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  1. Anyone wants to stand during a game, they should open general admission standing room only sections down front, on the floor. Or go out on the concourse and stand while you watch on the monitors. If you have a seat, put your butt in it. Not everyone wants to stand, not everyone *can* stand, and not everyone can see around you when *you* stand. When i pay money to watch a hockey game, i want to see the game, not your back.
  2. I probably need to be banned as well - not overwhelmed by the Marley commercials. Better than those blasted ACC commercials tho.
  3. Should be 20 of their 29 on the road.
  4. Jesus Christ what an annoying commercial.
  5. Damn the music in that ACC commercial is annoying...
  6. Gardiner stinks up the ice, so TVR gets benched for the night. Makes sense to me.
  7. Can't argue with that, however at the same time his offense is supposedly his selling point, so that's 2 fronts he's failing on. It's possible it's a Hamilton situation where he's playing through injury and will turn it around when he heals, but to that i'll say the same thing i said about Hamilton - give him a few games off to get there. We're rolling out 7 d-men for Pete's (Tom's) sake, so it isn't like we don't have enough defensemen to let the guy rest. If he isn't injured, meanwhile, then he simply sucks. Either way, a few games off wouldn't be a bad thing. Hoping if Gibbons draws in that it's in his place,, not in TVR's or Fleury's.
  8. I had a Leafs fan tell me the same, and i said he couldn't be any worse than Queso. He's already given me an 'i told you so' or two.
  9. Good thing the Canes are so good at staying out of the box.
  10. I still think Puljujarvi has potential, but you don't pay for potential. Until he realizes that potential on North American ice, he's worth Derek Ryan money. And by that i mean Hurricane contract Derek Ryan money, which obviously he wasn't willing to play for.
  11. Well at least it isn't one of our current 'on fire' forwards like Nino or McGinn... Oy...
  12. Jordan Staal played tonight? And where's his hair?
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