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  1. And yet he has still played better than many of the veterans.
  2. Completely disagree. More than ready. Makes heady plays. Every player on the Canes has underperformed today. Necas playing like a mite. JW invisible. Skjei and turnover machine. 1st period was good. Since then they all look disengaged.
  3. Easy to see Boston wants this more. Effort for the Canes is weak.
  4. Thought he looked good on that kill. Also won a key faceoff
  5. I think I am watching a different game. So far I like how we look. Perfect? No. We are playing one of the best teams in the league. Physical? Yes. Forechecking? Yes. I am happy.
  6. These calls and non calls are too blatant for there not to be something to it.
  7. I would not have challenged the call. I don't think any challenge was clear enough to win. However I have a big problem with the refs not telling RB what the call on the ice was. That is incompetence. The real crime on the ice was Brady Skjei. His stick is broken right in front of the ref by a world-class slash. No call. He makes a fantastic defensive play a few minutes later. Go to the box. That was criminal.
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