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  1. Yep. Faulk's real value is 2 years in the past. I'd expect more than Pu for him, if for no other reason than because we can negotiate with 15 teams instead of apparently 1, but with 1 year left on his contract, 2 years removed from being an All-Star, and 2 years removed from his 15-16-17 goal seasons, i think the Canes would be lucky to get a 3rd-liner for him. Either that or a decent scorer who is also in the last year of his contract.
  2. It's interesting, but IMO they lose a lot of credibility with the '(Pesce) isn't the catch teammate Dougie Hamilton would be'. They obviously view 'catchiness' in defensemen very differently than i do.
  3. Another token Finn who hockeydb doesn't even know the position for and only has one game listed there... http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=223718
  4. When does Luke Hughes enter the draft? If the Leafs stink up the joint enough next year to push our pick to 2021 and then stink it up again next season enough to get a lottery pick...
  5. We're just blindly drafting guys from the US National Under-18 at this point...
  6. The '2019 NHL Draft' Twitter seems quite impressed with our drafting.
  7. Rutherfart drafted a guy from the Drakkar. I'm very understandably annoyed by this. I hope the kid snubs them
  8. The Carolina Panthers even confuse the NHL to the point where they think Carolina Hurricanes = Florida Panthers...
  9. Anyone know anything about Hugo Leufvenius? I was looking up Jamieson Rees who had 32 pts in 37 with Sarnia; meanwhile Leuf was their leading scorer with 81 pts (37g) in 66 games. I'm only seeing his numbers, but they're attractive...
  10. I think the NHL got their wires crossed and put the Panthers instead of the Canes.
  11. I think we all wanted to see the Canes trade some picks, but i also think we all wanted those trades to be either up or for players, not down for additional picks...
  12. The draft is a lot more-interesting when we're picking near the top. I'll take the snoozefest this time around with a smile on my face.
  13. I doubt it too, but i'd take it. Size is nice but goals tend to win games, i think...
  14. I tend to agree here. Given this team's history, if you're going to overpay anybody, these are the guys to overpay - unless they're wanting deals like the ridiculous deal JR gave Ward so many years ago. The sky isn't falling yet but this team can't go into next season hoping Ned and Darling can replicate M & M's success. If DW can't resign Mac or Mraz then he needs to find a proven NHL starter to throw on the ice - no more wing and a prayer.
  15. I'd love to have Nylander on the Canes. No thanks.
  16. Blackhawks have trade talks with Hurricanes about defensemen, per report https://www.secondcityhockey.com/2019/6/15/18680009/chicago-blackhawks-nhl-trade-rumors-2019-hurricanes-justin-faulk-calvin-de-hann-dougie-hamilton?fbclid=IwAR1VQOSbz_b7kjVX6vCC5ETLnjMX1EM2MSZR6C4LESt3tWA7yKE7jLhkcQs
  17. Anyone who had issues with Skinner's lack of 2-way play is going to pull their hair out over Kuokkanen... there were a couple games i saw this season where i'm not sure he ever made it into the defensive zone. Maybe it had something to do with his injury? If not, the kid is cherry-picker central. Hopefully he'll pick it up a bit but if that's where his game is now, i wouldn't hold my breath over Brind'Amour giving him a lot of ice time.
  18. It always left me scratching my head how some people (not on this board necessarily - i still make the mistake of reading the Hurricanes page on Facebook as well) dissed Skinner's lack of defense yet were perfectly happy with Faulk's lack of defense as long as he was scoring - when Faulk was the defenseman of the two. That said, i'm in full agreement that he turned things around this season and had a solid (not necessarily perfect, but solid) defensive season. And what ever sparked that, i'm happy about it. That said, a D-for-F trade, presuming the Canes are still looking for one, probably won't bring much back if the only defenseman anyone's willing to give up is Fleury. This summer's going to be fun...
  19. Karlsson is ~2.5 years older than Wallmark and his numbers ~2.5 years ago were pretty comparable to where Wallmark's are now. He followed that up with 67g/67a over the past 2 seasons. Wallmark had a decent season, did his part in helping the Canes reach the conference finals, and will likely take another step next season, but straight up i don't see him becoming another Karlsson. Love to be proven wrong but if the Canes could snag Karlsson, i'd be all in.
  20. I'll believe it when i see it. Kessel himself, i'm indifferent. I don't much know anything about him off the ice, but i expect he'd help the team on. If he does and doesn't make waves off, i'm good. I still want Duclair, but that's just me. For the record, i'd probably make the Fleury for Puljujarvi. I don't think Fleury sticks here and i'd be good with seeing what PoolParty can do with Aho and TT. Unless we re-sign Pottsy in which case i try him there.
  21. And Brind'Amour pretty much said 'Necas is next' and 'one at a time'. If Pottsy stays, i'll bet he still doesn't get a sniff.
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