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  1. Faulk for Draisaitl really intrigues me. Maybe after the expansion draft? Kind of risky, but a 21 year old elite center, count me in
  2. Can't really base an argument off plus minus when that player plays the most minutes in front of the worst goalie tandem in the NHL the first half of the season and then is injured much of the second half when the goalies were better.
  3. Meh I don't agree with a lot of placements in that list. Several guys I would put Faulk above, and I would argue he's a top 25 dman. Hanifin and slavin have the potential get there too.
  4. Saarela is definitely one to watch out for: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V84PtYgKDTo&ebc=ANyPxKq_I5xL0_NrGCqrnR3ffDRCVtKPs6s-YrzYsk_9DbkdYp19KX672AK4pYZzRALYk9BeRmlB Goalies better watch out that he doesn't take their head off with that slapper!
  5. Just one detail, rem. Poturalski is 22 years old. Not exactly your typical sophomore.
  6. I sympathize with bluedevil. He's tired of year after year of missing the playoffs. But we can't judge the current regime as one that's missed the playoffs for 7 years. They've only been in charge for 2 seasons. I fully agree that we don't have the elite forwards to compete with Washington or Pittsburgh. But then again there is no realistic scenario where we compete with the reigning presidents and cup winners this year. Signing the top free agents wouldn't put us any closer to competing with these teams. The only way to get the elite talent these teams do is to tank, which I don't think anyone wants to do right now. I agree with bluedevil that there is a problem but I don't agree with his solution. We have one friend in this, and that is the cap that will even the talent gap. Right now the pens and caps have elite stars and depth, but that will only last 1 more year. Their windows pretty much close then. Tampa will also be in big trouble. When these teams can't afford their talent anymore they have to eject them to other teams (ex. Teravainen, saad). They'll get worse while we get better. This is just the cycle of the modern nhl. Next season we could have a chance to grab a kucherov, a drouin, or a draisaitl. All elite players. I think Ladd, okposo, and Lucic are overrated and would soon be surpassed by our cheaper prospects soon anyways. Sadly, I just don't see any chance that we are contenders in the near future, but we can compete for the 3rd metro spot or any of the wild card spots. The metro is probably the most brutal division for now but the Atlantic is weak and might not get a wildcard team in. That said I totally understand if you would be angry that Francis passed up elite talent in Taylor hall, but that's another discussion. For me, or goaltending is the biggest issue, we were 29th in sv% last year! Mostly cause of the first half of the season. If we get even just second half lack and cam for a full season I think we're in the playoffs. Now regarding teravainen, yes he was on an elite team but was misused. He was thrown all over the lineup kind of like lindholm has been but TT was often out with bottom line grinders that had no finish. There's just not room for him right now in stacked Chicago. I think his offense will spike here in a top six role with players that actually have a lot of skill (lindholm and aho). I'm really excited for this line, hopefully lindy and TT can break out when they actually have a set role. I actually believe this could be an elite line in a few years down the road.
  7. I have that concern about this year too, but we shouldn't try to fix a short term problem by creating a long term one. I'm just not sure how well our young forwards will do. But I think our forward core is already better than it was last year and many believe Francis isn't done yet.
  8. I can understand and sympathize someone wanting Hall for Faulk. But I don't understand the logic that signing a big name UFA somehow guarantees the teams to get into the playoffs. Only the Islanders and Sharks I'd say are shoo ins this coming season and it sure ain't cause of Ladd or Boedker. I don't see signing any of the guys you listed as making big moves. None of the guys are elite or worth the 6x7 buyout proof contracts that some got. How are the Islanders going to pay their young guys coming off ELCs when they've got to pay Ladd? How are the Oilers going to keep Puljujarvi and Draisaitl after they give McDavid a 10 mil per contract and have to pay Lucic? Having bad bloated contracts come off the books doesn't mean you go ahead and fill your cap with new bad contracts. we've got slavin, hanifin, pesce, aho, teravainen, gauthier, fleury, bean, Roy, nedeljkovic, and other prospects still on ELCs. That's why our cap hit is so low. These guys have to get paid eventually though and I'm willing to bet more than a few of them will be better players than many of the UFAs listed sooner rather than later. To me a big move is Francis using his cap space as a commodity to get more assets while he's still got that cap room and then managing to keep all his promising prospects instead of having to trade them away like Chicago.
