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  1. It's often the flashy guys who are noticed more while the 'solid and steady' guys blend into the crowd - i'll call it the 'Pesce Effect' with him rarely being mentioned around the league in discussion of Hurricanes defensemen - and admittedly that could be part of my opinion of Brown as he's really never done anything good or bad to stand out in my eyes. He does play a similar game to Bishop, but Bishop just has a way of making himself be noticed even when he's simply playing the 'solid and steady' game. But Bishop being injured is obviously the clincher (he was apparently 'hit in the eye' on the opening faceoff of a game in late March, and i haven't been able to make it to a game since then due to 'real life' events). I expect you're right in Vellucci steering this call up so i'll follow you guys' lead in trusting this one. I'm still skeptical, mind you, but i'll also be the first to speak up if he has a great game. Here's hoping.
  2. Nope. I've seen him play multiple times in person this season and the previous 2, and he's never done anything to impress me and show me he's ready for the jump, whereas Bishop has in spades. He hits the ice and has a good game then i'll smile and nod and tell you you were right after all, but until then i remain unimpressed. That said, i looked up Bishop based on bebop's post and it appears he is injured, so that's that... good reason not to give him the call. I'll shut up now...
  3. I can certainly see that, but if that's the case, then again why not Bishop? He's shown us a lot more than Brown ever did. Again, i'm open to changing my mind, and i hope he shows me enough that i will, but so far i rank him up there with other sure-fire prospects such as Bryan Rodney and Tim Conboy. Not exactly the next big thing.
  4. With all due respect, Brown? Really? I'm open to having my mind changed but if there's any call-up the Canes could have made that screamed out 'warm body', Brown is the one. Bishop would have been a way better choice, if you ask me. But then again so would Cliff Pu... (yes, i know Pu is gone, but that doesn't change my point. sheesh...)
  5. Ovi was sitting in the box during that fighting major with ice on his fist, and he wasn't overly noticeable for the rest of the game after that. While i truly doubt it, i wonder if he did perhaps come out of that fight the worse for wear as well, albeit to a much-lesser extend than Svech, of course.
  6. Saku goes in before they call up a second player.
  7. I can wager a guess that begins with the Canes having a #8 on the ice Thursday.
  8. Probably should have named Ovechkin one of the 3 stars - he was the one who woke the team up. Thanks man.
  9. Biased officiating or not, yeah, they had to call that.
  10. But he can take a couple periods off in multiple games. I respect your thoughts on this but mine won't change.
  11. Well you got your one period out of him tonight. Enjoy.
  12. I do like Ferland but someone, either him or the coaching staff, is definitely making some wrong decisions if he's still dealing with the nagging shoulder and still playing. How many games has he played one period (not counting Saturday) and sat out the rest because of that shoulder? This is at least the fourth. He should have had about a month off so that thing could heal.
  13. So he can play one period and then tell Brind'Amour he can't go any longer? No thanks.
  14. Ferland can't keep missing the rest of the game every time he has a fight or lays a solid hit. He needs to be back next period.
  15. If it were the other way around, we'd have an ejection. You know i'm right...
  16. Had the Canes shown up like this in the first 2 games, they wouldn't be down 2 games to none. Keep it up, guys.
  17. Always does. I'm just glad the Canes did too.
  18. Be ready to play when the puck drops, guys. No more giving them a head-start.
  19. I'm kind of pulling for Vegas as well but we all know the ex-Pen known as Fleury will always get the call over a lowly Shark. No way was that interference. I don't remember NHL officials sucking this badly when i was a kid, but they've certainly gone downhill since then.
  20. Had the Canes shown up for 60 minutes in these games, they'd have won them both. Show up from puck drop Monday and i like their chances. Still love to see Wilson, Niskanen, and Nosepik knocked into October.
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