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  1. Does Halko still hold the record for most NHL games without a goal? Halko played 159 (155 regular season + 4 post) while Fleury is at 96 (87 + 9). The count is on...
  2. Winning the game has to take precedence over showcasing for a trade at this point. Bean can school the kid offensively, Didier can school him defensively, and McKeown can school him in positioning. He's lucky to be in the lineup to start with, if you ask me. Call me crazy, but i'd have JWesley out there in his place if it were up to me.
  3. Listening and not watching. Glad to see Sellgren is back in, though... after the lukewarm game Sanguinetti turned in last night, i fully understand that switch.
  4. Kid still needs to put on a little weight, but he has some moves. Of the usual names we drop concerning forward prospects, he's the one who impresses me the most. Him, Bishop, and Geekie (who also needs a little more weight) are the big 3 forward-wise as far as i'm concerned. Pottsy and Saarela put up more points, but then so did Boychuk and Terry and we know what happened (or didn't happen) with them - i'd love to be proven wrong but i think all 4 of them have about the same ceiling. Necas tho...
  5. Darned if i know either. I do still miss more games than i make it to here, but i have made it to a decent amount of games over the past 3 seasons and i've never seen where he was the go-to 'owns the AHL' guy. To his credit, he wasn't the worst defenseman on the ice for the Chex tonight - i'd give that honor to Sanguinetti - but that's about the only prop i can give him. He was the worst in the clinching game last Sunday, i thought. Kid's still only 22 though so it isn't like his ship has sailed, but he's the one being given the chances - he really needs to cash in at some point.
  6. I like much of what i read from her, but she sees a very different Fleury than i see. He was OK tonight, i thought. Not great, but OK.
  7. Umm... https://www.echl.com/news/2019/5/statement-from-the-echl-regarding-the-kelly-cup
  8. AHL Notebook: NHL hopefuls vie for Calder Cup with Charlotte, Chicago https://www.nhl.com/news/ahl-notebook-charlotte-checkers-chicago-wolves-calder-cup/c-307580798?tid=280759222
  9. I'll be there Saturday sporting the same Everblades sweater i wore last weekend - seemed to be good mojo. Probably won't make it Sunday tho.
  10. The Wolves still have IMO the coolest logo in professional sports and my Wolves sweater is still my favorite hockey sweater. Go Chex.
  11. YMMV. I didn't see the play that resulted in the suspension so i can't speak for it, but he's certainly passed the eye test with me. I did say he doesn't bring a lot of offense and that he's one of the Chex' more-physical players. As far as going up and down between the ECHL and AHL, he's played 195 career AHL games to 17 career ECHL games with none of the ECHL games coming this season, so it isn't like he's a career ECHLer who gets the lucky AHL callup now and again.
  12. Quiet game that looks better to me in pretty much every aspect than Fleury, but still somehow doesn't jump out as a sure thing. I'd give him a shot before giving Fleury another one, though.
  13. Stay-at-home defenseman but i've seen him let loose a few vicious shots along the way as well, and on net. Very fluid skating style, deceptive in that he's usually moving a lot faster than he looks. Defensively i'd say i think he's the best the Chex have. Offensively he isn't - i'd probably compare him to Pesce in that he doesn't bring a lot of offense but picks his spots, those spots usually being at the right times. Passing is good, puck-handling is good. Not necessarily a highlight-reel hitter but one of the Chex' more-physical players. In the quest for offensive defensemen, he's not your guy, but if you want another Pesce-type, i think he's the closest we've got. Already 2 years older than Pesce, though, so it isn't like he's the up-and-coming heir apparent. Makes some good head-turning defensive plays, though, and i think he could make some of those in Raleigh as well if he ever got the chance. Though he won't, because offense...
  14. Fleury was absolutely useless keeping the puck in the zone last night as well. Truth told i wouldn't shed a single tear if he were gone next season. He may bring more offense than some, but you guys all know this about me - i like defensemen who are actually able to play defense, and the ability to stop a whiffle pass from getting past you is gravy. Give me Didier, Carrick, JWesley, and even McKeown over Fleury any day of the week that ends with a Y. If he has another gear, i'd like to see it, because i haven't seen it yet.
  15. In the house tonight. Easily the loudest game i've ever been to in Charlotte - next time i'll have earplugs. Some were better than others but what mattered is they got the win. Bishop once again the best forward on the ice for Chex as far as i'm concerned, and Didier once again the best defenseman. Calder Cup finals, baby...
  16. This is the only one i'll disagree with - remember Brind'Amour was named coach before Waddell was named GM. Of course Waddell may have been the brains behind it anyway, but not knowing, i personally can't credit this coach hire to him.
  17. I'm curious to know what's next as well. Unsurprisingly there still isn't any mention of this on the Hurricanes' site, but then they're always a step or three behind the affiliates. Best bet might be to search ECHL team sites and see if any of those have announced being the new affiliate.
  18. Beats Karaoke Hour. I don't take well to karaoke...
  19. Thanks man. Dude can finish his little karaoke break any time he wants, tho...
  20. Everblades changing affiliation to Nashville next season. https://www.floridaeverblades.com/en/news/everblades-enter-affiliation-with-nashville-predators?fbclid=IwAR3PLSd5ZRs7OK9FrKgSY9FoCvY4VsGfacmYGUKrQQkIyffRuIeHlxRTY4k
  21. Alternate captain for his KHL team.
  22. I'll have to listen back, but i thought he said Ferland missed a lot of games and he didn't miss a beat, so i took it differently. Not listening back right now, though... watching the Chex game.
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