at 100% rather than play injuried at 70% trying to help the team. It would help the team more in the long run I think. To add I think Semin has looked just as good as Staal the past few games. Other than Stalls faceoffs and maybe 1 net drive per game he's been losing every board battle and turning over just about as many pucks as Semin.
  3. Well that makes me feel better
  4. I can't help but have a bad feeling about our newest pickup being there just to be in Semin's spot when the coach wants to punish him/Semin's not playing well. He has to be in the NHL for 30 days before he can be sent to the AHL. I think it will be very telling with Semin over this month... he's going to really have to fight for a spot and ice time.
  5. I agree with you top-shelf. I think once he starts scoring everyone will love him the same way how we love Cam again now. He missed a goal last night by maybe 2 inches top right corner. Had he scored it would start a different story. Another point I thought of is that Peter's style of play seems to be rushing the net a lot and getting bounces or rebounds. Not really Semin's style, I don't think I've seen a break away goal from him since he's been here. Everyone loved him 2 years ago becuase he was a playmaker who could also be dangerous sniping. No wonder he's having difficulty adjusting. He could also be a bit more physical, which I saw a bit of in his short time on the ice last game. And why he isn't being used on the PP is beyond me, that's when he can do the most damage, but we're still punishing him?
  6. Well, guess I'm no longer the new guy around here. Welcome!
  7. We should find out today who's starting correct? Either way it's pretty likley they both start one of the back to backs.
  8. Yeah I agree. I think Staal and Ward will be around until their contract is up at least.
  9. I predict Gerbe buries a few more than predicted, he's looked really good from what I've seen of the preseason. The behind the back pass to Skinner and the goal from Semin stand out.
  10. Wow, Murphy as a forward, should be interesting. Also don't underestimate Gerbe, I think he could fill in the top 6 just fine until we get some of those injuries back. Also, maybe just me thinking, good to get these injuries out the way before the season starts? Though you never want to see any...
  11. a5pj


    Hello, Yeah I've been down here about 5 years now and have met about 3 people that are actually from here lol.
  12. Great, thanks for the advice, forgive me but what/where are the Castle and RCI? Haven't been able to get to any practices, stupid job and all...
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