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  1. Those were earliest ones, as far as i know.
  2. If Francis could sign unlimited contracts maybe, but there is a limit and unless i'm mistaken he can only sign one more. Sign Jagr and that's it. I'd rather have that cushion, small as it is, to bring in someone else in October if the need arises.
  3. This. If the Hurricanes had the top 6 nailed down and needed to fill the 3rd and 4th lines, i'd be calling Jagr myself to get him here. But they don't - it's the top 6 that they need to nail down, and while a 25 y.o. Jagr fits the bill perfectly, a 45 y.o. Jagr does not. It would be cool - crazy cool - to have Jagr here. But things being what they are, he doesn't fill this team's needs and would actually be one 3rd/4th liner too many.
  4. I'm going to have to do better getting to Chex games this year...
  5. Unfortunately the best guy we had at planting himself in front of the goalie was soon diagnosed with MS. Not saying that would have been enough to give the Canes league-best power play by any means, but i do think it would have been better and i'm sure RF saw that as a possible benefit to that trade. Chalk that up as a need he tried to fill but that powers out of his control stymied.
  6. No way Brind'Amour gets fired vs being moved elsewhere in the organization, but agreed - if the PP doesn't improve, i see him being moved before Peters. Now if the PP leads the league but the team still goes 0-for-October, then Peters might want to start cleaning out his closets for one of those pre-emptive garage sales.
  7. I'm just high because we are 5 years from the next lockout. Sale or not, playoffs or not, Ovi to the Olympics or not, the NHL season will begin in a couple months. Someone grab me a Zima. I won't drink it because i smuggled in a couple mini-bottles of Cinerator that i will drink instead, but someone grab me one anyway...
  8. Basketball is in the Summer Olympics and the NBA pretty much shares the same exact season as the NHL, right? If they can have one in the summer, i don't see why they can't have the other there as well. And of course the World Cup blah blah is already done during the summer, yes?
  9. There's certainly a desire for scoring from the blueline, but if Nylander's growth continues then i feel quite certain his 61+ points will help us recover from losing the 37 points Faulk has added each of the past 2 seasons. Problem is there's no guarantee Nylander won't fall back to Earth next season (there never is in hockey) and Faulk did seem to find his defensive game after the trade deadline. In Ronnie i trust, though, and if he felt the trade would help the team then i'd be all for it. I don't see it happening, mind, but Nylander in a Canes sweater would be a big addition to our front line.
  10. If 39, 39, and 45 points over the past 3 seasons is the 2.0 to Boychuk's season highs of 31 games and 9 points, then that's a big enough jump that we could perhaps go ahead and warm Aho up for 3.0 honors. I'm not saying Lindholm is HOF material but i'd say he's a considerable jump over Boychuk. Agreed however, picking up where he left off last season would be very reassuring to everyone who had higher hopes for him.
  11. They've won 2 straight cups and his 'win now at the expense of the future' hasn't started running down the other side of the hill yet as they'll compete again this year. Betcha he books before it starts to catch up with them.
  12. Considerably better i think, but not as 'cute'. So <5000.
  13. My parents took me to my first hockey game when i was 4 and i was hooked for life. I have no clue if the team even had a mascot - if they did, i paid it no attention. I don't think they had cheerleaders either. It was the sport that hooked me. But <5000.
  14. Your sentence preceding the article tells us all we need to know. That said, the sentence "Knowing that Rutherford likes to bring back old faces and keep a good relationship with past co-workers, couldn’t you see Kessel becoming a Carolina Hurricane?" makes no sense. What would Kessel becoming a Hurricane have to do with Rutherford bringing back old faces? Unless that sentence pertains to the accidental omission of the payment for Kessel, that being Jordan Staal going back to Pittsburgh. Which i can see Rutherford doing. Francis meanwhile would be reaching for a towel to clean up his keyboard after spitting coffee all over it. Not happening. Next... Yes, i know there's nothing to see here but it's July and there's nothing else to talk about, so there.
  15. Is Curtis Joseph still in the fold or has he sailed?