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  1. Some of the improvement will simply come from a few of our players being a year older. But on the flipside, a few of our players will be a year older - won't be long before Williams and McElhinney are getting custom walkers with skate blades on them so they can move around the ice. As much as i like all of the McKeggs and Bishops, those guys are a dime a dozen. We need to let about half of them go and bring in that elusive top-6er that we look for year in and year out... so what else is new? Meanwhile i'd once again be content for any 2 of Mrazek/Mac/Nedl, but if we can get Bobrovsky, let's do that instead, yes? Just no more Ward/Lack/Darling. Oh, and new special teams...
  2. Yeah, he does one unit and Carrick the other. At least at the games i made it to.
  3. Might be where he took that shot off his foot. I was surprised he came back after that during the game.
  4. Just as long as he keeps his toothpaste out of the damned penalty box.
  5. Fleury is a warm body in the NHL, and sadly he isn't much more than that in the AHL. Personally i'd have just as much if not more confidence in Carrick, Didier, or probably even McKeown right about now. Hell, in the last couple games i saw JWesley play on his callups from Florida, even he's impressed me more than Fleury.
  6. Absolutely, and for 2 periods the Canes showed they could be as well. The last period of Game 1 and the first 24 minutes today, not so much (i stopped watching that cacophony at that point so i can't speak for the rest). The Canes can do it, but they have to show up for 60 minutes a night or forget about it. I only made it for 24 minutes today and that was a good 20 more than i saw out of anyone in white. It's crunch time, kids.
  7. Not that i know of. Mind you i don't know any other Hurricane player who is playing, either.
  8. I knew as soon as i saw it was an afternoon game that the Canes wouldn't show up from the start. Hopefully they decide to play hockey in the second or they'll have to come back at home like they did against Washington.
  9. I don't have any issues with the chant, myself. Premature? Maybe, maybe not, but i'm not sure i see any harm in it.
  10. Possibly, but by that point the Canes had nothing to lose. And had they waited, they probably wouldn't have been able to pull him because someone else would have taken a stupid penalty. Agreed some of the officiating was questionable, but it has been throughout the entire playoffs in every series, so why should it be any different now? And the Canes did get away with some, so it's not like it was all one-sided. When your own lack of discipline makes Marchand look like a fine upstanding gentleman, which it did tonight, you're asking to spend time in the box. The Canes got what they asked for tonight.
  11. It was, until the third. We had this. Say what you want about Marchand, but had the Canes been as disciplined as he was, they'd have won this game. On to the next.
  12. This. Just do it in such a way that it doesn't end his night.
  13. They can win the Cup without having to face the Washington Capitals on their way out of the East. Never mind that they have to face the team that did face the Capitals, and disposed of them. They can win the Cup without having to face the Pittsburgh Penguins. Never mind that they have to face the team that swept the team that swept the Pens. Anything can happen in this series. It can go to double-OT of game 7. The Canes can sweep the Bruins. The Bruins can sweep the Canes. Best-case scenario, of course, is that the Bruins players feel the same way as that writer. If they do, it would certainly work in the Canes' favor. Bring it on, either way.
  14. Let me call Mike Bales and see what he thinks, and then i'll let you know what i think.
  15. I'm just hoping if we end up playing Sunday that it's a night game and not one of their crazy afternoon things because i won't be able to watch it if it's afternoon. Considering me of little faith thought we'd be done 3 weeks, though, i won't whine too much if it is.
  16. I have enough extra to cover you. Happy wife, happy life.
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