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  1. Way to go CANES! Thank you Washington! What a beautiful beautiful birthday present for me!! I couldn’t ask for more.
  2. Obviously Fox is too good for Calgary & The Canes. Just like Eric Lindros was too good for Quebec and John Elway too good for Baltimore. I can’t stand these primma donnas. Getting picked or drafted into the most elite sports is an honor not a flipp’n privilege!!
  3. Totally agree with you Sooner. I never cared for Eric Lindros, John Elway, etc.... You get drafted by a team that wants you, it’s an honor. Don’t be a crybaby cause you didn’t get your way. When they get to being a UFA, fine. Until then, play for the team that wants you.
  4. WOW!!! I was there last night and what an overtime. I was seven rows from the ice and couldn’t believe what I saw. Mrazek definitely earned his paycheck. Those saves were outstanding, especially the last one. As soon as I saw Nino & Seb take off, I knew something was going to happen. Canes were well represented also. I sat next to a young couple originally from Wilmington. Lots of Canes sweaters roaming the concourse. Thank you boys for the great win!!!
  5. March 2. I’ll be in Sunrise. GO CANES!!
  6. Great win for the Canes. I’ll be in Sunrise tomorrow night! I live in Sebring, Fl. I’ll be in section 103 wearing my Canes jacket with pride.
  7. And as soon as I post this he scores!!! 😳😳 I still think we need to move him asap.
  8. Ferland has gone totally belly up. Time to move him while we can. We can still get a good return for him. After tonight’s game or tomorrow morning. Always injured, minutes cut way down, not scoring. BAM!
  9. Here we go again. Playing down to the competition. We cannot loose this game!!! Devils & Sens....?????? Time to shorten the bench and Aho playing double shifts. Geez.
  10. Sorry, but I’m not an agent or a lawyer. I see the cap hit per year on Matthews is only $700-750k a year. Didn’t they sideswipe the cap hit with bonuses bonuses and bonuses?? This will allow the Leafs big time cap space for 5 years.
  11. As I continuely look at our lineup, I really think we are going to be great. BUT ..... we are missing one or two major things. Wallmark is not a second line center, not even close. We need a major upgrade there immediately. Plus if we can get a taker for Ferland, we will need an upgrade there too. Until then, we are not a playoff team.
  12. Here it goes again. The cursed Canes. Rask already has an assist in his first game with Minny. 15g 15a from now until the end of the season?
  13. And Necas sent back to Charlotte???? WHY??
  14. I know I know!! lets trade Aho & Slavin to Calgary for Sam Bennett & Derek Ryan !! How bout that???
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