  9. I feel like the idea of Detroit being ungodly in drafting is a bit outdated. Zetterberg and Datsyuk were drafted ages ago and while they've got that long playoff streak, they've lately been a sick man just limping into the playoffs. I mean, they've still drafted well, just no late round superstars. Regarding elite talent, we've got plenty on defense. Course we need some elite forwards. Maybe we've got some young guys that turn elite, Aho, Gauthier, Teravainen, Lindholm? But that's just a hope. It's silly to think Francis can just go out and get elite forwards and isn't. A McDavid won't just magically fall to us in the draft. You don't get an Ovechkin in free agency. Chicago wouldn't just give us a Patrick Kane. But there is that Seguin that occasionally becomes available, but Francis has to wait and exploit it. I think in a couple years, once more of our defense prospects become fully developed and have more value we could get a Kucherov or Drouin out of a cap crunched Tampa. Buffalo, NYI, and Arizona have tons of forward prospects we could pick from for some defensemen. I could see how someone would be frustrated by Francis not going after Taylor Hall, but we all know the price would have been Faulk. For me, I just don't think the timing is right to make that trade. Our time will come when our defensemen have more value and making big moves won't disrupt the progress that's been made.
  10. Seems like the Bean pick might not just be BPA, but could become very important down the road. With this expansion draft next year we should come through no problem. But surely we're not going to stay a league of 31 right? In any inevitable future expansion draft, we're gonna have Hanifin, Faulk, Pesce, and Slavin eligible if it happens in two years and Fleury and McKeown will be eligible if it happens after that. The best Dman that we don't protect we're gonna have to trade. So Bean (if he pans out) is probably the least likely to be traded since he'll have to fill in that spot. And it'll be a while before bean's eligible for any expansion draft too. Outside of that, our young d core is gonna have to get paid at some point and I'm not sure we'll be able to pay them all at once. Essentially Bean is a rare OFD that will be a cost controlled asset for five years. So we not only get the BPA, but that financial flexibility, too.
  11. I don't think Columbus is a good trade partner. They're looking for a #1 center. We can dream of getting Puljujarvi, but the reality is no one would trade one elite asset for a bunch of ok assets. Any package for #3 starts with Lindholm and then we gotta start adding 1st's. I think Buffalo is a good partner. Their GM said he was open to trading the 8th pick, possibly for a LHD. Maybe we trade Fleury, or they trade down to 13? Still lots of good forwards at 8.
  12. Sorry, but if we're going to help out Detroit in clearing some cap space so they can sign a Stamkos or Okposo and compete with us for a playoff spot they better be making it more worthwhile than another Boychuk, Dalpe, or drayson bowman. You either get the 16th or Anthony mantha and only negotiate on what goes back to Detroit. if Arizona or New Jersey will take on the contract for less, so be it.
  13. Well, let's be fair I'm not saying we should be the 76ers or anything. But we are a rebuilding team. I also never said anything about not signing free agents. But I think the team that inevitably signs Stamkos to a 10x8 year deal will end up regretting it. Not saying he would be another Alex Semin but his injuries and decline in offense worry me. As for rash moves, I've seen people being disappointed in guys like Skinner and more recently Lindholm and calling for trades. People want to nab Bishop or Fleury but you have to realize these guys have NTCs. With Faulk, I'd be open to trading him. Just not right now. It would leave a gaping hole in our lineup now and take away an important mentor for our other young dmen. I think we've at least got to see McKeown and Fleury at the NHL level before we consider trading anyone on the blue line. Of course, it's good to remember we can fill in small holes like the bottom pairing with free agency. But yeah I get what you're saying. When it comes down to it, it doesn't really matter, our discussions are just for fun. In the end, I know Francis is going to make the right moves. I guess all I'm saying is we just gotta be patient after 7 years of waiting
  14. I wanted to share two articles I read but didn't really know where to put them so I thought I would make a new thread for sharing and discussing interesting articles I've read. If a mod can think of a better place for this you can merge the threads, it won't hurt my feelings Here goes: This one talks about Coach Steve Smith from his early NHL days to today http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/15453650/nhl-steve-smith-hockey-bill-buckner-made-peace-own-goal-cost-oilers-chance-championship-30-years-ago It really gives great insight on his coaching philosophy And this should hopefully bring back some nostalgia http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/oral-history-2006-stanley-cup-final/
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