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  1. Thanks for getting back to the draft. XFL.....who cares????
  2. All in on signing Chuck. 9 years of experience. Willing to make moves. No brainer!
  3. Big off season trade with Washington. Get Holtby. Caps would have Grubauer & open a spot for Samsonov. They won’t miss him. I know it’s a Metropolitan deal, but makes sense.
  4. So, where are all the changes?? Last night BP sounded like he wasn’t going to coach these guys again. I was expecting some Charlotte call-ups and benching. Maybe even a trade. This needs to happen. Follow thru on your words.... Show the team what should happen when the job isn’t done correctly. Hold them accountable for their results!
  5. I really like how the top line has jelled, even with Seb out. The main problem with our team is our 30+ goal scorer. Skinner has had a mediocre season. It hasn’t been his fault!! He needs a top line center. He cannot be buried on the third line with Derek Ryan as his center or line mate. Who?? I don’t know. I would have loved to see a RNH trade before his injury. Now.....how about getting Max P. from Montreal for Faulk immediately. Use Rask as their center hoping the talent around him will kickstart his pathetic season. If not, pick up Derek Stepan at the deadline. Max and Jeff are both LW, but one of them could play their off wing.
  6. Hello all Canes fans! I've been a huge Whaler/Cane fan since 1982. I have been reading all of your posts, daily for 3-4 years and highly anticipate what's next. I finally joined the forum today and am looking forward to joining the team! I'm still waiting for Chris Govedaris to develop....oh wait he's probably around 45 yrs old now. Never mind.
  7. New member from Wisconsin, Hello from the #1 Canes fan in Wisconsin!
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