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  1. Not crazy about our opening night line combos. Brindy looks like he’s taking a conservative balanced line approach. I’d love to see Svech Seb TT on the top line. Nino Staal Brock on #2. Dzingel Haula Necas on #3 and Marty Wallmark Foegs on #4. Defense looks perfect. I think we need to stack that top line. That 3rd line could be blinding fast. Just a thought.
  2. James has retired. MI6 just gave the double O to her.
  3. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, I’ve seen the Whalers at old Chicago Stadium and at the old Met Center. I was way over .500 also. When the Canes came around, I saw them at the United Center & Xcel Center again over .500! Now living in south central Florida, I attend Canes games at the BB&T Center in Sunrise. Nice arena always get great seats and a lot of Canes fans there. AND the Canes are undefeated with the games I’ve attended too!! I’ll be there on October 8th!! GO CANES!!!
  4. I have seen a concept jersey with gray as the primary color and CANES on it. It looked like the Rangers script. Anyways I’m still excited about a new away jersey. I did like the gray look, but with some improvements.
  5. I would just like to say thank-you to Paul Fenton and all he did for the team. After seeing the Canes in their Whalers jersey, I was wondering if he thought he was still part of the team(as he once was) and traded for Nino to help the Whalers. 😳
  6. Obviously Fox is too good for Calgary & The Canes. Just like Eric Lindros was too good for Quebec and John Elway too good for Baltimore. I can’t stand these primma donnas. Getting picked or drafted into the most elite sports is an honor not a flipp’n privilege!!
  7. Totally agree with you Sooner. I never cared for Eric Lindros, John Elway, etc.... You get drafted by a team that wants you, it’s an honor. Don’t be a crybaby cause you didn’t get your way. When they get to being a UFA, fine. Until then, play for the team that wants you.
  8. And as soon as I post this he scores!!! 😳😳 I still think we need to move him asap.
  9. Ferland has gone totally belly up. Time to move him while we can. We can still get a good return for him. After tonight’s game or tomorrow morning. Always injured, minutes cut way down, not scoring. BAM!
  10. Sorry, but I’m not an agent or a lawyer. I see the cap hit per year on Matthews is only $700-750k a year. Didn’t they sideswipe the cap hit with bonuses bonuses and bonuses?? This will allow the Leafs big time cap space for 5 years.
  11. Here it goes again. The cursed Canes. Rask already has an assist in his first game with Minny. 15g 15a from now until the end of the season?
  12. I know I know!! lets trade Aho & Slavin to Calgary for Sam Bennett & Derek Ryan !! How bout that???
  13. Well I was reminded that the Canes are wearing Whalers sweaters on the 23rd. Which as a Whalers/Cane fan since 1980, I think the history idea is great. It was also mentioned that “Brass Bonanza” would be played after each goal. LMAO!!! Playing it will not happen due to our pathetic offense!!! Mmmmm... maybe one time.
  14. AND.... in the first of 2-3 trades. Pesce for Kadri even up.
  15. No no no on Darling!! Bring Ned up. He’s a proven winner. Juniors, WJC, Charlotte. Forget the save percentage, he just wins!!
  16. Oh boy. This is ridiculous. At this pace, why did RF get let go? A lot of teams are very aggressive in fixing problems. What are the Canes doing?? NOTHING. Anaheim just picked up Sprong. We can’t score for crap, continue to do nothing about it. We have soooo many d-men and are doing nothing to improve our GPG. It’s time for a blockbuster deal!! D for O.
  17. Nylander is a must! The Canes need to out do any Kings offer! We need to win this one. The future is now. We have plenty of defenseman and underlings to offer. Get it done now!!
  18. I am 60 years old and can’t stand rap music. After hearing this song had won, I was disappointed. BUT...... after hearing what will be played, I think it was an outstanding choice.
  19. Thanks for getting back to the draft. XFL.....who cares????
  20. All in on signing Chuck. 9 years of experience. Willing to make moves. No brainer!
  21. Big off season trade with Washington. Get Holtby. Caps would have Grubauer & open a spot for Samsonov. They won’t miss him. I know it’s a Metropolitan deal, but makes sense.
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