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  1. Must admit once Ward let in the softie, i was starting to have bad dreams and bad memories myself.
  2. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    I have no problem with playing your best defenseman for half the game when he can handle the minutes and is on his game, and Slavin hasn't given any indication the minutes are going to catch up with him. Still would love to have seen another shift or two for Fleury and Carrick though. Seems like once each of them had their penalties they were all but taken out of the game. Agreed on Faulk - i've been happier with him defensively this season and he did have a couple assists, but his defensive game was back to "Vintage Faulk" last night, IMO. The exchange that led to the penalty and near-injury to RNH was particularly brutal - i'd be skating him until Craig McDonald pukes after that mess. Ward was a world-beater for a period but came back to Earth. 51 shots against, yes, but backup is a large-enough role for him - there is definitely no goalie controversy. Necas is going to be good, especially once he reaches puberty. I have no qualms about Ryan in his role. Rask continues to be pretty much invisible. The main times i notice him are when they show him sitting in the bench - i rarely notice him on the ice. Kruger's solid on the 4th line and Jooris didn't look too bad either. I didn't miss McGinn at all. I do think i may have been slightly annoying my wife by saying 'what a Maroon' every time Forslund mentioned his name. edit - wasn't paying attention to what thread this was in... most of this probably belongs in the game thread...
  3. The last thing you said here before going to bed was "Looks like this is going to be a route". You must have had bad dreams...
  4. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    If i remember correctly Carrick was on his off-side in Charlotte. But then that wasn't facing off against McDavid and Draisaitl.
  5. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    When i saw the Chex, no. Fleury was paired with McKeown, Carrick with Chelios.
  6. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    Hope someone puts that pic on a hockey card, Skinner celebrating a goal with the double-bird being shown to him from the stands.
  7. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    Peters could just pull 5 names out of a hat on the power play and let them set up how ever then want to and they'd do just as well as what they're doing otherwise. Heck, throw Ward on the point - he couldn't do any worse holding the point than Hanifin. Blarg.
  8. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    There was some talk during preseason about Smith running it, but i don't know how dependable that chatter was. As far as i know it's Brindy.
  9. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    Powerless play strikes again.
  10. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    She says she just misses the taste of Kinetico but judging from the looks of her clothes, i'd say she came home to get some new pants.
  11. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    It's about time. I can't remember the last time we could say that about our goaltending.
  12. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    I know we caught lightning in a bottle for a once-in-a-lifetime fluke earlier, but damn our power play sucks.
  13. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    If i knew more than Peters then i would be the one in the Kinetico commercials, but i don't so i'm not. That said i still don't understand his recurring desire to break up two defensive pairings that seem to have a lot of chemistry and work well together for two that don't seem to have that same vibe.
  14. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    Whoever beat who, i like this move. Though he'll probably be sitting in the press box unless someone else falters.