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  1. Amazing how good Hamilton is at getting shots through.
  2. PM giving up lots of rebounds tonight
  3. What is it about Lundquist?
  4. What is it about the Rangers?
  5. The only time I notice NN is when the other team is scoring
  6. They have been playing soft the whole game.
  7. Nobody home out front....sounds about right.
  8. Pretty much the whole team stunk it up in the first, but Reimer needs to be on the bench to start the second.
  9. Looks like this is shaping up to be another year where they dig themselves a hole in the first half and then spend the second half scratching and clawing to stay alive.
  10. I like Fleury better than TVR. I still think in the long run Fleury has more upside. He is a bigger body and seemed to be learning how to use it a little more. TVR is steady when fully healthy and up to speed, but he is slight and can get pushed around. Just my $.02.
  11. I know it is early, but through 5 games Dougie has more points than Lindholm and Hanifin combined. Aarrrrrgh!
  12. This times ten. Agree with everything you said.
  13. I wouldn't categorize Necas as an elite playmaker based on performance. Maybe one day he will grow into that role, but who knows. He is slight, not physical, and too often looks a little lost. He is still really young, and while I hope I am pleasantly surprised, I do not see him sticking in the NHL this year. So far the hype has exceeded reality, but that is not uncommon with young players. If the Canes were way short on talent, then I see leaving him up as they would have no other choice. That is not the case this year, and based on camp performance I would have preferred to see JG on opening night.
  14. Playstation Vue has FSC as well. The upside to streaming is you can still watch the games when you travel. I have a Roku stick I carry with me. Plug it into the HDMI port in the hotel tv, and I have FSC no matter where I am at.
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