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  1. Who said anything about leveraging the future? Certainly not me. The question was raised...."do we buy or sell?" What I said is that you don't start selling assets, with the playoffs in sight, in order to get ready for next year, and chalking up this year to bad luck. Because you know what...next year we may be even unluckier. Nothing is guaranteed. When a team has a shot for the playoffs, you have to go for it. People are jumping off the bridge without really knowing how long Mrazek will be out. That is what we need to know first. Now if he is out for any extended period, then there are some NHL quality goalies available from teams going nowhere, and I doubt they will cost an arm and leg. Pesce, of course, will be missed, but we'll not find a comparable player on the market, so callups from Charlotte will have to do.
  2. To me, with the team in the thick of the playoff chase, selling would be the wrong thing to do. It would send a terrible message to the fans...the proverbial "wait till next year". The fact is that no one knows how healthy the team will be next year. Nothing is guaranteed year to year. And if history has taught us nothing else (sorry to borrow that line, Mr. Corleone) it's that in hockey, if a team makes the playoffs, anything can happen.
  3. Rod said after the game both Reimer and Pesce would be out "a while". He was less committal about Mrazek's injury. I've looked at that play a number of times, and I think the refs got it right the first time...should have been a 5 minute major with game misconduct. Not sure why they reversed that. My guess is that Mrazek is concussed, so his return date would be up in the air.
  4. I think it really depends on how badly Mrazek is hurt. If there is no structural damage, and he is dealing with a concussion, he could be back fairly quickly. Now, concussions can be tricky and he could be out longer than I am thinking. Ned or Forsberg, I think, could adequately serve the backup role, but neither is really ready for prime time for a team trying to get to the playoffs. As I say, much depends on the prognosis for Mrazek.
  5. Peters fired. https://sports.yahoo.com/news/report-calgary-flames-fire-bill-peters-amid-allegations-of-racism-abuse-161137953.html I think it was inevitable.
  6. Kjunkane....I didn't want to quote your entire post, but when you said " I just have to wonder out loud if those who are the most vocal in condemnation think that he is the only coach to engage in these types of reprehensible (it would appear) actions?", I was taken back to Jerry Kramer, a Green Bay Packer guard, who remarked about Vince Lombardi "he treats us all the same, like dogs."
  7. Just remember though...there were a number of posters on here who wanted him back for a fifth year. Of course, no one knew what we know now, but there was a camp who wanted him gone based upon results. We had some very spirited discussions on here about it.
  8. Correct. Still, we need to hear what Francis has to say. On the face of things, it looks like he (Francis) covered the whole thing up, but I am willing to at least hear his side of the story. He better speak up soon.
  9. Yeah, that is what confuses me to an extent, because Rod says he was proud of the way it was handled. The issue was taken to management and they (management) dealt with it. Was Peters fined? Clearly he was not fired, as this happened a couple of years before he left the team, if I understand the timeline right. There seem to be more questions than ever right now.
  10. I am guessing there is a lot of truth to everything. Given the chance to actually defend Peters, none of Rod, Jordan Staal, or Slavin did so. Mainly they demurred. And if the charges were false, I think Peters would have strongly denied everything by now.
  11. Based upon what? Oh, I know...Corsi stats. Got it. Do you know how many times I have heard that line in watching professional sports for nearly 60 years???? Hundreds. And occasionally (Terry Francona, Joe Torre, Casey Stengel) a guy does have success with a second team that he never had with a first one. Far, far more frequently, the guy does not have any more success at his second stop or third stop than he did at his first...and many times less. Just like Peters was fighting 70 years worth of history in an attempt to come back here for a fifth season, he would also be the exception rather than the norm if he actually finds success in another stop.
  12. I am certainly more on the OBXer side of this than on the other side. I do not begrudge Peters testing the waters...that is his right. But as Waddell pointed out...Dundon has options as well. One is to let Peters go. Much has been made of Peters getting the HC gig for Team Canada. Let's be honest...16 NHL coaches were unavailable (although without doing some research, I am not sure how many are actually Canadian), and if Peters were deemed the best of the rest, good for him. Doesn't make him Toe Blake. I have just witnessed a first year expansion team win a playoff series in 4 straight games, yet all we hear here is excuses. I am on record as thinking Peters is gone, but for the life of me, I think selling him to a different fan base would be a nearly impossible task. So, in the end, my guess is that Peters does not exercise his out, but Dundon relieves him of duty. I think we'll know very soon.
  13. Surely he has no bargaining power for an extension with the Canes. Dundon's comments about "Bill does some things well, but there are things Bill needs to improve upon" (or something like that) certainly seem well short of a ringing endorsement. I still think he won't be back next season, but I guess we will know soon.
  14. Unless I am wrong, the tournament is in May.
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