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  1. While you are talking about the price difference to sit in the end zone vs. sideline, I don't think that's the whole problem. I do the 11 game package. That's a comfortable number of games for me to go to - I just can't make 41 games a year. But I can't buy less than a full season in the sideline seats. If they opened up the sidelines for 11 games - even at a higher price than the ends - I think you would see people move up. Having said that, I really like the view from the ends.
  2. If the teams finish the way they have played their last 10 games, the last wildcard spot looks like: Canes 92 Tampa 90.7 Bruins 90 Islanders 90 Over the last 10 games: Pitt 16 Canes, Leafs, Jackets 15
  3. Time for Jim Goodknight to step up to the plate.
  4. While Skinner may be top 24, saying the top 24 forwards are All Stars is like saying that the top 16 teams make the playoffs or that the person that gets the most votes will be President. That's just now how the system works.
  5. Getting close, but by the percentage of points gained, Toronto is ahead of Phil and Boston. We are 10th, just behind Boston. Just keep winning and things will work out. Anyone know what our record is against back-up goalies vs. regular goalies? I know in the past we have made a lot of back-ups look like all-stars. This year, it seems like we have drawn a ton of back-ups and are doing the job to win those games. If we keep winning, we may see fewer back-ups.
  6. Any chance you have a military or college ID? If so, you can buy a lower level ticket (2 per military ID) for $25 at the box office 1 hour before face off.
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