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  1. With all due respect to everyone involved, why are we still rehashing the same arguments about Faulk's play from 2-4 years ago? Last season wasn't divisive enough so we're going to continue to reach back because we miss the old snarky arguments?
  2. Let us get past the September CBA opt-out dates and have the guarantee there won't be a lockout before expansion and i'll start thinking about who i'd want to protect. I have no confidence in these misers.
  3. I'm very disappointed you didn't say 'DiGi will have another GiGi', but maybe next time...
  4. I'm considerably more-impressed with McKeown than Fleury but i'm with you - seems he's never going to get a shot with the Canes. Darned if i can figure out why.
  5. I questioned Brown being called up before Bishop in the playoffs; perhaps the committee saw the same thing i saw and that's why Bishop was the one they re-signed. Lose the battle, win the war...
  6. Doesn't change your point, but it won't be Pot - he signed with Anaheim.
  7. Mine would stay the same, until they get to a point where i'm feeling more-confident about the defense beyond the top 5. Agreed deHaan was making too much money for a 3rd-pairing guy but i'm not feeling it with Forsling/Fleury/McKeown/Bean just yet and i'm still not sure we even have enough defensemen signed to fill 6 slots in Charlotte.
  8. It's a shame half the fanbase gave up on this team when the sky fell on the first day of free agency. They'd really like this move.
  9. I don't remember much hitting from Gauthier last season. If he's going to be ahead of Necas due to physicality, he needs to suddenly add some physicality to his game.
  10. I love Williams but it's time for him to edit or get off the pot - the team needs to know what he's going to do so they can move forward one way or the other. C'mon JW...
  11. I didn't give an edit for him - really he was just another reason for me to hate the Pens. It's a wash though because now i have a new reason to pull against their farm club whenever it visits Bojangles.
  12. I disagree with this completely. Put Defenseman-X out on the ice with Gretzky, Lemieux, Gordie, Lidstrom, and Hasek in their primes and his +/- is going to be very different than if you put him out there with a bunch of scrubs, and Lintuniemi hasn't exactly been surrounded by Gretzkys. That said, he's been a minus player every year he's played, consistently in the lower reaches of the stat on his team. Admittedly i've not seen the guy play, but his numbers certainly look like the kind of defenseman who will drive me bonkers, more concerned with scoring than defending. Give me deHaan or Didier back instead, thanks.
  13. I can't say 'excellent' because as has been pointed out, this team was a couple games away from once again hitting the golf course in April. But they didn't, and whammo. I still shake my head over the Skinner deal, but pretty much everything else has been 'pretty good' or better, I'm a little bummed that it's looking like i may not recognize 3/4s of the Chex when i hit my first game next season (partly due to a couple expected graduations but largely due to so many of the others bolting for apparent greener pastures), but that's life in the AHL. I went with 'pretty good'.
  14. Meh. They finished 3 points beneath us last season and made the playoffs 6 times while we were rolling our decade of futility. Not saying they're the dynasty they were in the '70s but they aren't the Slugs either. Again i'm not saying the Habs were his #1 choice, just saying if i'm coming over from Finland to play in the best league in the world, there are 31 teams i'd want to play for if they waved $42M in my face. Of course i'm just a punter on a message board so maybe i drool heavier over millions of dollars than a professional athlete does, but i'd still have a hard time sitting here with a straight face saying Aho didn't want to play in Montreal, or any other NHL city, when they're willing to stick that much cash in his G-string.
  15. Why not? He'd be stupid not to want to play there if they were the ones willing to pay him. People seem to think athletes only want to play one place and that wanting to play in Montreal means he doesn't want to play in Raleigh and vicy-versy. He'd be crazy to not want to play in both cities.
  16. I actually have that album autographed by Bev - definitely a great band there as well. Roy Wood was awesome.
  17. I don't care for anything since Jeff Lynne decided he was a drummer and cellist and started recording new stuff by his lonesome, but back in the day ELO was my favorite and he and whatever band he has with him still do the old songs incredible justice. Enjoy!
  18. Fair enough. I didn't look up his ice time - the 3 minute thing just stuck in my mind. I'll edit. I do stand by the rest, though. 🙂
  19. I know we're in the Aho discussion but since we're here i'll carry on. Personally i'd be hesitant to move another D-man. Despite what we might think about our defensive depth, RB & Committee felt our 7th guy wasn't ready to play more than 8 minutes a night in the playoffs while the rest of that depth weren't even ready for that. As it is, the roster on the Canes website lists Forsling as the 6th guy. Honestly i haven't seen much of him, but from what i have seen, he's a step or three down from deHaan. We have an injury of any kind (and isn't it already in the cards that TVR will miss part of the season?), and we're dealing with a bottom-6 pairing of 2 of Forsling/Fleury/Bean/McKeown (keep in mind we've lost half of our Charlotte D-corps). Unless another top-6 defenseman is added from somewhere, i'd be very hesitant to trade another of our NHLers. Maybe those guys are ready, but the brass didn't think they were 7 short weeks ago. The Hurricanes website only lists Slavin, Pesce, Hamilton, Faulk, TVR, & Forsling, while the Chex site only lists Bean & Sellgren as signed and Fleury, McKeown, & Carrick as RFAs (though i thought i saw somewhere where Carrick had left as well). deHaan is gone; Robertson is gone; Didier is gone; Renouf is gone; Wesley is gone; Sanguinetti (who none of us want to see back anyway) is an unsigned UFA. We're at the point where we only have 11 guys to fill 12 NHL/AHL spots, much less cover for any injuries.
  20. Anyone bites, he'll never make it to the second period.
  21. If Aho's offer sheet inspires the rest of the team to play their butts off then Montreal did us an even better favor than we realized.
  22. Not necessarily directing this at you, sleek - your post is just the one i chose to quote. Of course Aho wanted to play for a team that was holding a sheet of paper in one hand and over $42M to be given to him over the next 5 years in the other. I expect he would have said the same about any team holding that money at him - i know i would and i'd expect a good chunk of the people here who are throwing him out with the dishwater would as well. Doesn't mean Montreal's his lifelong dream. Doesn't mean he doesn't want to play for the Canes too. Doesn't mean he'd rather play for the Habs than the Canes. Kid wants to play hockey and get paid for it - you think he's going to say 'nah, i don't want to play for you guys'? Pffft. Only thing i'll say about it is that with this kind of money being deposited into his bank account, i hope he doesn't take his regularly-scheduled month at the beginning of the season to get warmed up and that he doesn't go cold again, injury-related or no, a month before the end of the regular season. Not because of any of this with the offer sheet, but because he's now being paid like a 1C and needs to look like one from start to finish. He does that, i'll be smiling and profiling into next summer.
  23. I believe i'm correct in saying if the Canes match, he's stuck in Carolina for the season. If he truly wanted to play for the Habs, them tendering a not-so-big offer sheet is the best way to ensure he doesn't do it this season.
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