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  1. Can't argue with that. It would just be easier for me to accept if it was because they beat the teams below them and couldn't beat the higher ones than the other way around.
  2. It's because they can't beat the divisional teams beneath them. One of the vestiges of the old Canes that the team still hasn't managed to shake.
  3. A non-divisional foe with a better record than the Canes - i always feel better about that than a divisional foe with a worse record. 60 minutes, guys.
  4. Catch the first 5 minutes of the replay tomorrow and then turn it off. You'll thank me for that later.
  5. Quoting this so i can like it again.
  6. Wow, i think i got something in my eye while Tripp was talking there.
  8. Just want to remind everyone that less than 5 minutes into this game, the Canes were up 2-0.
  9. GDT: Phlyers @ Keystone Kops, 21 Nov 19
  10. Or we're witnessing the fact that whenever the Canes play a Metro team that is beneath them in the standings, they turn into a bunch of butterfingered buffoons.
  11. Did i mention the Flyers were one of the 4 teams that scare me the most?
  12. John and Tripp are going to hit on Necas.
  13. Seems like forever since i saw the Canes in black. What is the schedule on those? Is it my imagination or are they wearing them less this season?
  14. The 4 teams that scare me the most - Devils, Jackets, Rangers, Flyers. Need a full 60 tonight, guys.
  15. They're quickly reaching the point where they don't deserve the 'Evil Empire' moniker anymore... they're just going to be a 'Bunch of Rutherdorks' That makes me happy.
  16. By all means, pat yourself on the back over that. I know you're happy.
  17. I can tell you one thing this team is capable of doing 3 times today so far compared to the checking/cycling/physical team's 1...
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