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  1. I'm actually painting the foyer and stairway today so i'm taking this literally.
  2. McKeown is a safe name to throw at me... he's a solid defensive defenseman as well, truth. Didier larger, a better hitter. Probably on par with each other but in the 'size matters' debate, Didier would take him. None of the others came close defensively.
  3. If Boston gives him a chance with the big club, i expect everyone will be seeing what i've been saying about him all along. Best defensive defenseman Charlotte had, just wasn't one of the sexy names to drop when discussions about our defensive depth came up. Bums me out way more than losing Boychuk Saarela and Terry Poturalski.
  4. That's what the Panthers fans are saying about helping us out of our Darling mess.
  5. Some 'sky is falling' posts here but i'm with top - Reimer holds more value to us than Darling, if for no other reason than because we can probably get rid of by simply putting him on waivers. This was a deal to get out from under Darling and after having to buy out Marleau, getting out from having to buy out Darling is invaluable. Consider this an insurance policy while we continue working on Mrazek or looking for another goaltender. And if the worst-case scenario is that we go into the season with Reimer/Nedeljkovic, i'll still take that over going into a season with Ward/Lack or Ward/Darling.
  6. For a fleeting second i thought you meant Paul Maurice and i was about to go running for the hills.
  7. Edit him. http://www.wbspenguins.com/2019/06/28/mike-vellucci-named-penguins-head-coach/?fbclid=IwAR1hGq4UVKOzBXg-dWnW2UeCujotnAoTYHOEr7MXx9ss7sy7d4PXHdJyRTM
  8. I'm going to bring this up every time i see mention of Lindholm/Hanifin traded for 'one season of' anything - we traded 'one season of' Lindholm/Hanifin as well. I won't refute the rest of your post, but that trade must be called what it was, which was 2 seasons of Hurricane players (1 each of Lindy and Hanifin) for 4 seasons of Flame players. No cherry-picking of the details can change that truth.
  9. Greenville Swamp Rabbits officially announced as the ECHL affiliate. Of course i'm over here whining about their non-acknowledgement that the Calder Cup-Champion Checkers even exist. Doubt too many of Greenville's players are going to be jumping straight from Greenville to Raleigh. I'm thinking it's probably three teams, one Carolina. But what do i know?
  10. Josh Welsey not extended a qualifying offer, which kinda bums me out because i was impressed with what i saw from him this season. Ty Rattie, PDG, and Ryan Murphy not qualified by their teams. Just say no (i'm sure the Canes will).
  11. Maybe Forsberg is Ned's replacement in Charlotte... if Ned goes to Raleigh and Tokarski goes back home, the Chex will need some help in net.
  12. Forsberg couldn't even crack the Hawks' lineup last season - his most-recent NHL action was in 17-18. #4 on a depth chart that featured Ward at #2. Ack.
  13. OK, i guess Luke halfway answered my questions and raised a head-scratch of his own. Were we in need of someone to compete with Ned? Um, OK.
  14. Scratching my head over this one. Like Rem said, clearing cap space to stay at the floor? This has to be part of something bigger coming along. Is Forsberg supposed to be Mrazek's replacement? Are we losing Ned and Forsberg is his replacement? Are we planning on going into next season with a tandem that played a grand total of 1 NHL game between them last season? And CDH is a whole nother set of questions.
  15. Yep. Faulk's real value is 2 years in the past. I'd expect more than Pu for him, if for no other reason than because we can negotiate with 15 teams instead of apparently 1, but with 1 year left on his contract, 2 years removed from being an All-Star, and 2 years removed from his 15-16-17 goal seasons, i think the Canes would be lucky to get a 3rd-liner for him. Either that or a decent scorer who is also in the last year of his contract.
  16. It's interesting, but IMO they lose a lot of credibility with the '(Pesce) isn't the catch teammate Dougie Hamilton would be'. They obviously view 'catchiness' in defensemen very differently than i do.
  17. Another token Finn who hockeydb doesn't even know the position for and only has one game listed there... http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=223718
  18. When does Luke Hughes enter the draft? If the Leafs stink up the joint enough next year to push our pick to 2021 and then stink it up again next season enough to get a lottery pick...
  19. Detroit drafted Neelix.
  20. We're just blindly drafting guys from the US National Under-18 at this point...
  21. The '2019 NHL Draft' Twitter seems quite impressed with our drafting.
  22. Rutherfart drafted a guy from the Drakkar. I'm very understandably annoyed by this. I hope the kid snubs them
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