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  1. Well i sure picked the wrong game not to be able to watch.
  2. I won't be able to watch tonight but i did make it for half the game last night, which puts me a half-game up on a few of the Hurricanes. Perhaps some of those will show up for half a game tonight to even up the odds. Maybe even the full game, man that would be nice. Enjoy the game tonight, everyone, and i'll be back with my words of wisdom tomorrow.
  3. I don't trade away anything potentially useful in the future in hopes of supplementing a playoff run for that cast of clowns i watched last night. It's the exact opposite for me now - if any moves are made, sell off the square pegs for picks/prospects. The team i watched last night doesn't need to be a buyer.
  4. On the bright side, PDG, Fox, and Gaut probably aren't regretting things too much right about now.
  5. In order to play again, they would have had to have played in the first place. They didn't, though, so they should be plenty fresh for tomorrow.
  6. The Canes are playing a divisional opponent beneath them in the standings - we all pretty much expected this.
  7. I'll give him credit for trying to quickly get back into position after being so badly out of position, anyway.
  8. I thought Friday games were at 7:30 now.
  9. I'd be content with a Checkers night as well considering the Chex also do a Hornets night. Maybe i've just missed it, but i've never seen any evidence of the Hornets doing anything similar for either team.
  10. I think i mentioned this already, but when pray tell do the Hornets have Hurricanes night?
  11. This. Truthfully i think the system wasn't broken when every game was worth 2 points, they went into a 5-on-5 OT if there was a tie after 3, and they called the game a tie if nobody scored in OT. But if they want to change things up, fine... just make every game worth the same number of points. 3-2-1 would make more sense than the current system.
  12. Petry doesn't interest me in the slightest. I'd rather give Bean and/or McKeown another shot.
  13. I'm not particularly expecting a McKeown call-up, but if the Canes don't give him a chance this season, i think the kid owes it to himself to look elsewhere. The fact they have Gardiner and TVR stinking up the ice game-in, game-out while they have a dependable stay-at-home defenseman ready to jump in makes no sense to me. I don't know what more the kid can do.
  14. Granted i've only made it to a couple Chex games this season, but i did see quite a few last season and truthfully, even with the production i never saw much about Gauthier that stood out to me - kind of like despite their production, neither Boychuk nor Terry ever stood out to me either. He obviously wasn't in the team's plans going forward else he would have gotten another look or two. Kind of a ho-hum trade to me, really.
  15. I'm not seeing it on anyone either. Not sure i see the logic of not giving an alternate A during the interim.
  16. I should know this but i'm a bucklehead or something... who is the second A while Martinook is out?
  17. The ACC mumble-rap commercial wasn't enough so now they've added a Hornets mumble-rap?
  18. First game i've been able to watch in real time in what seems like ages. Hoping for a good one.
  19. When did Mrazek start wearing that awful mask?
  20. What is a 'David Tepper'? I just had to look him up to see who he was.
  21. It didn't hit me until tonight, but Jamie McGinn left the Chex after 2 games earlier this season because he'd signed a PTO with the Blues, and he wasn't playing Tuesday. I looked him up, and he was cut by the Blues without playing a single game and is now an UFA.
  22. You list 4 very important questions. I wish i felt more-confident at least one of them would happen.
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