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  1. A lot of good stuff here guys. I really appreciate your feedback. I do find it more difficult to watch the games on TV b/c you are limited on what you can see. For example a lot of the line changes are missed so its easy to loose track of who's on the ice. Do any of you find it useful to listen to the "live" call by Chuck inside the area? I really like this advise. The game is so fast that you can loose track of who is doing what. At the end of the game you know who got points and that the team played well or looked bad but it's hard to pinpoint what the individual efforts were.
  2. I would consider myself a new hockey fan. I grew up in the deep south where there was no team around. Not until I moved to Raleigh did I develop an interest in the game. Since becoming a hockey fan I have always been interested in hearing how others view the games. What are you watching for? In your opinion, what is the most important thing to keep track of? The easy thing that an inexperience fan would do is just watch the puck but there is so much more going on away from the puck. Just curious to get some feedback from lifelong hockey folks to give myself and others on this board some tips to keep our eye on while watching our Canes.
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