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  1. Character problems or not, he wouldn't be on my roster tomorrow under any circumstances either. How many games now has he started and not finished for any multitude of reasons? Of course it's always a possibility that any player in the lineup may not finish a particular game, but it's such a stock part of Ferland's time here that there's no way i risk it in a game 7. We win and he's ready to go in game 1 against the Isles, he's in, but there's too much at stake tomorrow. Suit up, Bishop...
  2. "Canes are on the run." Seriously? The Canes haven't even started walking yet tonight. They're still crawling around in their crib.
  3. Great, we suck again. Well at least we don't have to win in Washington to win this series. Um, no, disregard that last sentence. Not the first one, though.
  4. We're outshooting them 9-1 this period? I wouldn't have known had they not said it. Oh great, we're getting another power play.
  5. TVR actually showed up to play. Not sure any of our other skaters did. Gotta win a game in Washington if you want to continue this, guys. You haven't proven that you do.
  6. The Caps will take every crap call they can get because they know the Canes won't do anything with any of them.
  7. Patrick Sharp totally looks like a puppet from a Christmas special.
  8. I'm not sure i even realized Holtby was playing. I'm not sure Holtby even realized Holtby was playing.
  9. All of our skaters should probably be credited with 0:00 ice time that period - none of them showed up for it.
  10. I'm sure they didn't miss it. They just choose not to call it.
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