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  1. Still in first place before game time. Let's get the win and keep it that way, but maybe in regulation this time...
  2. Small sample size, but we're 1st place in the NHL right now.
  3. You aren't missing a thing as far as i'm concerned, this year or last. Excellent win! Wowsers...
  4. This. It seems to take him a dozen or so games every season to warm up. That's the one hump he has left that he needs to get over.
  5. I've actually been a little more-impressed by Fleury the past 2 nights than i have at any other point since the Canes drafted him. In any case, that Statler and Waldorf bit Tripp just orchestrated made my night.
  6. At some point Svech really needs to have that epiphany where he learns how to not take so many stick penalties.
  7. Pesce looking really good out there against Ovechkin, but we all knew he would.
  8. Kids came to play. I'm loving this.
  9. Love the fact we're throwing our backup out there at them.
  10. Looks a lot better than those things i'm seeing on the tube. Anyway, i'm home and watching. Stoked, despite the fact those new sweaters look worse to me every time i see them.
  11. He used to follow me back when i tweeted a lot about hockey, but once i got to where i only tweeted about music, he dropped me. Of course now i haven't tweeted in years.
  12. Small sample size, but i was impressed with him in a couple games i've seen over the past couple years. I wouldn't give up what we'd probably have to give up to get him, but if he could be had for say a 3rd- or 4th-rounder, i'd give him a shot.
  13. Good news waking up and reading all of this, aside from what appears to be a really bad 2nd. Did they really do a storm surge? I was hoping that would be gone. Ah well, i'm a big boy. Ready for Saturday!
  14. Been out of the country for a couple weeks and won't be back until Saturday so unable to watch tonight. Give them an extra yell or two for me. Hopefully i'm home in time Saturday for the next installment instaalment.
  15. Bummer. Granted i haven't been able to watch much of camp this season, based on what i've seen the past 2 seasons i still put McKeown ahead of Fleury, Bean, and Sellgren on the depth chart. But then that's why i'm just a guy in the stands and not part of the committee. Hope he doesn't get claimed on waivers but i don't see him clearing.
  16. Not to beat the dead horse, but man imagine if the Canes could have gotten that much for more-talented Skinner...
  17. Kuokkanen is Cherry-Picker Central in Charlotte. I don't see him fitting RB's criteria unless he learned to backcheck over the summer.
  18. If Rutherfart were still sitting in the Canes office i'd say you're right, but this isn't your father's Oldsmobile. Our current brass might actually have the guts to give the C to someone for leadership reasons rather than merchandise reasons. I hope so, anyway.
  19. Especially in his contract year - he should bring 110% for a better payday next summer, plus his trade value isn't at its highest due to the contract. I just wonder what happens with this glut of defensemen if he isn't traded. I think it's a given at this point that he and the Canes aren't on the same page going forward, so the focus has to be on players who are here for more than the next season. No matter who gets put on the 3rd-line, if everyone stays then the team is paying someone $4M+ to play on the 3rd-line, which is pricey for a team that actually has a payroll this season. Before Gardiner, it was easy to say let Faulk play out his contract, but now i feel something has to happen.
  20. Gaut didn't do much to impress me last season, but i did like what i saw of his game last night (connection was pretty bad for us so we only saw chunks of the first 2 periods in between bufferings and whatnot and we gave up during the second intermission so we missed the third). If he's ready to grab a spot, i'm ready to watch him take it. Geekie looked good last night as well, but unlike Gaut he did impress me last season.
  21. Shame the sweaters looked awful.
  22. Really. Team Martinook shuts out Team Stamkos 3-0. I'll take it.
  23. They didn't do it for me either. I hope Dundon once again requests black sweaters on the road a lot.
  24. If we get all of the defensemen, nobody else gets any. We win.
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