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  1. They got rid of all the former personnel in the wake of "going in a new direction". No new direction, just the same old stuff with different flavors. I am tired of all the dubstep crap from the new DJ, all the annoying promotions, parachute drops, t-shirt tosses, on-ice bowling, crazy dancing caniac contests, and all the extra crap that is geared to the in-game experience of a teenager or a person in their 20's. But we did change out watching people running from house to house to a new game of moving vans flopping places. If they were going to move the in-game experience to a new direction, Doug Warf and his crew failed once again. At least Mike is there with his horn to keep the fans chanting on occasion. What do the rest of you think about the "new" in-game experience this year, now that we've had 3/4 season of it?
  2. LOL, Remkin. No, just a season ticket holder that is tired of the Amber Jaye show and all the dubstep and contest crap. Takes away from the traditional experience of attending and watching an NHL game.
  3. Getting tired of the Amber Jaye show at every game. Her voice doesn't cut through the music and one can barely understand her announcements. And we are still doing the same old games and promotions, just in a different format. Sure would be nice to have Ron the Ref back.......at least you could understand him. If this is the new game experience, it sure looks more like the same old pig wrapped in a different blanket.
  4. It may be time to start an in-game experience thread. At least the fans might have some input on something to improve for this team.
  5. Coastal, I have to agree with you that the real-time stats this year are a great addition. So are the highlight replays at the beginning of each TV time out, the scoring summaries and period highlights. As for the fluff stuff during the game presentation, it was supposed to be heading toward the more traditional hockey in-game experience...........seems like it is headed for the opposite AHL hype-type venue that they originally said we were trying to avoid.
  6. The organist is there for every game, but they only use him 1-2 times during each period if he is lucky. At least he plays for the half-hour walk-in experience, but then only to an almost empty arena. Guess the traditional hockey arena experience Waddell and Warf were pitching to the fans before the season started at the town hall meeting has gone by the wayside with less organ, more hip-hop music by a full-time DJ, new but same sponser spots, Ron and Amber minus Ron, same old guessing contests by a different name (we move around trucks now instead of people into empty houses), fan cams instead of kiss cams, and now we have that crazy caniac crap to contend with. By the looks of it, they fired the old Canes Vision guys running the show cause management wanted to go in a different direction. Smoke and mirrors, my friends. Maybe we should start a separate thread on the new fan in-game experience to see what the rest of the Caniac Nation feels.
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