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  1. To Trade, or not to trade

    I don't see it happening but if it could, where do i sign up?
  2. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Yeah, i'd have to say those 9 years with no playoffs speak pretty loudly in any discussion about spending or not spending money on a hockey team. If the Hurricanes are coming off a Cup year then yeah, but with no playoffs in so long it's pretty obvious what the result of not spending is.
  3. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    If we can't trade Ward because Darling can't handle it, then the Emperor has already won. That boy is our only hope. And no, there is not another...
  4. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    And Hanifin even got in on it once. I was happily shocked.
  5. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    Late to this, but if we do that and are scored on, we lose the loser point.
  6. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    That's the way you defend the pass on a 2-on-1.
  7. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    Liking (our) Fleury's game tonight.
  8. You want the whole list, or just the top 10?
  9. And i'd surprised if it happens today, while the team is traveling from California to Nevada. As hot as the VGKs are, somehow i'm not too optimistic about tonight. I'm kind of torn on tonight, though, really. You never want to see the Canes lose, but if they win tonight i have this fear Francis wipes his forehead and whews and doesn't make any moves after all. But at the very least once they get past tonight, we need to see a couple Checkers shuffled up. We really need to see more than that, but something that shows Francis still has a pulse is the bare minimum that needs to happen.
  10. Some of us have been wanting to see Rask with Skinner and Williams. There you go.
  11. You know what i like about Anaheim's sweaters? I can still read the numbers on television. I hope if/when the Canes go back to black sweaters, they will consider white numbers, because that red on black was tough to read.
  12. I missed the third one... another rough one? We knew this road trip would be tough, but damn. Time for some soul searching from Francis. I still believe he's accomplished a lot of good, but he still must confront Vader. And it needs to happen soon.
  13. 'Course it would have been nice had Darling been able to bail him out, same as with the first goal. Defense didn't do him any favors on either goal, but sometimes you have to step up in those cases.
  14. Ooh, that was a tough one from Fleury.
  15. All right, no eggs this period, guys.