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  1. Someone tell me again why we can not do the Skol Clap after a win- I’m perfectly fine if the team just stands on the ice and watches the Caniac nation celebrate.... come on...it’s been a long time -finally there is something to cheer about! Season ticket holder here - LETS GO CANES-LET US CELEBRATE - 👏🏻 Someone pass this on to the powers that be!
  2. side note-STOP with the whaler crap- NO MORE GREEN SWEATERS-HATS-TEES.... last night they played like a team that doesn’t exist... lost their identity for at least 58 min. Now get to Nashville and play like the Carolina HURRICANES- Lavi will be ready-we better be-GO CANES
  3. GO CAM ! Starting goalie in the outdoor winter classic! Hope WARDO SAYS NO ! What an honor for him GO BLACKHAWKS
  4. GO CAM ! Starting goalie in the outdoor winter classic! Hope WARDO SAYS NO ! What an honor for him GO BLACKHAWKS
  5. How many coaches are we going to go through before we ice a whole NHL team- not just 1 forward-1 possibly 2 wingers-a defenseman sometimes a goalie .... we’ve been “rebuilding” since the cup team was blown up - Come on TD go get a team- and don’t pay the kids till they prove themselves enough already
  6. I hope someone in Canes management reads this-or Admin please pass this on- whoever came up with the “Whalers night” WTH- really what are you building here - my team is the Carolina Hurricanes - TD your actions are speaking louder than your words...GM-Waddell ? Trades-Skinner/Lindy...2 NHL players for AHL (possibly) players ? You don’t renew the voice of the Canes Chuck K -but then have dumb Whalers Night ? I think I get it-you’re in it for the money-me...I’m in it to win it - I had tickets for tomorrow’s game-until it became “whalers night” I’m not going -got my email as a STM “reserve your Whalers Jersey” didn’t reserve it- not my team- hope you make a ton of money with your “whalers night” as a Canes fan I really hope you start really investing in our team...you purchased the CAROLINA HURRICANES- and right now with they way they are struggling tomorrow should be tons of fun for them- “let’s play in a jersey of a team that doesn’t even exist” smart move owner 🤦🏻‍♀️
  7. Well...this was God awful to listen to and watch- there was nothing positive ...nothing -agree the talent Gap is huge- stop pounding the square peg into the round hole- TD did you hear that...this was a home game .... stop all the gimmicks -get some NHL players - you traded 2 NHL players and got AHL talent in return - For the record- I’m not a fan of Whalers night- were the Hurricanes already-
  8. Finally some life in the building - celebrations are fun-anticipation is fun- the players are finally engaged ...clap on 👏🏻
  9. Good evening- I replied to your email -you are correct - I have committed to the Jersey tickets- I will keep that commitment and purchase those tickets-please PM or email me Penny (pkling40) I’m going to give them to a co-worker to use.
  10. Will there be a stream for tonight’s game-finally have power and internet back-was hoping to catch a little Canes hockey
  11. Update from Jacksonville NC-still raining-still no power-water still rising -still dry- (for now) This to shall pass- And- Finally a REAL CAPTAIN! Keep the Prayers coming !
  12. Evening Caniac from Jacksonville - Conversation this morning-between my son who stayed at Oak Island and myself who stayed in Jacksonville -After spending an entire night in pitch dark with winds well over 100 miles an hour and driving pounding relentless rains- in Jacksonville -Son: Mom how are you and dad -Me: Beyond Grateful -no words- Son: yeah Mom were going to be ok here too-it’s just starting to crank up here but a 2/1 is doable- Son again-hey Mom you know we both would have made a bad decision in staying put had this storm come in as a 4 ...Me: yes son I know and agree -Grateful for all the people who listened and evacuated - Grateful for the local governments who had the guts to make the calls in both North and South Carolina to evacuate people-you have no idea how many people that actually is who live on or near the coast-there would have been no way possible to save lives had they “waited” for the storm to make up,its mind-Hurricanes have been and will always be unpredictable-Florence at a 3-2-1 has been and continues to be extremely distructive with loss of life -and still causing major flooding and destruction... Media Hype-maybe but this time it worked in a good way...and people listened - Next time ...I will be in the mountains-Thanking God for covering us and giving us another day- Let the cleanup begin ??
  13. The winds of change -sometimes have to level things- can anyone recall a “partial” rebuild ever working? Let’s compare the Hurricanes to a house renovation- the “bones” have to be there or you level the place and rebuild on the land- starting with the foundation-How many years have we been hearing the Canes are in a rebuild mode... we weren’t rebuilding a darn thing what we were doing was the wishing and hoping and begging for the team to be better to the point as fans that we expected to lose ??‍♀️ How many of us attended games where we entered the arena knowing it would be full of opposing fans and sat quietly watching - how many dreaded going on the power play? How many left the arena early so as not to be harassed going to your car? While I’m going to miss Skinner and wardo and even chuck - things had to change -everything had to change -I’m sick of losing and the team needs to know that while they have loyal fans...they are getting paid to win-and the expectation from the fans this season should reflect that- part of this culture is our fault as well- to those who have moved on - Good Luck-for those coming in- It’s a new day- if your lucky enough to win a spot it will be because you earned it no more “gifts” or “ free passes” all in or you’re out- I’m good with that! GO CANES
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