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  1. Just now, gocanes0506 said:

    I would like to see Geekie get a shot but I doubt it.  Might go 7 defenders with Hamilton being the 12th forward of sorts.  Could bring Bishop as well.



    Full agreement with this post.  7 defenders wouldn't surprise me either with TVR being activated, and if they do call someone else up, Geekie and Bishop are the obvious choices IMO.  I missed both the Friday and Saturday Canes games, though, so i can't really speak for Gauthier's Canes outings.  We pretty much know what Bishop brings to the Canes, while i'd love to see Geekie get a shot.  Kid has the energy and the shot, for sure.

  2. First Chex game of the season for me tonight, 4-1 over Bridgeport.  Pretty chippy for much of the game, particularly Sheppard, Horvat, and Gibbons.  2 goals for Geekie - obviously he was the highlight tonight.  Bishop looked good as well of course, as did Eetu.  No cherry-picking from Kuok tonight - he was getting into the play on both sides of the puck, though he didn't really stand out in doing so.  Schilkey missed an absolute gimme but since he's with Bridgeport now, that was just fine with me.  McKeown looked good when he wasn't in the box but 3 or 4 minor penalties didn't do much to contribute to the win.  Sheppard and Forsling looked good on D while Bean had a rough night outside of about 2 plays - there was definitely a 'Jesus, Bean' moment or two.  Claesson actually looked good as well, while Priskie was mostly invisible.  Forsberg in net and he was solid - allowed one but on a missed assignment from Bean.  3 stars 3 Gibbons, 2 Forsberg, 1 Geekie, 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Canesfanforever said:

    It's times like these  you wish Williams  would step up and say hey , i know Marty is out  for a while but im willing to come back  and help the team  until he comes back and  who knows if i will stay or not .   Just saying . 



    Let's not and say we did.

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  4. 46 minutes ago, MisterDobz said:

    As a non-Carolinian, who watches the games on the nhl ap, which blanks out commercials, I have no idea what this Marley thing is about!?  I saw some thing about Marley drugs, so I googled it but all I came up with was this....




    You aren't missing a thing as far as i'm concerned, this year or last.


    Excellent win!  Wowsers...

  5. I've actually been a little more-impressed by Fleury the past 2 nights than i have at any other point since the Canes drafted him.


    In any case, that Statler and Waldorf bit Tripp just orchestrated made my night.


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  6. 19 hours ago, surfzone365 said:

    Returning to the scene of the crime ( at least Caps fans think so...) Love it! I’ll be there cheering the boys on for another big win in enemy territory!! 🙌🏽




    Looks a lot better than those things i'm seeing on the tube.  Anyway, i'm home and watching.  Stoked, despite the fact those new sweaters look worse to me every time i see them.

  7. 4 hours ago, Canesfanforever said:

    Hey  !   You leave Zach  Boychuck alone ! He Follows me on twitter  !  And probably  everyone on these forums including you  too !  😜🤣  



    He used to follow me back when i tweeted a lot about hockey, but once i got to where i only tweeted about music, he dropped me.  Of course now i haven't tweeted in years.

  8. On 10/3/2019 at 2:44 PM, Canesfanforever said:

    Aye .   He  is s good skater and  has a decent right hand shot , My only issue with him is his  physical play  .  



    Small sample size, but i was impressed with him in a couple games i've seen over the past couple years.  I wouldn't give up what we'd probably have to give up to get him, but if he could be had for say a 3rd- or 4th-rounder, i'd give him a shot.

  9. 1 hour ago, beboplar said:

    Canes made some cuts today:


    F Brian Gibbons
    D Kyle Wood
    D Alex Lintuniemi
    D Roland McKeown
    D Fredrik Claesson



    Bummer.  Granted i haven't been able to watch much of camp this season, based on what i've seen the past 2 seasons i still put McKeown ahead of Fleury, Bean, and Sellgren on the depth chart.  But then that's why i'm just a guy in the stands and not part of the committee.  Hope he doesn't get claimed on waivers but i don't see him clearing.

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