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  1. I’ve been watching the Penn St. Wisconsin series (Monday/Tuesday), as I have to watch my Badgers. I think we really drafted a sleeper in Kevin Wall of Penn St. He is everywhere, has a nose for the puck and controls play well. Future Cane developing quite nicely. The game is on BigTen Network as I write this.
  2. My top 5 in no particular order: -Colorado -Arizona -Canes -Minnesota -L.A. -I don’t like what Anaheim did at all. So many neat possibilities and they pick the busy looking muscle duck.
  3. Yes, I just saw your smurf reference.
  4. I really hope Pashin is successful and makes it with the Canes. From what I can tell, he seems to be a lot like a guy named Sergey Tolchinsky. He had dynamite skills and looked great at camps. Too small and got pushed around a lot. I always was cheering for Sergey, but never got to be NHL or AHL material.
  5. I like the Bracco signing. It looks like he may have been buried in the deep Leafs forward corps. I believe he’s only 23 and has been successful in all stages of his career. Given some confidence, he may make the team and contribute. Kind of reminds me of young d-men in the Canes system.
  6. I would think the Canes could definitely package Gardiner and a 3rd for a 6th!!😳😳😳
  7. Wow, we have baseball winding down, college football starting up, NHL conference finals week and pro football starting tomorrow. My biggest thrill of the weekend is getting a 5th round draft pick for Eddie!!! Woo woo!!!
  8. If Askarov is gone by the 13th pick, which he will be, (top ten). The Canes need to pick a pure goal scorer. Whichever guy is available. I hope it’s Quinn.
  9. So as I see it, we need to call up Ned (nothing but a proven winner), call up Gauthier ( very hot now & NHL ready. Make a trade with Minnesota to get Brodin and call up Mr Bean. Dump Haula, Petr, and TVR.
  10. Okay DW, the Leafs have officially started the trade deadline movement. It’s time to get cracking. Let’s shore up the D, get a goal scorer, and a good goalie. Easier said than done. But it can be done.
  11. Rees will be an awesome addition. He’ll be our Tom Wilson.
  12. Thank you Linda Richmond. Now how about some cawfee?
  13. It’s all-star weekend 2020. Has anything been said about the Seattle nickname?
  14. As for a trading partner. I’m thinking of the Blackhawks again. I would like a Tom Wilson type player....Andrew Shaw. We need real “jerk” to get into opponents heads. He’s our guy. Either of the two defensemen for him. Like Wilson he can put some points on the board too.
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