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  1. 35 minutes ago, Canesfanforever said:

    I agree with you on Staal not being   the offensive player we all wish he would be .   But his work ethic  and  grit he brings to the ice ,  is kinda like  having a 3rd defense man out there that can win faceoffs .    The idea  is to  have Staal out there to pick up  defense  for someone like Slavin or   if he was still playing   ( Hamilton )  to  come in and   work with  Svechnikov .   Brind'Amours  hands are tied .   and one of the biggest reasons why I think  he has Staal with Svech  is   to help Svech in his own defensive way  so a defenseman could come and help out .   That's what i  have thought at least .  



    Not refuting your argument here because i wouldn't be surprised if that's the thinking, but for my own part, having a forward who can play defense out there in order to allow the defenseman to play offense seems as ludicrous as having a forward able to stop pucks in order to allow the goaltender to join the rush.  Stay in your own lane.  If Staal can't score and can't help his linemates score, then having him out there with one of the team's best scorers (if not the best) is counter-productive as all get out.  At this point i'd rather see Svech out there with Wallmark or Haula than Staal.

  2. 5 hours ago, remkin said:

    Getting two top picks in this draft would be the most rapid turnaround possible, especially if you want to add scoring. I've listened to a lot of experts agree, and Craig Button yesterday, Lafreniere is a "head and shoulders best" #1 pick, but Byfield is a future 1C, Holtz is a pure goal scoring machine. And if they end up picking D, Drysdale is superb. Since we are so unlikely to be picking up here, have to live vicariously through them at the top.


    But, IMO, there should be a rule against any one team picking twice in the top 3. By default they have to have someone else's pick, so the idea of trying help the lower teams doesn't apply to that pick, and it's too much largess for one team. Let them get their highest pick, then slot the second pick to #4. If I were in charge that's what the rule would be.



    I see where you're coming from but when the Canucks could only manage a single visit to the Finals (and a loss at that) after getting the freaking Sedin twins in the top 3 in the same draft, i'm going to say it doesn't exactly guarantee a dynasty.

  3. I always said EStaal had the ability to totally carry a team on his back and lead them to victory.  Case in point, the game in Winnipeg when the fans kept chanting 'Jordan's better' and Eric showed everyone in the arena just how good he was.  Problem is he might have done that kind of thing 10 times in over 900 games as a Hurricane.  This team excelled last season because as a group they were playing 'rear-ends and elbows'.  A lot of that playing style has disappeared this season and bringing Eric back would be the opposite of renewing that style.  Plenty of talent that this team could use, but for whatever reason not enough of the work ethic this team needs.  I won't say 'hard pass' necessarily, but i also don't get overly excited at the prospect.

  4. 1 hour ago, cc said:

    I am sorry but I see AS games as snooze fests for all sports. 



    Difference between the NFL and the NHL is that the NFL is smart enough to play their useless AS game after the season's over so everyone can safely ignore it.  They don't shut the freaking season down to make time for it.

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  5. 3 hours ago, legend-1 said:

    Headline just popped up on my phone, Slavin replaces Dougie. It's great and sucks all at the same time. A worthy replacement is all I can say.



    Doesn't surprise me at all.  Our representative was a defenseman, so they weren't going to take a forward.  He doesn't fit the 'all offense' mold of All-Star games, but i for one might actually enjoy someone out there trying to defend a little bit.

  6. On 1/12/2020 at 1:17 PM, beboplar said:

    What do you guys think of the hit by Tkachuk on Kassian, followed by the retaliation and soon to be safety hearing by the league?


    IMO, while technically a "clean hit" because he turned sideways just prior to contact, Kassian was engaged with another Oilers player while Tkachuk came at him about 100 mph and completely blind sided him.  Tkachuk deserved what he got in retaliation, and I don't think the league should encourage hits like that.  They will almost likely strap Kassian with some suspension, but a) he got his money's worth, and b) he let the league know they better not pull any stunts like that on his teammates.


    I think Tkachuk's hit was potentially dangerous, especially so close to the boards, and maybe the league should question why that kind of action does not rate a penalty.



