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  1. Staal just won a couple faceoffs and watched the rest from the penalty box.
  2. Yep, Gauthier totally brought it back over. The Canes were owed one after Vancouver, though, so i'll take it. Sucks for Calgary, but Lindholm.
  3. It looked offside to me as well but NHL officiating being what it is, every team is going to be the winner and the loser on bad calls so i'll take the law of averages.
  4. Speaking of opera, am i the only one who starts singing Mangiapane to the tune of Don Giovanni every time John says his name?
  5. Dude's going to be using his stick as a cane by the end of that contract. Actually i think i've already seen him do it a time or two.
  6. But lose all the leads you want as long as you come back with 3 straight goals to win it.
  7. The Canes can teach them a thing or three about losing to Metro opponents. They have experience. Fortunately they're pretty good against other divisions.
  8. Hoping for Gauthier to make a case for himself tonight and happy to have NECK-ash back. Let's do this.
  9. Anyone wants to stand during a game, they should open general admission standing room only sections down front, on the floor. Or go out on the concourse and stand while you watch on the monitors. If you have a seat, put your butt in it. Not everyone wants to stand, not everyone *can* stand, and not everyone can see around you when *you* stand. When i pay money to watch a hockey game, i want to see the game, not your back.
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