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  1. I'm still a little lukewarm on whether or not Williams is what this team needs right now, but it needs something. Hopefully he sparks the team to about an 8-1-1 record over the next 10 because that could be just what the doctor ordered. Do this.
  2. Reimer was looking really good in December but then once he got the shutout, it seemed RB decided to give the bulk of the starts to Mrazak and Reimer looked way too rusty. No excuses, he should have had a couple of those, but he hasn't been given the games to stay in game shape either. Meanwhile Mrazek hasn't been the Mrazek from last year. Best goaltending either of them have given this season was when they were platooned. Unless Ned is given a chance, i hope RB goes back to platooning them.
  3. I hope for a Pitt loss even when there aren't any other implications involved.
  4. I've always thought Shaya wasn't as bad as many around the NHL - he's just in the unenviable position of filling in for the best. We'll drop back a step if/when he replaces JF for good, but we'll still be in a better position than some fanbases with the NHL play-by-plays i've heard.
  5. OK, so Waddell calls him NEE-cash, compared to RB's NECK-ash. Neither of which match the broadcast crew's pronunciation. Someone needs to ask the kid how he pronounces his name.
  6. This is it in a nutshell for me. Do it or don't do it, just be done with it.
  7. I had forgotten we had a player named Staal until Forslund said his name in the last few seconds.
  8. How do you build a game? Score more than they do.
  9. The trapezoid rule is still the stupidest bunch of mess to me.
  10. I care about the fact the Canes are mostly winning as well, but i also care about the fact the Canes are only mostly winning against 3 divisions, none of those being the Metro. 2nd most points in franchise history is great, but only sitting in a wildcard spot and only 3 points over the cut line. They really need to get a grip on the division also-rans, and the defense getting their stuff together would be a great start to that.
  11. Giving Gardiner a night or two in the pressbox to take notes on Slavin might take care of a lot of it. Must admit Pesce is worrying me a bit this season as well. Is he playing through something, or just a step off? If it's the former, then i'm in the same place with him that i've been with everyone else who played through injury - let him heal and come back 100% rather than try to play the NHL game at less than 100%. The Canes have enough depth to fill the void in the meantime.
  12. The comeback may not have been completed anyway, but the penalty pretty much ensured it wouldn't. Then Rod pulls Mrazek and puts Gardiner out there, of all people - not sure what he thought he was accomplishing with that move. At least they made a game of it in the 3rd. And we all got to see an elusive unicorn in the form of a Jordan Staal goal.
  13. Hoping like many he pulls a Hamilton on us. I've seen way more bad than good out of him so far though.
  14. For sure. But then we were also thinking perhaps we could get a win out of the lower divisional opponents.
  15. I've almost forgotten what it's like to watch a hockey game. I'm ready for this.
  16. The Canes can't beat sub-record divisional opponents. There's no 'how', there just 'is'.
  17. Agreed. It's absolutely disgraceful that the league fines him for speaking up instead of addressing the problem. The fans are the ones who suffer the most, but the league obviously doesn't give a crap about the fans.
  18. 3rd game out of 4 i'll miss. Enjoy the game everyone, and be safe through your NYE festivities. See you in 2020.
  19. *edit* this *edit*. Enjoy losing to another lesser Metro opponent, guys.
  20. Pesce's my favorite Cane but dude, you have to take the pass.
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