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  1. I'm watching in Charlotte on Spectrum Cable.
  2. I expect that was a possibility until that NBA player tested positive. With so many teams sharing arenas, that changed everything.
  3. Tripp is really something else.
  4. The first play where Mrazek came out and got hit was the result of Gardiner's absolute inability to keep the Wing from getting past him, but otherwise not as much bonehead.
  5. Mrazek drew it certainly, but good on Fleury anyway.
  6. Wow, yeah, way offside...
  7. Wow, those empty seats...
  8. ...which is way more-often than when he plays to his potential.
  9. Yowza! This is the Jarry i remember. I hope the Pens play him in the next 3 too.
  10. Like Ender's Game... don't just win the first fight - win all the next ones, too.
  11. We might have gotten away with too many men there.
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