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  1. Not everyone who sits in the lower bowl are season ticket holders. if I paid good money to sit in the lower bowl (too much money) which I have done in the past, I would be demanding a refund of the difference for the 300 seat fans who paid much less.
  2. First of all I think that the players have to have the will and care about winning and not whining. Except for a few recent interviews for instance with Skinner who looked visibly upset after losing, most of the players make the same excuses and look to have about as much energy as my grandmother; they don't seem to be passionate about the game-like someone who draws a nice paycheck at a job and does just enough to get by. Also, I know that you are talking about STH in Raleigh but there are Hurricanes fans outside of Raleigh. It's very disheartening to make a 4 hour trip,from our home, pay for a hotel, meals and watch them not score goals. We still do this for about 5 or 6 games and would come more if there were handicapped seats but there never are which is another issue. I don't know about the Raleigh area as far as promoting the team but they certainly don't promote it anywhere in South Carolina at least on the coast, yet everyone knows about Carolina Panthers football which is about the same distance away. Maybe mamagement needs to reach out just a little bit more. Offer bus trips, think outside the box and be creative to fill the seats-don't give them away but reach out more to all of the fans.
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