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  1. 49 minutes ago, RickD_99 said:

    LOL...who decided the statute of limitations on HWSNBM is 2 years before we can again start calling him by his real name?


    Wonder what HWSNBN is up to these days? I have this vision of a hung over ex hockey player with an extreme beer belly and a tacky Russian prostitute sitting on each leg...kind of like Thor in Avengers Endgame!



    Alternate captain for his KHL team.

  2. 1 hour ago, remkin said:

    --Ferland will not be back. They did not say that. But basically Rod did. Asked if they needed the type of game Ferland brought he said, we do need that "type" of game (he emphasized type). He then said Michael missed a lot of game in the stretch and in the playoffs and we did not miss a beat. Brind'Amour almost always adds a strong complement to players, even if he calls them out. Not really here. Ferland is out IMO, mark it down. 



    I'll have to listen back, but i thought he said Ferland missed a lot of games and he didn't miss a beat, so i took it differently.  Not listening back right now, though... watching the Chex game.

  3. 29 minutes ago, OBXer said:

    Dougie Hamilton took a puck off his right pinkie finger on Nov. 3 in Vegas, breaking the bone in two at the tip. He played all 82 regular-season games, of course, but he was understandably hampered by the injury in late 2018



    Understandably, but i have to say it was either irresponsible to play a guy with a game-hampering injury instead of letting him heal, or the Canes don't have the defensive depth we think they do.  Which may have been confirmed in the playoffs when the preferred 7th guy was given 3 minutes a night...

  4. 36 minutes ago, surfzone365 said:

    I think we have a good thing going. Tweaks and some reasonable additions/subtractions? Sure! Any major overhauls? Not really unless we get the right fit for the areas of need. Don’t need to make any big splashes for the sake of it. I like the direction we are going but yes, we need improvement in the known key areas.



    Some of the improvement will simply come from a few of our players being a year older.  But on the flipside, a few of our players will be a year older - won't be long before Williams and McElhinney are getting custom walkers with skate blades on them so they can move around the ice.  As much as i like all of the McKeggs and Bishops, those guys are a dime a dozen.  We need to let about half of them go and bring in that elusive top-6er that we look for year in and year out... so what else is new?  Meanwhile i'd once again be content for any 2 of Mrazek/Mac/Nedl, but if we can get Bobrovsky, let's do that instead, yes?  Just no more Ward/Lack/Darling.


    Oh, and new special teams...

  5. 10 minutes ago, surfzone365 said:

    I still think the Caps were/are better than Boston. We can do this.



    Absolutely, and for 2 periods the Canes showed they could be as well.  The last period of Game 1 and the first 24 minutes today, not so much (i stopped watching that cacophony at that point so i can't speak for the rest).  The Canes can do it, but they have to show up for 60 minutes a night or forget about it.  I only made it for 24 minutes today and that was a good 20 more than i saw out of anyone in white.  It's crunch time, kids.

  6. 2 hours ago, Sportsfan-1-2 said:

    I would love for us to win the series in their building, whether it be Game 5 or 7.  That chant last night from the Boston faithful of 'We want the Cup.' really PO'd me.  I hope the Carolina players heard that last night and come out firing on all cylinders Sunday in response to it.  We are resilient that I do know.



    I don't have any issues with the chant, myself.  Premature?  Maybe, maybe not, but i'm not sure i see any harm in it.

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  7. 9 minutes ago, Porter100 said:

    i also thought we pulled Mzar 30-40 too early? Whatta I know.



    Possibly, but by that point the Canes had nothing to lose.  And had they waited, they probably wouldn't have been able to pull him because someone else would have taken a stupid penalty.  Agreed some of the officiating was questionable, but it has been throughout the entire playoffs in every series, so why should it be any different now?  And the Canes did get away with some, so it's not like it was all one-sided.  When your own lack of discipline makes Marchand look like a fine upstanding gentleman, which it did tonight, you're asking to spend time in the box.  The Canes got what they asked for tonight.

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