    And Kassian gets suspended.  Misplaced priorities on the part of the NHL, IMO.



  7. 1 hour ago, OBXer said:

    Keeping us guessing. When will he play, what line. when will he score.



    For my own part i'll be surprised if he doesn't play tomorrow.  He's supposedly been working out and skating for a while - i don't think he signed in order to practice for a couple weeks.  I bet we see him on the 4th line against the Coyotes.  I don't bet he scores, but it would be one hell of a spark if he does.

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  8. 1 hour ago, CanesFan2003 said:

    Watching Stars and Kings game, they showed Koudobin's save percentage, 2nd best in the NHL, top with 15 games or more.


    Where was this Koudobin when he was a Cane?


    Plus they have Bishop at #9..... Two goalies in the Top 10.



    He wasn't far off in his first season at .926.  The wheels fell off the 2nd year though.  Can't remember the circumstances at this point though i remember there was an injury at one point where he came way out of the net to play the puck and injured himself trying to scramble back or something.


    Then we got Lack...

  9. 3 hours ago, Sportsfan-1-2 said:

    At this point this is all I care about.  Despite our D issues we're on a 100 point pace folks.  2nd most points in franchise history.  Always room for improvement but this is what I care about; we're still winning.  Who knows, we may pick up more D during the trade deadline this season.  I don't think we need any more skilled forwards at this point.



    I care about the fact the Canes are mostly winning as well, but i also care about the fact the Canes are only mostly winning against 3 divisions, none of those being the Metro.  2nd most points in franchise history is great, but only sitting in a wildcard spot and only 3 points over the cut line.  They really need to get a grip on the division also-rans, and the defense getting their stuff together would be a great start to that.

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  10. 1 hour ago, wxray1 said:

    Something is missing.  I believe the team needs to make a change or addition on Defense.



    Giving Gardiner a night or two in the pressbox to take notes on Slavin might take care of a lot of it.


    Must admit Pesce is worrying me a bit this season as well.  Is he playing through something, or just a step off?  If it's the former, then i'm in the same place with him that i've been with everyone else who played through injury - let him heal and come back 100% rather than try to play the NHL game at less than 100%.  The Canes have enough depth to fill the void in the meantime.

  11. 3 hours ago, 2ndsacker said:

    Love the comments section in the tweet. I hope the one that the nhl coaches are all chipping in $700 to pay his fine is true. Proves what I've said all season. Players, coaches, fans, everyone is dadgum sick of the pitiful excuse that officiating has become. They need to be called out, publicly embarrassed, and brought down if need be. Does a heart good to know fans of every club are just as sick of it as I am.



    Agreed.  It's absolutely disgraceful that the league fines him for speaking up instead of addressing the problem.  The fans are the ones who suffer the most, but the league obviously doesn't give a crap about the fans.

  12. We've all revealed our personal opinions of +/- a number of times, but i'm in the same place i've always been - it isn't a sole indicator or a player's value, but when one player is consistently a +20 player and his teammate is consistently a -20 player, i have a hard time dismissing it as a 'team stat' and saying it's just a luck thing for either of them.  Sometimes you make your own luck and if you're ultra-sound defensively, you're way more-likely to be in the higher reaches of your team than the lower.  IMO, of course.

  13. 12 hours ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    You mean besides most of the guys on the roster, who went to the Conference Finals last year? Well, how about...


    Staal: Won the Cup (58 total playoff games before last year's 15 with the Canes).

    TT: Won the Cup (plus 7 more playoff games with Chicago before last year's 15 with the Canes).

    TVR: Won the Cup (and 11 more playoff games with Chicago before last year's 9 with the Canes). 

    Edmondson: Won the Cup (22 games last year in winning it, and 27 in the two years before).

    Haula: Finals in '17-'18 (plus 25 playoff games with Minnesota over the four years prior).

    Nino: 39 playoff games with Minnesota.

    Hamilton: 23 games (19 with Boston, 4 with CGY).

    Dzingel: 24 games (15 games with OTT and 9 with CBJ.



    Picky picky...

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