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  1. Difference between Rask and half the Canes is that his lack of interest led him to go home, whereas the Hurricanes' lack of interest hasn't caused them to take that step yet.
  2. The Bruins didn't 'catch a break' - that's been the plan throughout the whole series.
  3. Wish i could have heard the end of Rod's sentence there as they were cutting away.
  4. Bruins outplayed the Canes for the majority of the game. Lucky to make it to OT, really. Need to put on our big boy pants tomorrow. Big bacon boy.
  5. "What are you looking for on the power play?" Umm, a goal.
  6. We're going to have to start a second game thread for the Hurricanes game.
  7. And what happened to the pictures i was supposed to see this week?
  8. I expect Fleury will be out there warming up as well, prepared to either hit the bench or hit the showers, depending on what Hamilton says.
  9. nhl.com lists the stats from the 'qualifying round' as playoff stats. That's all i need to know.
  10. Perhaps not the best-case scenario for the Rags to get the top pick, but i'd way rather they get it than Rutherfart. Enjoying watching the Pens slowly sink. Swept in the first round of the playoffs last year, 'missed' the playoffs this year. If they're going to get the top pick let's make them earn it, yes?
  11. I'm with you there. I'd be utterly shocked if HCRB sits Gardiner instead of Fleury when the time comes, though.
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