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  1. No Shaya.....just no. I am sure he is a great guy but his voice grates on every nerve.
  2. I know it is early, but through 5 games Dougie has more points than Lindholm and Hanifin combined. Aarrrrrgh!
  3. I wouldn't categorize Necas as an elite playmaker based on performance. Maybe one day he will grow into that role, but who knows. He is slight, not physical, and too often looks a little lost. He is still really young, and while I hope I am pleasantly surprised, I do not see him sticking in the NHL this year. So far the hype has exceeded reality, but that is not uncommon with young players. If the Canes were way short on talent, then I see leaving him up as they would have no other choice. That is not the case this year, and based on camp performance I would have preferred to see JG on opening night.
  4. Playstation Vue has FSC as well. The upside to streaming is you can still watch the games when you travel. I have a Roku stick I carry with me. Plug it into the HDMI port in the hotel tv, and I have FSC no matter where I am at.
  5. There are several options depending on what you are looking for. I have tried all the streaming services, and settled on YouTube TV. In my opinion they probably have it down the best. Unlimited DVR, not buggy, and easy to navigate. You can search for specific teams, add them to your favorites, and it will find and record all their games. Worked flawlessly unlike Direct TV who always seemed to want to record a game on a channel I didn't get. One issue I did have last year with a few of the Canes games was when they were on the alt FSC. For some reason there were issues when using my YTTV credentials to log in to the Fox Sports app. When logged in I should have had access to the Canes games, but did not. Never could find the problem or know if it was a Fox issue or a YTTV issue. It went away late in the season, and this year YTTV added an alt FSC Carolina channel to their lineup. I do see that all the games this season will be on the main FSC channel (no alternates) so that would be a non-issue anyway. Just a couple of months ago YTTV ended their relationship with ESPN3 so I lost access to lots of football games only available via streaming on ESPN3. That was a deal breaker for me so I reluctantly switched to Playstation Vue. PSV is comparably priced to YTTV, has a similar lineup, but does still allow access to ESPN3. I find PSV to be a little buggy, and do not like to DVR function as much. It is unlimited, but the shows deleted I think after 28 days vs 90 for YTTV (not that big of a deal to me). What I really don't like is that rather than just recording the games of teams I want to see, I have to select entire leagues, ie NHL, NCAA Football, NFL, etc. I am learning to live with it, but it clutters everything up, and can sometimes take a bit to find the game I want to see. The 2 big things I especially do not like are: 1. If you are recording a game and start watching let's say 1 hour into it, you cannot pause. That function is not available. PSV does not allow pause until you get to within 5 minutes of live. Major pain and major flaw. 2. When fast forwarding there is no 'preview' so you have to guess where to stop. YTTV allowed you to see when FF or RW so you could stop right where you want. Major design flaw that would be a deal breaker to me, but not as egregious as no ESPN3. I have heard ESPN3 may go away completely in the near future and all that content moved to ESPN+ (pay service). If that happens I will go back to YTTV, I also found a great app that allows me to cast the Canes preseason games using my iPhone from their website to my ROKU/TV. It is called Web Video Cast/Browse. I used it last night. Easy to set up and worked great. Sorry for the long post.......probably more than you wanted to know.
  6. I just don't see a mid-season return going well. When you are 38 in a young man's sport a long sit would be difficult to overcome. Training on your own away from the team is not the same as skating every day, and being ready for game speed. He might not be back to form until the end of the season. Too many athletes can't let go and wind up getting forced out, and I would much rather see him retire when every remembers him for all the good. Not many Gordie Howe or Jaramir Jagr types. Personally I wish he wanted to come back this year. However, if he doesn't have that burning desire to do it, and be ready at the start of the season, I would rather see him go out on top of his game.
  7. Canes will also need some to expose to the expansion draft which means those guys will need enough NHL games. I think LW might be one of those guys.
  8. I think one of the main drivers in the DeHaan trade had to be his shoulder. Shoulders are slow to heal, and sometimes are never completely right again. Two surgeries to the same shoulder in two years upped the risk significantly. If reports are accurate that he will not be back until Dec, then they were going to play 35% of the regular season without him anyway. You have to wonder if he were 100% healthy would they have traded him, and if they did, what would have been the return. All things considered I am OK with this, and think we will be more than fine.
  9. Maybe I was wrong.....I found this on NHL CBA Capfriendly..... "The Salary Cap Hit is the total amount of salary cap room that is taken by a players contract. This number is calculated by the average dollar figure of the contract."
  10. Entire signing bonus and salary count against the cap. The next 2 years the Canes will feel this. The last 3 will actually open some space. At least that is my understanding.
  11. In addition to the above the signing bonus is due in early July. If there is a lock out after the 20-21 CBA, then Aho gets the entire signing bonus for that year. For him the only risk would be his salary which is $750K.
  12. Wait until there is a strike during the next CBA. Then this becomes a crappy contract for the Canes. It is also harmful to our cap space over the next couple of years limiting the ability to get players in here that can make a difference.
  13. Kind of funny reading all the sky is falling comments. This is a business. We have made our team better with the moves so far. There are more people on this board who have no perspective, or just completely unrealistic expectations than I would have thought. I have no hard metrics, but my gut tells me many of these RFA's are being over paid for the value they will bring to their new teams. We will be fine. As long as we have one or two in net who can match what we got last year, then this team will be fun to watch, and going deep in the playoffs will be the expectation. Here are my predictions.....admittedly not really out there. 1. We will sign a number one goalie. It will most likely be PM. Lehner is an option, but would be more surprised to see that. 2. We will sign Aho to a deal. What will it look like? I don't know. In the end it may be a bridge, but my guess is more likely somewhere around 8 years for $8.5M. We would match an offer sheet before taking 2 firsts, a second, and a third. Having said that, no offer sheet coming because everyone knows we would match (although I might take the 4 firsts before paying more than $10.5M that is over payment). 3. We will find another middle 6 forward. If we do all of this combined with the moves already made, then I will be very happy. They will have taken a very good young team, and made it better. Oh....and one other prediction. Saku Maenalanen will have somewhat of a breakout year with the Canes. He has good size, plays a hard game, and this year will score 15 goals as a key member of a strong 4th line. Sorry for the long post.
  14. So you don't think we have improved this off season? Once PM and Aho are signed I think we have.
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