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  1. It was funny as all get out when he said it the other night but yeah, i hope it doesn't happen often. He's still feeling it out, though... he'll find the right one.
  2. Actually the Leafs just came back from being down 3-0.
  3. I'm with you on that but either way, damn what a trio.
  4. Awesome! But did Minnesota and Dallas really do the knee thing on the ice? I missed that.
  5. I'm good with Mike over John but i do hope he sticks with 'what sorcery is this' instead of 'whoa gussie'.
  6. I had to eat my words on the decision to start Mrazek the first night as well. Man i love it when the whole team shows up to play.
  7. I wanted to find something to bark at Gardiner for but honestly he didn't give much to bark at. Agreed on Fleury's play as well. Meanwhile i'm sold on Vatanen - hope he sticks around after this season.
  8. Unlike the Mo teams that would have collapsed into a defensive shell once they went up 2-1.
  9. They can call these games the 'qualifying series' or whatever they want, but nhl.com lists the stats from these games as playoff stats.
  10. Stupid white sweaters. Let's go ahead and win with those things so they can be retired during the offseason.
  11. He's certainly not done developing and perhaps he turns a corner, but i never really saw too many hints of that happening. He always played hard (unlike the eternal cherry-picked Kuok) but rem is probably right in saying his hockey IQ is suspect. He does bring some size, but i always kind of felt like he didn't use it at the right time - seemed a lot of the time when he'd choose to use his size, it was right as a rush was starting the other way or something and it would put him out of position and he'd have to scramble back. That kind of thing can of course be taught, and maybe in time he gets it - but the natural instinct doesn't seem to be there.
  12. My opinion of Gauthier comes mostly from a fair number of games watching him in Charlotte and based on what i saw he wasn't all that. I mean yeah, he was a presence and he played good hockey, but in pretty much every game i watched it was Geekie & Bishop who jumped out as the real prospects. Gauthier's OK and he'll get a chance to show what he can do, but don't for a second think we gave up the next Eric Lindros there, because he isn't even close.
  13. I agree Mike seems a half-step behind, but i still expect that has a lot to do with the fact he's calling the game from monitors 750 miles away from where the game's being played. I'll hold judgement on that until i hear him call a game in person.
  14. He had to find a way to play tough without missing the next 12 games on IR.
  15. I wonder if Williams would have taken half the season off had he known he'd get a 5-month break before the playoffs anyway.
  16. Most definitely. Poor passing and not being able to stay out of the box are why the Canes aren't up by a couple at this point.
  17. I'm as happy about the Canadiens winning as i am about the Hurricanes.
  18. Watched the game yesterday and agree it made a difference who was calling it - had it been Craig Laughlin, it would have been unlistenable. But it wasn't Laughlin, it was Maniscalco, and i personally don't think his call lacked a thing. No chasm, if you ask me. I thought he was excellent.
  19. Having Mike instead of John didn't affect my enjoyment of the game in the slightest. And Mike will only get better. Loved John but i think they have it covered.
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