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  1. This. We miss his physical play, but his physical play does us no good if the first hit he makes ends his night. I know i say it a lot, but he ends his night after one period a lot. If he doesn't realistically think he can finish the game, do us all a favor and sit out another night.
  2. Well man, when you're able to bring in Mitch Marner for Dennis Robertson and a pick, i'll vote for you for GM of the Year.
  3. And here i thought he was going to mess up our chemistry when he returned from injury. Dude's probably playing the best he has since becoming a Hurricane. I love it!
  4. But you trade unproven defensemen, you're going to get unproven forwards. We're not going to an All-Star forward for our AHL prospect who hasn't played his first NHL game yet. Gotta give to get.
  5. We totally needed him out there against Nosepik, Wilson, and Niskanen.
  6. Patrick Sharp looks like a puppet from a Christmas special.
  7. Hate to say it, but i'm hoping for no Ferland just yet. I may be jaded, but i think if he plays tonight, he won't be on the bench by the time the second period starts. Let's get a game under our belts before he does that to us again.
  8. Speaking of Tavares, don't you just know Islander fans are loving the way his playoffs turned out compared to theirs?
  9. I'm wearing my black, white, and red 94Z t-shirt. Anyone remember 94Z? Yeah baby...
  10. Caps want to ensure they get out of this period with a 2-0 lead, give the Canes a power play. Ain't nothin' gonna happen now. Prove me wrong...
  11. Thank you for posting this. I've been watching the NBC feed, somehow not realizing I had options.
  12. The one goal was a beauty, though.
  13. Character problems or not, he wouldn't be on my roster tomorrow under any circumstances either. How many games now has he started and not finished for any multitude of reasons? Of course it's always a possibility that any player in the lineup may not finish a particular game, but it's such a stock part of Ferland's time here that there's no way i risk it in a game 7. We win and he's ready to go in game 1 against the Isles, he's in, but there's too much at stake tomorrow. Suit up, Bishop...
  14. "Canes are on the run." Seriously? The Canes haven't even started walking yet tonight. They're still crawling around in their crib.
  15. Great, we suck again. Well at least we don't have to win in Washington to win this series. Um, no, disregard that last sentence. Not the first one, though.
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