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  1. Now we follow this up with a divisional opponent in an afternoon game. Wheee. Fortunately it's the divisional opponent we have the best luck against so there's hope maybe.
  2. Jeez, as if it isn't bad enough that we have to play a divisional opponent Sunday, it's an afternoon game too? That doesn't get me warm or fuzzy.
  3. Speaking as someone who lived in Greensboro before coming to Charlotte i know that Donut World beats both of them, but given the choice between DD and KK, i'll take DD.
  4. The lottery commercial with the leprechaun - does anyone else look at their wife every time that comes and ask 'is that Slavin?' or is it just me? On the flipside, at least i finally stopped asking her if that's Martinook who forgot to change the car battery...
  5. Oops, i muted the TV when that stupid mumble commercial came on and forgot to turn the sound back on...
  6. @%*&^$% ACC mumbling again.
  7. Doesn't surprise me at all. Our representative was a defenseman, so they weren't going to take a forward. He doesn't fit the 'all offense' mold of All-Star games, but i for one might actually enjoy someone out there trying to defend a little bit.
  8. I don't, but i'm hoping it has something to do with Herb Tarlek.
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