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  1. On 1/23/2020 at 1:06 PM, remkin said:

    Talk amongst yourselves. 



    I'll give you a topic. Rhode Island is neither a road, nor an Island. Discuss. 



    Seriously though, lots to discuss during the break. All of your questions are good ones. I do think we will try to win now barring a collapse in February, for the reasons you list. But that just means we don't likely rent out anyone like Edmumdson or Haula, not that we trade our picks for help.


    But that's now and that's my opinion. It does seem that rumors have us searching for D help. I'm not sure I see it yet unless it's to move Gardiner out. We have Slavin, Pesce, and Edmundson is underrated IMO. He's plus 5 and on pace for almost the exact stat line as Gardiner who is -19. Fleury has been very solid. 


    I may be missing something, but IMO the only move that makes sense is if Gardiner goes OUT and a guy replaces him that can stick for a while and bring more offense than him. If Gardiner were playing the way he was supposed to, then Slavin,Pesce, Edumdson, Gardiner, Fleury and TVR would be more than good enough. Gardiner is the whole thing. If he stays bad the only move is to replace him. But to bring in another guy without replacing him won't likely be worth the cost. 

    Thank you Linda Richmond. Now how about some cawfee?

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  2. As for a trading partner. I’m thinking of the Blackhawks again. I would like a Tom Wilson type player....Andrew Shaw. We need real “jerk” to get into opponents heads. He’s our guy. Either of the two defensemen for him. 

    Like Wilson he can put some points on the board too.

  3. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, I’ve seen the Whalers at old Chicago Stadium and at the old Met Center. I was way over .500 also. When the Canes came around, I saw them at the United Center & Xcel Center again over .500!

    Now living in south central Florida, I attend Canes games at the BB&T Center in Sunrise.

    Nice arena always get great seats and a lot of Canes fans there. AND the Canes are undefeated with the games I’ve attended too!!  I’ll be there on October 8th!! GO CANES!!!

  4. Obviously Fox is too good for Calgary & The Canes. Just like Eric Lindros was too good for Quebec and John Elway too good for Baltimore. I can’t stand these primma donnas. Getting picked or drafted into the most elite sports is an honor not a flipp’n privilege!! 

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  5. Well I was reminded that the Canes are wearing Whalers sweaters on the 23rd. Which as a Whalers/Cane fan since 1980, I think the history idea is great. It was also mentioned that “Brass Bonanza” would be played after each goal. LMAO!!!

    Playing it will not happen due to our pathetic offense!!! Mmmmm... maybe one time.


  6. Oh boy. This is ridiculous. At this pace, why did RF get let go? A lot of teams are very aggressive in fixing problems. What are the Canes doing??  NOTHING. Anaheim just picked up Sprong. We can’t score for crap, continue to do nothing about it. We have soooo many d-men and are doing nothing to improve our GPG. It’s time for a blockbuster deal!! D for O. 

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