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  1. 51 minutes ago, gocanes0506 said:

    Not surprised. Good for him.  We are chocked full



    Personally i'd love to keep him, but i think i may be in the minority on that.  Small sample size but i definitely preferred him over TVR, Gardiner, or the now-gone Edmundson.

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  2. 33 minutes ago, LakeLivin said:

    He said that he carefully considered it, but that it was an easy decision to waive and go to a team that wanted him vs. staying with one who didn't.



    This is why i've never really understood players not waiving NTCs.  If someone's clamoring to get you and your current people are trying to get rid of you, why would you want to stay where you are in the first place?  If he truly said this, then good on him.

  3. 1 hour ago, surfzone365 said:

    I’m not an overly sentimental guy but I wish JF the best. Games won’t quite be the same but I know MM will knock it out of the park in his own way.  Can’t wait for our guys to get back out in the ice, fans or no fans.



    All of this.  MM, if you're reading this, please never use the Gussie line again.

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  4. 1 hour ago, caniac6 said:

    I always E Staal was the kind of player that benefitted from playing with good players. I didn't think he made the players around him better. Crosby could play with a fire hydrant and a washing machine, and they would both be 50 point scorers. E Staal also seemed to have a lot of quit in him. Still, when he wanted it, he could be an elite player. 



    Dude could totally take control of a hockey game, when he was ticked off enough.  Problem is he only did it maybe twice the whole time he was here.  But he did have it in him.

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  5. 1 hour ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    On Dudley, here's what happened. I don't know if you all remember, at the time of Forslund's sayonara, the organ eye zay shun saying that all but two people had agreed to reduced compensation, but given the timing, it's pretty clear who the other one was.



    Quite possible.  I can't imagine he didn't take a cut anyway, unless TD is really cheap.  I can't imagine being an 'advisor' pays as much as his old gig here as Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations.

  6. 31 minutes ago, remkin said:

    Don't push us in that there briar patch. I can only imagine the effect Eric and Jordan playing together, would be interesting to see, then fold in Skinner? I can only imagine.....wait a minute...



    If nothing else i'd imagine Buffalo is now on Jordan's acceptable list.  Truthfully i don't know doody about the Sabres beyond about 4 guys.  Do they have anyone cheaper than Jordan who could free up some salary space but still halfway get the job done?  Of course that question would have been better asked before the Canes let Wallmark go, who could have pretty much plugged-and-played in the same role and nobody would have noticed much difference.  It would have to be more than Pu though...

  7. 1 hour ago, wxray1 said:

    I was pretty harsh on DW in the early days before we knew what we had, and how things run.  JR initially had him strip some of the fan perks, and that irritated me.


    Now we know he has the experience of multiple owner groups and serves as a balance to TD.  Turns out that someone who survives the crazy ownership experience in Atlanta takes away experienced perspectives.



    I still find it humorous thinking back to the press conference introducing TD as the new owner and how BP and RF seemed jubilant while DW seemed very dour and many of us, me included, thinking DW knew he was about to be kicked to the curb.  Ba-dump-bump.

  8. 1 hour ago, gocanes0506 said:

    Lavy to the Capitals.


    so, we’ll see 2 years of a good Capital’s team and then 3 years of okay hockey from the Capitals before he is fired?  

    I’m okay with that trend.



    Maybe, but if you ask me the Capitals just became a threat again, at least for those 2 years.  And just when i was thinking the Canes had put the Caps behind them.

  9. 1 hour ago, KJUNKANE said:

    Might be tempted to purchase a jersey from them, but which name? Guess I need to wait and see who of our group lines up with them?


    Just saw Patrick Brown and Zykov are with them? Wonder how that'll play out for our guys, although I'd guess there'd not be resentment to whomever player, but more so at the organization that "dumped" them?



    They're both Vegas property, aren't they?  I expect they'll move on to Henderson.

  10. 3 hours ago, LakeLivin said:

    Greenville still formally affiliated with both the Canes and Chex according to their twitter account and the official NHL records page. Neither the Wolves nor Panthers list an official ECHL affiliation. I know several NHL teams share ECHL relationships so I'm sure this is nothing new. But I could see it possibly getting a bit convoluted if different entities concurrently want their goalies to get ECHL ice time.  Can't see it being much of an issue for skaters.



    Greenville didn't claim the Chex last season - curious why they would this.

  11. 3 hours ago, Canesfanforever said:

    Francis  never had a fair shake at being gm .



    I fully believe that Francis lost the job when TD came in and gave him the go-ahead to make the team better immediately and Francis proceeded to sit on his hands and preach patience, which is the last thing TD wanted.  Therefore i think Francis totally had a fair shake but blew it.  Learning experience.  Now with a clean slate he can put together the team he wants from scratch, and i do wish him well.  But i do think he had enough control over his situation that had he just made a trade, he may still be here.  In 4 years as GM he didn't make a single player-for-player trade because he was apparently insistent on 'winning' any trade he made and in concentrating on winning the battle, he lost the war.

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  12. 38 minutes ago, gocanes0506 said:

    according to the Wolves' leadership there not be any changes to the Wolves, uniforms, colors, etc.



    I'll be bummed out big time if the Wolves change their look over this.  They've kept the same look for over 25 years through 2 leagues and multiple parent affiliations, as well as a number of years as an independent.  I hate it enough already when they do their putrid 3rd jerseys.  The jersey i'm wearing in my pic - that's all they need.  And the white version i guess, if they have to...

  13. 2 hours ago, gocanes0506 said:

    the fandom in Charlotte is minimal and so is the impact on the bottom line.



    Honestly this is what i see as well, if you're meaning 'Canes fandom'.  The Chex have fans, but i really think as many of them disliked the Canes as liked them.  There might be other areas where this severance will affect things negatively, but i don't think it'll be due to losing a bunch of 'dual' fans.

  14. I haven't been keeping up with the draft prospects at all but if Askarov is the real deal and is available at 13OA, man, take him.  Our prospect pool is looking good and we have a decent number of mid-20s-core-players who will become veterans over the next few years.  I mean if the impossible happens and Lafreniere is still sitting there available (he won't be) then of course you take him, but G is the one position that can turn a contender into a champion and the one position i feel the Canes have struggled with.

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  15. 1 hour ago, KJUNKANE said:

    Toronto fans at it again, or is this a repeat? One is proposing a trade Anderson and Nylander for our 1st, Hamilton and either Jake Bean or Bokk? How condescending but typical? 



    I wouldn't take Anderson/Nylander for our 1st or Hamilton, much less both.  And even mucher less with sweetener on top of that.

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