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  1. It's cool but i hope he's getting ice time somewhere - i'd hate for him to be missing out on AHL playoffs because he's sitting in the press box for the Canes.
  2. Since last season. 🙂
  3. Agreed, but i wish we had signed them for another year, considering all we got in exchange for him was a year's supply of Rice-a-roni.
  4. What ever he brought, i wouldn't mind having his scoring touch for the next couple weeks against Washington.
  5. Hats off to all those who, like me, thought Dundon was being a cheap *edit* in making Waddell the GM and Brind'amour the coach instead of going outside the organization...
  6. I do think if the Canes face TBL, there's a better chance of the crowd being louder for Canes goals than for the opposition. If they face the Caps, it's going to be noisy for both teams.
  7. Wonder if they tried to get away with reds on the road.
  8. Send Mrazek the bill - i'm sure he's about to get a damned nice payday...
  9. The keep-in was incredible. I still think Faulk earned every bit of grief some of us threw his way for a few seasons there, but this season he's been Dudeman, and i'm damned happy to see it. I still would have traded clinching last night for everyone else winning out and the Pens booking tee times, but once it was obvious the Pens were going to win i was happy to replace the question mark with an exclamation point. The next couple weeks (or longer) are going to be fun, yes?
  10. He didn't have to - i beat him to it.
  11. Not me. I'm still hoping to the Canes, Habs, and BJs to win out and push the bloody Penguins out of the mix.
  12. I hate to be the broken record, but i wonder what Svech could accomplish on the 3rd line with Skinner. Yowsa... Anyway, as much as i'd love to clinch tonight, i'd be even happier to see the Habs & BJs win out and the Pens lose out and miss the playoffs. Either way, guys, just score more than the Devils tonight. That's all that matters...
  13. There is nothing in the hockey world that would make me happier.
  14. Well in the first 2 seasons, he played a combined total of 11 games. That said, it took him 222 games to reach 100 wins. Definitely is a little surprising.
  15. This, but not mine, It got someone else a while back and i thought it was funny so i use it when the mood strikes.
  16. If i remember correctly Knyazev signed a 3-year deal with the Hurricanes and was playing in Lowell but after a stellar 7 points in 68 games, was thrown into the Tanabe-Markov deal.
  17. Had Ferland been sat for a couple (or even 3 or 4) games if/when his shoulder was re-aggravated, perhaps he could have healed enough to play near 100%, making sitting Aho for a couple games even more of a possibility. I'm going to go on a limb and say the team didn't miss a single step while Staal was out - with him back, why couldn't first Ferland and then Aho rest a few games to heal from their less-devastating injuries? Obviously Brenda knows more than me which is why he's being paid the bug bucks and i'm sitting on the couch, but they aren't exactly lighting up the league the past few games with them on the ice. They talk like they have so much depth, why not use it when someone's clearly off with a couple of their players?
  18. I'll say the same thing here about Ferland that i said about Hamilton - if he's injured to the point where he isn't able to play his game, then what's the benefit of playing him rather than allowing him to heal fully? We've cooled down nicely as a team over the past few games, with him being one of the coldest. Throw Maenalanen in his place for a night or two and let him heal for the playoffs. His injured shoulder isn't what's keeping us above the cut line.
  19. The math is a little skewed on sportsclubstats - they have us at 78% now with a jump of 14.3 with a win tonight and a jump of 10.6 with a Montreal loss and 2.0 with a Columbus loss. Adds up to 104.9%, though we still will not have clinched. I quite like our odds if all of that happens, though...
  20. Clinch it tonight & Thursday, guys - i won't be able to watch Saturday. We've lulled the other teams into a false sense of security - now score more than they do...
  21. Can we bring that Ferland guy back? I seem to remember him being good. What ever happened to him?
  22. Thanks guys. Spectrum waited until 5 minutes before game time to finally switch to hockey, at least here in Charlotte. Blarg.
  23. Just tuned in and i'm seeing baseball mess on the supposed Hurricanes pregame. Is that what they're showing or is the channel listing incorrect?
  24. Wasn't able to watch yesterday, won't be able to watch beyond the first period or two today. Score more than they do, guys.
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