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  1. It's well-documented that Bishop is a favorite of mine, and i'm happy to see him back on the expanded roster. We all know he isn't going to become another Aho out there, but he's also always come in as the extra guy when needed and played a solid well-positioned game and brought at least a little bit of muscle. Hopefully none of the extras are needed, of course, but if he draws in, i'll be comfortable knowing we're not throwing in a scrub.
  2. I expect fake noise to be cringeworthy, but we'll see.
  3. Pesce or no Pesce, i'm an unhappy camper if Gardiner plays and Fleury/TVR sit. Though i expect you're right.
  4. The Canes still owe Forslund money? Those brassards! Pay him what you owe him and let's get on with it!
  5. Not sure i saw any such implication. I wonder the thing top shelf wonders.
  6. Best-case scenario for the Canes. Canes don't do afternoon. If they get a bunch of noon games, forget about it.
  7. Hopefully they're quicker to give an update on this than they have been on whether the Canes are truy moving their AHL affiliation to Chicago.
  8. Sorry to go here so often but come on, man - the plural of city is "cities". Anyway, these actually sound like logical choices to me. Those cities, and Canada in general, seem to have come out on the other side in a way we can only wish the States had.
  9. It's all a result of his ridiculous contract (thanks, Rutherfart). If he's being paid $3-4M with no NTC, centering the 3rd line & PK, and skating around with an A, i think the vast majority of Canes fans are smiling and profiling to have him out there as long as he wants to stick around. But as long as he's the highest-paid player on the ice not named Aho, is being overslotted (the only time he should ever touch ice with Svech is if there's an injury and he's filling the gap), and is the C leading his troops into battle, he's not the guy. I still think he brings little that the now-gone much-cheaper Wallmark couldn't/didn't provide, and that cash could be quite useful somewhere else.
  10. Maybe in time but from what i've seen there's a larger hockey fanbase in Raleigh than in Charlotte, and the fan base that's here doesn't necessarily pull for the Canes. I didn't see too many tears amongst Chex fans when the Chicago Wolves story came out. As far as MLS, i'll be shocked if Charlotte isn't dead last in attendance from the get-go. If they aren't, it's because it's the shiny new object and they'll be in the attendance basement the next year. The average Charlotte sports fan is at this moment weeping their heart out because NASCAR banned the Confederate battle flag.
  11. Just one guy's opinion but if you really want the Canes to fail at the box office, put them in Charlotte.
  12. Agreed. Sadly it's the nature of the beast. The Canes could lead the league in attendance year-in year-out and a sizeable chunk of NHL fans would still be saying NC doesn't deserve a team and the league should move them to Quebec / back to Hartford / blah blah.
  13. Agreed. I just hope they don't switch their colors to a red & black motif, Canes fan or not.
  14. Agreed with this, however considering the possible relocation target is Houston, keeping hockey in the south won't make a difference one way or the other in this one. I don't necessarily expect the team to move to Houston, but at the same time i wouldn't be surprised to see Dundon try it, nor would i be particularly surprised to see the league approve a move to a larger southern market.
  15. I've been ready for this one for years.
  16. I briefly wondered if Charlotte was revolting against the Canes. Speaking of, has anyone heard any updates on the whole Hurricanes-Wolves and Checkers-Panthers thing?
  17. FS-CAR is doing Nashville Predators hockey tonight?
  18. Those are the forwards i expect as well. Bishop has pretty much always given what was asked of him on his callups and did get a little NHL playoff time last season. And Geekie, how do you not bring him up after those last 2 games?
  19. But what happens if they make it to 8 teams and suddenly a couple players from those teams start testing positive? Stop and wait while they quarantine the entire teams for another 2 weeks? Have the teams carry forward without the positive players? Or if it's a wave of positives spreading through one of the neutral locations? Boot the 8 teams in that location and let the other locations carry on? Ouch. Not picking at your post, gc, just thinking out loud. There's no way to plan for every possibility, but there are so many of them.
  20. If all of the coaches and players bring a couple with them, they can use the carpool lanes.
  21. The bitter Whaler and Nordique fans on Facebook are going to go ballistic over this one.
  22. There does have to be more criteria because otherwise you'd have to consider such 'party games' as quarters, Twister, and yes, darts and cornhole, to be sports. I'm not sure what that other criteria is just yet. Archery and skeet shooting, i'll say sport. Quarters and cornhole, get back to me on those. But there does have to at least be competition and athleticism. Which still makes even all of those more-acceptable for sports channels to be televising than my current 'whine of the week' i keep coming back to, poker. 😄
  23. It does get a little gray. Curling and stock car racing, yes. By sailing do you mean something competitive like sailboat races? If so, yes. Not Poker, though. Wheel of Fortune and The Price Is Right are more sport than Poker.
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