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  1. Here’s a thought- lets create our own noise- why couldn’t caniacs make clips/videos send them to the canes video team -let them put together - clips to play throughout the game for the guys Insert mike blowing the horn and recordings of ...LETS GO CANES- 😜
  2. Is he in or out? Please tell me he is in- canes hockey would just be weird without him- I’m not ready to “move on” come on canes-make it happen!
  3. HELLO CANIACS! Season Ticket holder here- (11 game holder) Purchased 2 extra tix for the Nov 23rd game- Tickets for Turkeys... Great seats behind the bench section 105 Row L seats 7-8 My brother and I usually go- we found out yesterday that my 12 year old nephew will be able to go-WOOHOO- only problem is I can’t exchange/move these 2 seats- My ticket rep suggested I sell these and then purchase 3 together - So posting these here - 50.00 each (which is what I paid) 100.00 for the pair👍🏻 PM me here if interested GO CANES! SOLD-GO CANES!
  4. Someone tell me again why we can not do the Skol Clap after a win- I’m perfectly fine if the team just stands on the ice and watches the Caniac nation celebrate.... come on...it’s been a long time -finally there is something to cheer about! Season ticket holder here - LETS GO CANES-LET US CELEBRATE - 👏🏻 Someone pass this on to the powers that be!
  5. GO CAM ! Starting goalie in the outdoor winter classic! Hope WARDO SAYS NO ! What an honor for him GO BLACKHAWKS
  6. GO CAM ! Starting goalie in the outdoor winter classic! Hope WARDO SAYS NO ! What an honor for him GO BLACKHAWKS
  7. How many coaches are we going to go through before we ice a whole NHL team- not just 1 forward-1 possibly 2 wingers-a defenseman sometimes a goalie .... we’ve been “rebuilding” since the cup team was blown up - Come on TD go get a team- and don’t pay the kids till they prove themselves enough already
  8. I hope someone in Canes management reads this-or Admin please pass this on- whoever came up with the “Whalers night” WTH- really what are you building here - my team is the Carolina Hurricanes - TD your actions are speaking louder than your words...GM-Waddell ? Trades-Skinner/Lindy...2 NHL players for AHL (possibly) players ? You don’t renew the voice of the Canes Chuck K -but then have dumb Whalers Night ? I think I get it-you’re in it for the money-me...I’m in it to win it - I had tickets for tomorrow’s game-until it became “whalers night” I’m not going -got my email as a STM “reserve your Whalers Jersey” didn’t reserve it- not my team- hope you make a ton of money with your “whalers night” as a Canes fan I really hope you start really investing in our team...you purchased the CAROLINA HURRICANES- and right now with they way they are struggling tomorrow should be tons of fun for them- “let’s play in a jersey of a team that doesn’t even exist” smart move owner 🤦🏻‍♀️
  9. Finally some life in the building - celebrations are fun-anticipation is fun- the players are finally engaged ...clap on 👏🏻
  10. Good evening- I replied to your email -you are correct - I have committed to the Jersey tickets- I will keep that commitment and purchase those tickets-please PM or email me Penny (pkling40) I’m going to give them to a co-worker to use.
  11. Will there be a stream for tonight’s game-finally have power and internet back-was hoping to catch a little Canes hockey
  12. Update from Jacksonville NC-still raining-still no power-water still rising -still dry- (for now) This to shall pass- And- Finally a REAL CAPTAIN! Keep the Prayers coming !
  13. Evening Caniac from Jacksonville - Conversation this morning-between my son who stayed at Oak Island and myself who stayed in Jacksonville -After spending an entire night in pitch dark with winds well over 100 miles an hour and driving pounding relentless rains- in Jacksonville -Son: Mom how are you and dad -Me: Beyond Grateful -no words- Son: yeah Mom were going to be ok here too-it’s just starting to crank up here but a 2/1 is doable- Son again-hey Mom you know we both would have made a bad decision in staying put had this storm come in as a 4 ...Me: yes son I know and agree -Grateful for all the people who listened and evacuated - Grateful for the local governments who had the guts to make the calls in both North and South Carolina to evacuate people-you have no idea how many people that actually is who live on or near the coast-there would have been no way possible to save lives had they “waited” for the storm to make up,its mind-Hurricanes have been and will always be unpredictable-Florence at a 3-2-1 has been and continues to be extremely distructive with loss of life -and still causing major flooding and destruction... Media Hype-maybe but this time it worked in a good way...and people listened - Next time ...I will be in the mountains-Thanking God for covering us and giving us another day- Let the cleanup begin ??
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