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  1. He cleared if that was your question.
  2. Finally! I've wanted to see this line all pre-season.
  3. I wouldn’t shed any tears. You can add Dahlbeck to that list as well. At some point, having a few less contracts would be beneficial to making future moves. And those three are just stop gaps until younger players with more upside are ready....if that.
  4. I think Yamamoto will in interesting test case for the size debate. He is clearly outplaying Poolparty on the Oil, and if only one were staying, it should be him. But he’s small compared to Jesse, and coaches and GMs don’t seem able to be able to ignore that.
  5. Necas's size is not correct. All of the guides that have come out since the start of camp when they were remeasured have him at 6'2" 179 lbs.
  6. This says it all for me: My prediction and vote would be Slavin, but I would have zero problems with it being the new and improved Skinner that we've had since Eric was traded. The only one I would have a problem with is Williams. Not that he is not a good guy and capable, but having a guy that just joined the team be anointed the new leader is going to rub some guys the wrong way...even if they don't admit it to others or themselves.
  7. My guess is that you will see a lot of Slavin - Pesce and Hanifin - Faulk at home and a lot of Slavin - Faulk and Hanifin - Pesce on the road. Home allows you to situationally play the pairs appropriately, whereas on the road he can prevent the opposing coaches from rolling their best lines at Hanifin - Faulk.
  8. Correct. ELC slide happens in the AHL just like juniors or overseas if the guy with the ELC is 18 or 19 years old on Sept 15th of the year in question. And Necas has signed his ELC, so he has one.
  9. He is ripe for a trade. He is cheap, versatile and won't require a ransom to get from the other team. I think Pittsburgh is still looking for a 3rd line center at a bargain, so if Necas can win a spot, my guess is that Ryan is the first to go.
  10. Anyone know if this game is available to view anywhere, or if it will be on radio?
  11. The video evidence...is on the Canes website. He definitely launched himself upwards when hitting him.
  12. Yeah, that was not a clean hit when the guy's skates are a foot off the ground to hit another guy who is 6'4" with his elbow.
  13. I'm with you Coastal...I have big concerns with Gauthier and think Elynuik is a diamond in the rough. Wouldn't shock me at all if Gauthier busts completely and Elynuik becomes a middle sixer at the NHL level. The difference is between the ears...
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