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  1. I wouldn't cry if we did.
  2. The only reason i can imagine is that he's a righty. That and the fact the majority of our defensemen weren't eligible to be taken anyway. I mean the only defensemen we left exposed were Dahlbeck, Robertson, Samuelsson, and Tennyson. Dahlbeck is a lefty, Tennyson is obviously not on Peters' trusted list, and Samuelsson's only here because of his father anyway (and is a lefty), so there really isn't anyone else we would have used that protect for. However valuable Murphy may or may not be, i don't think Robertson (also a lefty) is any more valuable.
  3. Well it did say 'subject to change', and 'change' could be nothing more than X-GM calling and saying 'yo bro, i'll give you a free subscription to People if you'll give me Murphy'. It could all be posturing, sending a bit of a signal that he values the defensive unit he's built so that he gets good value if he does trade one.
  4. I didn't watch Chicago last season with the exception of the Canes games. Is van Riemsdyk really an upgrade over Tennyson? I like more aspects of Tennyson's games than i dislike; he was actually the only one who looked good to me paired on the 3rd with Hanifin.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. My best guess is it's the 7 who suited up in the NHL last season - Slavin, Pesce, Hanifin, Faulk, Dahlbeck, van Riemsdyk, Murphy... everyone else is untested and probably wouldn't bring the return they could with a few NHL games under their belt.
  6. I've seen similar sentiment in a couple other places today. Regardless, we just got a 3RHD who's an upgrade over Murphy and who cost all of our 3rd of 3 2nd-rounders. We all knew Tennyson wasn't going to be back. I'll still take it.
  7. I'm with KJUN. Masterfully played so far, and if it's over and done and everything has already been made public, then RF pulled a major coup. I'm just not holding my breath on there not being some detail we haven't heard about yet, because it all seems too good to be true. And in my experience anything that seems too good to be true...
  8. Actually 23 games, but 1 whole goal and 4 assists to show for it. Agreed, there has to be more to this. The answer to now 13 pages of this thread can't simply be 'Connor Brickley and a 5th'.
  9. Creed do go hand in hand with Nickelback and Seether, i must say. I continue to dig the new sweaters. Perhaps they didn't knock it out of the park, but they at least got a man on base, something they didn't manage with the last redesign.
  10. All the discussion for the past year about expansion draft this, expansion draft that, who are we going to protect in the expansion draft, RF's hands are tied because he has to consider the expansion draft, with an expansion draft here and an expansion draft there, here an expansion draft, there an expansion draft, everywhere an expansion draft, you gotta fight for your right to expansion draft, we all live in a yellow expansion draft, i'm not going to pay too much for this expansion draft, another brick in the expansion draft, make expansion drafts great again... Connor Brickley. Almost makes all our concern and speculation fairly comical, no? Connor Brickley. Next...
  11. That's what i say every time somebody tells me they like Nickelback or Seether.
  12. It's almost like they still didn't want the flags but the fans kept clamoring for them so they brought them back halfway. I can dig it. The Wild and Oilers are bloody awful. Golden Knights disappointing... as much as i like their logo i thought they could have done much better with the colors. Panthers and Avalanche remain sharp.
  13. I'd prefer black over 'secondary red', but "wahhhhh!", right? Works for me!
  14. In the comments, people seem to think the flags are back. If so, i can take anything else they're throwing at us. Though really, who are we kidding? Even if they don't have the flags and only added black stripes and borders, they're less bland than the previous eyesores.
  15. You know, saluda26 is probably right. I'm sure quite a few of us have scoured the roster and i'm probably not the only one who looked through the first round draft prospects or some of the big name FAs or trade fodder, and nothing looks right. Simple and precise... i'll bet that's it.