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  1. Everblades win 7-4. On to the next... http://www.naplesnews.com/story/sports/hockey/everblades/2017/04/26/echl-hockey-blades-beat-bears-game-7-complete-comeback/100877286/
  2. And that's it. The Everblades advanced tho.
  3. Not even sure i realized they still covered hockey at all, to be honest. Haven't watched that network in years. Hopefully all 3 of them will find employers who give a crap about what they write about.
  4. Except taking the game to overtime doesn't mean diddly this time. Show 'em how it's done, kids...
  5. Well that's no good... Wallmark scores to give the Chex a 1-0 lead, then the Wolves take over and win 5-1. On to tomorrow...
  6. I'd be curious about the source. I wouldn't go that far with the checkbook, but i could certainly see throwing some money his way. He outscored and outgoaled every Hurricane not named Skinner, and while of course he was the beneficiary of playing with better linemates than Skinner, he could still bring some serious firepower here. And a natural RW, no less. You want an immediate top-line RW to either replace or displace Stempniak, pow. Bring in a comparable ~60-point center to put between Skinner and Oshie and i'm already feeling pretty darned good about the state of our forwards.
  7. Where do i sign up?
  8. By way of comparison, Lack's stats from 2014-15. Sv% Low Danger Sv% Medium Danger Sv% High Danger Sv% 92.09 98.12 93.35 79.23
  9. Leighton had surgery - though darned if i know what kind of surgery - in mid-March and was expected to miss 4-6 weeks. He's back but as the backup because McCollum has been doing well and because he's likely a little cold. Their stats in Charlotte are comparable.
  10. I would actually presume Calgary doesn't see McCollum as their answer, else they would have kept him in Stockton and loaned Charlotte one of the other guys. Which, along with what i saw last night, tells me he's not the next big thing. He wasn't bad by any means, but he looked like a solid AHL goaltender facing the likes of Ty Rattie and giving Adam Musil his first career AHL goal. I'd have to think he'd be fairly cheap, though, for the same reason. But if RF were to honestly target him and bring him in, i don't think we'd be any closer to solving our goaltending issues than we are now.
  11. He was behind and a little to the left of you... that pic was taken from the exit in section 123. We were in 123 row G, in the area where F is the front row behind the benches and the Chex entrance doorway. If they can eke out a couple more wins, we'll probably take in a game next series as well.
  12. Also in the house tonight. Hopefully he saw more than i did from some of these guys. Despite living in Charlotte for 2 years now this was the first hockey game i've attended since the last lockout, so i'm sure with a larger sample size i'd have more insight. At times McCollum looked like someone we needed to try to pry from Calgary, while he looked quite human at others. On defense i was more-impressed with Carrick and Chelios, and probably even Robertson, than i was with Fleury and McKeown. Samuelsson was on par with Fleury and McKeown, i thought. McKeown was the only righty on the blue line, though, so his stock rises because of that (Samuelsson and Chelios both played on their off-sides). Nothing about any of them, however, screamed out 'i'm ready for Raleigh' IMO. Up front, nobody really showed anything we don't already know about them. Bean, Tolchinski, and Kuokkanen did not play.
  13. Expansion draft covered. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/hurricanes-dahlbeck-agree-to-terms-on-one-year-deal/c-289000422
  14. It kind of goes both ways, though. I mean they pretty much let Eichel and the hockey community at large know from day one that he wasn't the guy they wanted. I figure it would be hard to not be at least a tiny bit bitter over that.
  15. Where the heck did that television coverage come from? In any case i'll be in the house tomorrow to try to cheer them to a similar outcome. Playoff hockey in North Carolina just seems odd somehow. Hmmm...