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  1. I didn't see Tight's post so i can't speak for it, but the NHL certainly made cancelled games a topic of conversation in an 'NHL Playoffs 2020' thread. I'm not going to, mind, but i can see why it would be discussed. Go Canes!
  2. Pittsburgh still had a prospect?
  3. Bartender, i want whatever it is he's having.
  4. You feel this draft is so shallow that the #15 overall has a "small chance of ever making the NHL"?
  5. Hmmm, Kapanen was Rutherford's first draft pick in Pittsburgh. Traded away in the Kessel deal. If i ever knew that i had forgotten.
  6. May have been negotiation by threat. I've tried to keep my eyes open but i haven't seen anything from the Hurricanes, Checkers, Wolves, or Panthers on the subject since that week back in February or whenever it was that the news supposedly broke. Hoping the 'soon make announcement' truly does come soon. I mean it kind of has to by this point, yes?
  7. Reirden fired. https://www.nhl.com/news/washington-capitals-fire-head-coach-todd-reirden/c-318706600
  8. I don't see Pesce being available to him.
  9. Yes and no. It's a valid point, of course, but instead of "Big goal against, big hit, penalty for retaliation, PP, immediate second goal against" we simply ended up with "Big goal against, big hit, no response whatsoever, immediate second goal against". No way to know that would happen either, but man it wouldn't have felt quite so bad had we seen McAvoy leveled between the two.
  10. Not me - can not and will not pull for Marchand. Probably the Bolts for me.
  11. Milbury is probably closer to a -20, but you got my meaning.
  12. People may differ on how good Tripp is, and they may differ on how well Maniscalco compares to John. I think most everybody would agree, however, that Maniscalco + Tripp are infinitely better than John + Milbury.
  13. Tripp's making a statement with that jacket.
  14. Way too long! Yeah, the margin of error is different, but it isn't like the Hurricanes don't belong on the same ice as the Bruins. They can do this - the fact the team have probably only played 3, maybe 4, truly good periods the whole series and still have a win and managed to take another game to double-OT proves it. I just can't help thinking where things could be if instead of only playing 3 or 4 good periods, they'd played a dozen. Heck, with just one more good period Monday they'd be tied up. You're not going to win every period no matter what, but you have to show up for them. And that includes physically, when needed. It's been mentioned that losing Ferland and Maenalanen and bringing in Dzingle and Gardiner didn't help our physical game, and i'm going to second that notion. Contrary to Tripp's recurring statement that everyone wants Tom Wilson, i don't want Tom Wilson - but i wouldn't mind another player or two who can help keep the other team honest. Something to think of for next season, to be sure.
  15. In some ways i agree with you here, while in some i don't. The Bruins are clearly the better team - we knew it coming in and it's been more than verified since then. But these 31 teams are the best hockey players in the world and when the heart is there, any team can compete with any other. The Hurricanes did compete for 2 periods Monday, and then pulled a Rask by closing up shop in the 3rd and doing literally everything they could to show they were ready to go home as well short of announcing it and packing their bags. I say again the response to the McAvoy hit was inexcusable and spoke volumes. Yes, it was a legal hit, but damn it you have to respond to that. Someone should have been in his grill the rest of the night, if not in the box for laying him out. Someone should have been in Chara's grill (or chest protector at least) after the slew foot. But no heart. 'Oh woe is us'. I mentioned just a little bit ago in another forum that without getting on the scoresheet and with a -2, McAvoy won that game for the Bruins Monday. All the Canes had to do was respond and i truly think it would have stemmed the tide and they'd have skated out of there tied at 2 games a piece. But Staal skated off the ice like a little girl and the rest of the team stood off to the side doing nothing. Jeez, one of the guys could have at least shaken his fist at the Bruins from afar, yes? The Bruins are the better team but the Hurricanes can beat them. But they have to want it first. And so far they haven't wanted it badly enough.
  16. Hopefully he's taking time to remind the rest of the team how to stand up for their teammates.
  17. Wish i could blame tonight on the refs, but they simply aren't the reason. Either the Canes don't want it enough, or they simply aren't good enough. Maybe next year.
  18. I never had any issues with Nordstrom. He knew his role and played it well
  19. Props to Gardiner on that one too. You know i don't say that a lot...
  20. I swear every time they show the player graphics in the corner it's a Bruin. Isn't this a Hurricanes 'home' game?
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