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  1. Votre anglais est aussi bon que mon francais.
  2. Based upon what? Oh, I know...Corsi stats. Got it. Do you know how many times I have heard that line in watching professional sports for nearly 60 years???? Hundreds. And occasionally (Terry Francona, Joe Torre, Casey Stengel) a guy does have success with a second team that he never had with a first one. Far, far more frequently, the guy does not have any more success at his second stop or third stop than he did at his first...and many times less. Just like Peters was fighting 70 years worth of history in an attempt to come back here for a fifth season, he would also be the exception rather than the norm if he actually finds success in another stop.
  3. I am certainly more on the OBXer side of this than on the other side. I do not begrudge Peters testing the waters...that is his right. But as Waddell pointed out...Dundon has options as well. One is to let Peters go. Much has been made of Peters getting the HC gig for Team Canada. Let's be honest...16 NHL coaches were unavailable (although without doing some research, I am not sure how many are actually Canadian), and if Peters were deemed the best of the rest, good for him. Doesn't make him Toe Blake. I have just witnessed a first year expansion team win a playoff series in 4 straight games, yet all we hear here is excuses. I am on record as thinking Peters is gone, but for the life of me, I think selling him to a different fan base would be a nearly impossible task. So, in the end, my guess is that Peters does not exercise his out, but Dundon relieves him of duty. I think we'll know very soon.
  4. Surely he has no bargaining power for an extension with the Canes. Dundon's comments about "Bill does some things well, but there are things Bill needs to improve upon" (or something like that) certainly seem well short of a ringing endorsement. I still think he won't be back next season, but I guess we will know soon.
  5. Unless I am wrong, the tournament is in May.
  6. New Jersey gets a point, but I had the tiebreaker process incorrect. Technically we are still alive! Need to win all of our last five games and New Jersey needs to lose all of their remaining games in regulation.
  7. If New Jersey gets one point tonight, the Hurricanes are officially eliminated from playoff contention.
  8. Whew, I thought you meant, at first, it would be a tough sell to Peters to get him to agree to an extension, but reading your post again, looks like you meant a Peters' extension would be a tough sell to fans. I agree with that. I know I am going to get some others up in arms here, but do you really think Peters has a lot of options (as HC) elsewhere in the NHL at this point in time? Reminds me of when the Cleveland Indians brought Manny Acta in, after the 2009 season, after a horrible run in Washington.
  9. Three months ago, there were plenty of Ron Francis supporters on here. After he was fired, the board literally turned against him and put the blame (or 90% of it) at his feet.I guess PK is getting some of it too. although in the past he got the brunt of the blame. Somehow, except for a few on here, Peters has been held blameless, as if he were Toe Blake or Scotty Bowman. But the argument you make is something I see so, so often, literally in any professional sport. That the team was lousy not because of the HC (or manager) but because he didn't have enough to work with. In many cases, there probably is some truth in that. But unless we are on the inside, talking with the players, getting their honest, off the record assessment, we really don't what kind of job Peters, or any other coach, is doing. And even granting your premise (that is the lack of talent holding the team back), Peters is hardly the first head man in a professional sport to suffer that malady and subsequently get the boot. I just cannot see the evidence out there that Peters is a good coach. Maybe he is, but I just don't know how you can tell. But the burden would be on the Peters' supporters to tell me why he is a good coach, since the measurable statistic (team record) sucks and has not improved in three years. What other numbers should I be looking at? Has he won one challenge this year? Or is that not his fault either? Being the head man in any professional sport is a tough business...as I said, just ask Al MacNeil (fired after winning a Stanley Cup), Marty Schottenheimer (fired from the San Diego Chargers after a 14-2 season) or scores of others. The fact remains that history argues that he will not return and frankly, I don't think he will be hard to replace.
  10. If Dundon is NOT active this off season, and decides all we need is a new 4th line LW and a new 6th D man, he'll be looking at crowds of 5000 per game next year. I am going to bet he isn't that stupid.
  11. Your passion in defending Peters is indeed admirable, but he's finished here...it is nowhere close to 50-50. As I keep repeating, probably falling on deaf ears, historically it is nearly impossible for an NHL coach to miss the playoffs 4 straight years and come back for a fifth. Tippett did it in Arizona (but made the playoffs three straight years before that drought) and Trotz in Nashville did it (but that was an expansion team). To find another example, one has to go back 71 (!!!!) years. I'm old, but even I was not around in 1947. Will he find success with another team? Will he be given another chance? Who knows? Hockey is in a way like the other major sports...the "good old boys" get chance after chance. A guy like Al MacNeil won a Stanley Cup with Montreal and was let go after that same season (extenuating circumstances to be sure...MacNeil couldn't speak French). It took MacNeil 8 years to find another job as HC in the NHL. Peters, in many ways, reminds me of another Detroit product...Dave Lewis. Good hockey man, knowledgeable, but not much of a coach. He even got one more chance with Boston, but it was only for one year. So, in short, I do think Peters may well surface in the future as a HC, but he will have to go back to the assistant coach role for a while.
  12. I remember Toskala. This is what he was known for:
  13. I hear you., I only went to two games, and that is a low number for me as well. But before I spend another dime on this team, they are going to have to show me they are serious about winning, because I have my doubts. Of course, I am going to give Dundon some latitude here, since he is fairly new to all of this, but he has to show me in the offseason that he means business. Bringing back Peters and the rest of the coaching staff, as well as the numerous quitters on the team will nearly guarantee a no show by me next year. Yeah, I am one guy and a little guy at that, and maybe Dundon doesn't care what I think. But he is at a crossroads now and big, big changes are needed.
  14. You've been the most passionate advocate of Peters on here, by far. Maybe you're right...maybe he is a great coach. But I can't see how you know that at all. The team shows no sign of improvement after his four years on the job. In nearly every professional sport and nearly every team, that would be enough to show him the door. Look, bringing back Peters tells the fan base that we are THIS close (thumb and index finger 2 millimeters apart), when clearly we are not. Dundon cannot possibly sell the diminishing fan base on this and I bet Dundon is smart enough to know that. Big changes are needed and blaming Ron Francis for everything will only get you so far.
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