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  1. I just text a screenshot of everyone’s ticket to them so they can come and go as they please. We are checked every time to get into our section.
  2. So does anyone else wonder what playoff tickets prices would look like? That would be nice to know- what is that "Playoff Ticket Priority" worth.
  3. Yes. On top of the 4.75% state sales tax, there is a local sales tax of 2%. The local sales tax is tied to the state sales tax, so when the Republican General Assembly voted in the sales tax on tickets, the local sales tax kicked in as well. You can thank your local representatives for 6.75% of your ticket price increase.
  4. I talked to a ticket rep today as well expressing my concerns about price increases and voucher losses. He said he is passing along these comments to management and also suggested emailing Waddell directly. His email is on the brochure. So, instead of waiting for him to read the boards, send him an email. I guess we can use all that money we have saved on playoff tickets for the last 6 years to pay the increased ticket prices.
  5. The mini plan holders are really getting screwed. While the package price for Lower Level South is only going up $65 (assuming I don't want any of the good games), I lose 3 games. So, my per game price is up 35% at a minimum. Boy, do I feel appreciated for sticking with this stinking team for the last 6 non-playoff years.
  6. What the heck is the front office thinking? Raised the ticket prices while knocking the 12 games down to 11 and eliminating the 2 vouchers. My per game price is up 35%!!!!
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