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  1. GM Realm would look to trade Fleury before McKeown, but then GM Realm would have had McKeown in Raleigh last season instead of Fleury as well so what does he know...
  2. To the surprise of absolutely no one, show me he can defend and i'll get excited. Goals from a defenseman are nice, but if he can't defend, he isn't doing his real job. Cam Ward is one of the leading scorers amongst goaltenders in the NHL but that doesn't mean i want to rely on him to stop pucks. Make the cake first and then the goals can be the icing.
  3. I've been telling Mrs. Realm for months that we'd get new whites next season and that they'd be based on the blacks (i'm not ultra-clairvoyant or anything - i'll bet most of you have been thinking it too). That video doesn't reveal much, but it doesn't give me any reason to think i (we) was (were) wrong.
  4. I saw Saarela play a decent number of Chex games and i never saw anything in his game that made me think he was a legit NHL prospect. He scored at the AHL level, but then so did Chris Terry and Zach Boychuk. If he had given the committee a real reason to make a decision, they likely would have made a decision. There's a reason he was rarely the one called up, and that reason had nothing to do with anyone not making a decision.
  5. I followed the Whalers a little back then because the IceCaps were briefly affiliated with them and i remember him being there, but like the Hurricanes now the Whalers were lucky to get one nationally televised game each season, so i can't say for sure i ever saw him play a game. At least that's one question answered. Williams, you're up...
  6. To which i'll continue riding the horse i've been riding all offseason - Williams is doing the team no favors by prolonging his decision. Not saying the Canes would be interested in Puljujarvi anyway nor that they'd necessarily be able to get him, but if they knew Williams was on his way out, perhaps they could be looking at backup plans, Puljujarvi or no. As it is, Williams continues to sit on the pot without doing anything.
  7. And Karmanos' approach gave us umpteen years of Rutherford and a couple runs at Maurice. What's your point?
  8. I freely admit that it's likely because my expectations were so high for Jordan and so low for Jared therefore it was way easier for Jared to meet my expectations, but in those two games Jared actually impressed me more than Jordan. If nothing else, he had 6x as many hits as his brothers combined in the games he played, and in considerably less ice time. Didn't accomplish much else, admittedly, but it was nice seeing one of the Staals willing to throw some hits. Sadly he was gone by the time i got to Charlotte so i can't speak for his time with the Chex.
  9. Be honest - you're trying to gloss over a 'Chicken Little' typo, right? 😄
  10. Admittedly i am (and was from the start) unsure about the deHaan trade as well. I know i can look this up but i'm too lazy to at the moment - who did we get first, Forsberg or Reimer? If Reimer wasn't here yet then i guess i can see the cupboard was looking a little thin after losing McElhinney. DeHaan & Saarela for Forsling, though - that's Skinner for Pu level trading there, if you ask me.
  11. Can he? I don't fully know how it works but i don't see the benefit to going to arbitration to get the Mac-Daddy deal he wants, only to turn around and sign for what the Canes were willing to give him elsewhere because nobody else is willing to pay him $775 either.
  12. The sky fell last offseason because DW was named GM; now it's falling because there's the possibility he's leaving. We have such a fun fan base.
  13. I'm not really familiar with the guy but if he can defend and hit, i don't much care how much he scores. His +/- tends to be lower middle-of-the-pack on his team, which is what i look at more than looking at someone's +/- # in a vacuum. If he had been consistently at the bottom on his team in that stat, i'd be more worried about it.
  14. I might be misremembering, but i really feel like i read things about him in particular, including hesitation to play here at first because he didn't want to wear red. Of course it all may have been kidding as well.
  15. I still remember the press conference announcing Dundon as the new owner and everyone saying Waddell looked uncomfortable because he was going to be out of a job while Peters and Francis would continue with the team...
  16. If i remember the chatter correctly, i think Irbe would be way more-likely to come here to work with a non-Russian than to work with a Russian.
  17. He needs to make up his mind - he isn't doing the team any favors by dragging it out. Crap or get off the pot.
  18. Cullen was on my editlist the day he left the Canes the first time around. Didn't give a crap for him his entire second stint here and still don't. Rutherfart can have him.
  19. Murphy is a great example of the need for defensemen to be able to play a defensively-sound game. A defenseman who can only play an offensive game is missing the most-important aspect to his game; not living up to his offensive billing is a double-whammy. The NHL won't miss him.
  20. It's been a while since you checked. He's 3 years younger than you now.
  21. I have no tattoos because you don't put bumper stickers on a Porsche.
  22. He was a goalie but was a long long way from being Ken Dryden. That in itself could have played a large role in his inability to find solid goaltending - didn't know what to look for because he never had it himself. And when saw one catch lightning in a bottle for a couple months, he gave him the key to the city and moved on to other methods of mortgaging the team's future. Time to make a decision, Willie...
  23. Is there an ordinance saying it has to be white? Yellow has been in the past obviously - not that yellow would work for the Canes but if yellow, why not a silver/lighter grey?
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