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  1. It looks like i'm in a definite minority where Fleury is concerned, which is fair enough - i'm ready to be proven wrong and if i am i'll admit it with a smile on my face. I still think McKeown is the stronger candidate at this point, however
  2. Honestly i'd put Fleury at Halko-level, not simply because of the lack of goals (anyone who knows me knows i don't rate defensemen on how many goals they've scored). I hope he shows a little more this season, particularly after the franchise let go a couple of better defensemen and kept him.
  3. I'm happy to hear it as well - his game could use that. I hope it happens.
  4. This. i don't think it's about being better without Faulk at this point, i think it's about preparing for life after Faulk. If an offer was made last season and he turned it down, i think it's about getting something for him now rather than lose him for nothing at the end of the season. Especially with Gardiner climbing on with a similar game.
  5. I may have misread things but from my outsider's perspective, i got the impression Williams was disappointed not to be named Captain in his first season back. I definitely don't think being named Captain this past season was a negative he wanted to get away from.
  6. Faulk decided he's going to be just as quick in deciding whether to waive his NTC as Williams was in deciding what he was going to do this season.
  7. A half-drunk cup of black coffee that's been sitting out for an hour and a half and a coupon for $10 off an oil change.
  8. Just me, but i would have given Gauthier for Puljujarvi. Wouldn't have given more, though, and i'm betting the Oil wanted sweetener.
  9. I can't believe the team i grew up with has sunk to that level. Worst we had to deal with was Yvon Labre.
  10. I agree with you and was prepared to watch Faulk with the Canes this season, but Gardiner. There's a logjam on defense and for the first time in the history of organized hockey in North Carolina, salary. Something has to give, and losing Fleury's salary isn't going to fix anything.
  11. Ironic that he just had probably the best season he's ever had, yet his trade value is probably the lowest it's ever been. I'd love for the Canes to get top cash and prizes for him, but i'm expecting Pu. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  12. Please no. 3 A's is just cheesy. I don't care if it's freaking Fleury, give us a freaking C.
  13. I think it depends on how the team does without him. If they hit the ground running, jump off to a great start, and have a great season, i think he returns to sound the siren and visit John and Tripp in the booth. If they struggle out of the gate and hit Thanksgiving like they hit Thanksgiving last season, i think he returns to the ice.
  14. I don't know Harvey. An invitee i guess?
  15. Even less guilty than most by now. Time and Pu have whittled down many of them.
  16. With half of them coming from a GM who's been gone for 5 years.
  17. We'll have to agree to disagree on the first part - i saw too many games last season where McK played circles around Fleury. I want to see good things from Fleury, but it's a struggle sometimes. I still think Didier and JWesley were better options, but i'm just this old hippie in the stands - the committee obviously didn't see what i saw in those two. I definitely agree with you on a solid defensive partner for Gardiner, though.
  18. Move Pesce to his off side (where he seems more-comfortable) and replace Fleury with McKeown and it would be even better.
  19. One thing's for sure, unless there are other moves to be made, we won't have to worry about seeing Fleury get 8 minutes or whatever it was of ice time last season.
  20. Guy can move the puck and make great passes. Can he defend?
  21. Man, we really need some hockey games to talk about or something...
  22. I'm sure there won't be a dry eye in the forum once everyone sees this.
  23. Pierre McGuire removed from NBC's top NHL broadcast crew https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/report-pierre-mc-guire-removed-from-nb-cs-top-nhl-broadcast-crew-212256963.html
  24. I agree with this, but i'd rather have annual naming of captains than the no-C/3-A's option or naming 2 Captains like season before last. I want a "some player" option... i'd vote for that. "Who's the new Captain?" "Some player."
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