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  1. Yep, announced yesterday by both the Panthers and the Checkers. Strangely the Rabbits themselves haven't announced it, but they've always seemed to be a step behind anyway. Swamp Turtles, if you will...
  2. All of the 'ordinary' citizens who have suffered financially through this pandemic, many even losing their jobs and some of those because their employers had to fully lock shop, will certainly sympathize with millionaires not making their full $4.5M this season. We think we have it rough...
  3. One thing that is being totally overlooked is that this jersey program is a gift from the gods for the thousands, if not millions, of Isles fans who have wanted to buy jerseys with the white stripe above the orange one instead of the other way around.
  4. I liked it as well. I mean anything is better than simply throwing the nickname on there diagonally, no? *ahem*
  5. I'm less-than-whelmed, really, but i understand Covid took and is taking its toll on league finances and this program will make every team some money. And while i'm not rushing to grab my wallet after seeing this, at least it doesn't say 'CANES' or 'WHALE' diagonally across the front Rangers-style.
  6. I feel like i was in the minority on it but i liked what Vatanen brought to the ice. I'd love to see him back.
  7. I don't know if he's a bust necessarily, but i certainly haven't missed anything about him.
  8. I'm sure i knew at some point that Aho was older than Laine but i had totally forgotten. I still lean against Laine but he's young enough that if a defensive aspect can still be taught and added to his game, ouch. I'm still not giving Pesce for him, of course.
  9. Not trying to sound ignorant but by Kolvy/Kovy/Kovi, are we talking about Kovalchuk?
  10. Do you mean Nicolas Roy? We traded him to Vegas before last season. Or is there another Roy and i'm confused?
  11. Comfortable 'sitting back and waiting'. We know this about Francis.
  12. https://boston.cbslocal.com/2020/10/30/travis-roy-death-tributes-boston-university-jack-parker-jerry-york-cam-neely-ray-bourque-pete-frates-mike-eruzione/ Damn.
  13. One day we're 'ignoring' the goaltender problem, the next day we're getting goaltenders with the wrong teams on their resumes. I don't know why Waddell doesn't go ahead and put a gun to somebody's but not Toronto's head and force them to trade us their franchise goaltender, for crying out loud.
  14. We lost Forsberg, didn't we? I'm guessing he's his replacement.
  15. Not seeing anything about this yet. I don't know anything about him. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/canes-sign-goaltender-antoine-bibeau/c-319500140?fbclid=IwAR35mQ-ndj74WKBd6j2PlwmnUW-W5ENHpCGSn_FArLgzh_0DNDhh6ZbtWhE
  16. The Canes are changing the affiliate who houses their prospect pool - they aren't changing their prospect pool. Players in Charlotte who were under contract to the Canes will now be in Chicago under contract to the Canes. The players in Chicago who were under contract with Vegas will now be in Henderson under contract with Vegas.
  17. Well i mean the Canes don't have a 'franchise goaltender' for sure, but it isn't like they have two sieves out there either. And, if the scuttlebutt can be trusted, they did make some attempts, which doesn't equate to ignoring. I'm as ready as you are to see them land a long-term dudeman, but the offseason isn't half over. The sky isn't falling yet.
  18. Not sure i've ever been guilty of homer glasses - it's quite well-documented that i've seen less value than most in a fair number of high-rated Canes defensemen from Pitkanen to Faulk to Hanifin to now Gardiner. One of the best stay-at-home defensemen the franchise has ever had, though, man, i wouldn't let him go lightly. I'm a bit concerned about Pesce's string of injuries and hope that isn't going to continue to be a recurring trend, but i can count on one hand the current Canes who i would be less-likely to trade 1-for-1 for Laine.
  19. You are correct; i yield on my statement he was 19 - he turned 20 the summer before.
  20. He also has 1 year left on his extravagant contract compared to 4 on Pesce's way more-economical contract. With equal contracts maybe i don't think he's have to come with a sweetener, but with the contracts as they stand, i stand by my assessment that Winnipeg would be the team needing to sweeten the pot to make it happen.
  21. He was still 19. And please, 'could have' or 'could've', not 'could of'.
  22. They want Pesce for Laine, they'd better be the ones throwing in a sweetener or three, not the Canes.
  23. His takeaway ability was excellent. No, he wasn't the greatest at backchecking and/or guarding our own net, but he's not the only Cane to have ever been guilty of that. What drove me crazy was that he seemed to be held more-accountable for his lack of defense and a certain 'offensive defenseman' or two. To this day the concept of a forward being held more-accountable for defense than a defenseman in the same organization leaves me scratching my head.
  24. I think everyone, including the two co-captains, thought that decision was batdung crazy.
  25. Not a single word of this corroborates Skinner being a 'headcase'.
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