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  1. realmdrakkar

    Kaiton on the chopping block?

    Or even better, add another freaking station or two. If the intent is to be a 'regional' team (which calling themselves Carolina instead of Raleigh would imply), then why can only those within an hour or so or Raleigh listen on terrestrial radio (it's not much better going west than it is going east)? That's perhaps the main reason i don't fret too much over possibly losing Kaiton - i was in Goldsboro (east of I-95) and then moved to Greensboro (west of 99.9's signal), and now i'm in Charlotte, so i've never been able to listen to him call games anyway.
  2. realmdrakkar

    Kaiton on the chopping block?

    Unless Forslund is going national so Chuck K is going to join Tripp on the tube. Eeek...
  3. realmdrakkar


    If Ryan is re-signed, IMO it has to be as the 13th forward who can jump in when there's an injury or when someone is being held accountable and *ahem* sat out for a game, and otherwise he sits in the pressbox. While i want to see, for instance, Foegele make the team next year, i don't want it to be as the guy who spends half the season in the pressbox. I'd rather give him another season in Charlotte than waste him as a healthy scratch. Let someone like Ryan play that role.
  4. realmdrakkar


    Finn + goaltender = win, and it doesn't matter how unpronounceable the name is.
  5. realmdrakkar

    Stanley Cup Discussion

    Some would have said about the Winnipeg crowd and a Vegas win.
  6. realmdrakkar


    Leonardo Genoni? 30 y.o., undrafted in the NHL. Plays for Bern SC in the Swiss league.
  7. realmdrakkar

    2018 NHL Draft

    This. Tkachuk would be great but someone out there would give 3 of him for a Dahlin. If Buffalo takes Svech, take Dahlin and run. Fast.
  8. realmdrakkar


    Pesce is my favorite Hurricane but it would be time to commit Murray to the looney bin if he made that trade.
  9. realmdrakkar

    Off-Season 2018

    Just as long as Marcoux doesn't come back...
  10. realmdrakkar


    Geekie is intriguing, no doubt. That said, i'd just as soon have kept Ladd in the first place, all told.
  11. realmdrakkar


    They had the 'Skins and Finns' thing going for a while as well. Probably a better fit than 'Skinners and AHLers'.
  12. realmdrakkar


    I'll give you Williams but i don't remember too many instances of Skinner and TT being on even strength lines together. Mostly i remember Skinner being paired with PDG or a cold-from-injury Stempniak on the other wing and yeah, i'll include Stemp along with PDG in pointing out Skinner didn't have much on the other wing to help him out. You did mention Ryan as well, though, and i'll definitely point to that little setup as much of the problem. Maybe he had a few games with better linemates, but playing the bulk of the season with Ryan and PDG/injuredStempniak isn't going to give anyone their best numbers.
  13. realmdrakkar


    This doesn't tell me anything other than PDG was an adequate-at-best linemate for Skinner, just like pretty much every other linemate Skinner had was adequate-at-best. Pointing at PDG as one of Skinner's better linemates really kind of confirms his linemates were the problem.
  14. realmdrakkar


    Half a heartbeat but yeah, i don't think he's going anywhere. As far as Peters not playing physical players, playruff, i don't think he had much choice in the matter - i think his GM wasn't willing to bring in the players he wanted. Personally i don't think he had much choice in any personnel decisions.
  15. realmdrakkar


    I don't know much about Barrie but based on his stats, i can see where they're coming from - he's been their top-scoring defenseman for the past 3 seasons and bottom 3 on the team in +/- over those same years. No different than some of us thinking we can trade Faulk for something big, and they're even postulating including a draft pick with him. It's of absolutely no interest to me of course because i like my defensemen defense-first, but in the world of offensive defensemen, he definitely looks like a better option than Faulk. But for Slavin, nah...