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  1. 1 hour ago, iceman11 said:

    If I was on the committee,  I would be very hesitant to trade away a 1st round pick or any top prospects.



    I don't trade away anything potentially useful in the future in hopes of supplementing a playoff run for that cast of clowns i watched last night.  It's the exact opposite for me now - if any moves are made, sell off the square pegs for picks/prospects.  The team i watched last night doesn't need to be a buyer.

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  2. 39 minutes ago, LakeLivin said:

    For the record, I'm for the 3-2-1 system regardless of how it would effect the Canes in any given year.  Each game should be worth a set amount of points regardless of the outcome imo.



    This.  Truthfully i think the system wasn't broken when every game was worth 2 points, they went into a 5-on-5 OT if there was a tie after 3, and they called the game a tie if nobody scored in OT.  But if they want to change things up, fine... just make every game worth the same number of points.  3-2-1 would make more sense than the current system.

  3. I'm not particularly expecting a McKeown call-up, but if the Canes don't give him a chance this season, i think the kid owes it to himself to look elsewhere.  The fact they have Gardiner and TVR stinking up the ice game-in, game-out while they have a dependable stay-at-home defenseman ready to jump in makes no sense to me.  I don't know what more the kid can do.

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  4. Granted i've only made it to a couple Chex games this season, but i did see quite a few last season and truthfully, even with the production i never saw much about Gauthier that stood out to me - kind of like despite their production, neither Boychuk nor Terry ever stood out to me either.  He obviously wasn't in the team's plans going forward else he would have gotten another look or two.  Kind of a ho-hum trade to me, really.

  5. 1 hour ago, bluedevilcane said:

    My point was not among fans. It was within the locker room. As far as the fans who post here, Faulk, Eric Staal and Cam Ward were favorite whipping boys the last years of the playoff drought. As far as the wider fan base, and as I have posted here before, I was waiting in line for the doors to open to PNC when the Staal trade was announced, and I’d say 75% of the fans were upset that we traded him. One or two people were apoplectic. Maybe that’s what you mean by divisive-that fans had widely differing opinions. As a player, I really believe Dundon, Waddell and Rod would like to have kept Faulk, but not for much over half of what St. Louis paid him. No way he fits in here at $6.5 million with the contracts we have already given and the contract we will have to give Svech.



    Yeah, my slant is fully about the fans.  I never saw any indication he was divisive in the locker room.

  6. 35 minutes ago, Canesfanforever said:

    I agree with you on Staal not being   the offensive player we all wish he would be .   But his work ethic  and  grit he brings to the ice ,  is kinda like  having a 3rd defense man out there that can win faceoffs .    The idea  is to  have Staal out there to pick up  defense  for someone like Slavin or   if he was still playing   ( Hamilton )  to  come in and   work with  Svechnikov .   Brind'Amours  hands are tied .   and one of the biggest reasons why I think  he has Staal with Svech  is   to help Svech in his own defensive way  so a defenseman could come and help out .   That's what i  have thought at least .  



    Not refuting your argument here because i wouldn't be surprised if that's the thinking, but for my own part, having a forward who can play defense out there in order to allow the defenseman to play offense seems as ludicrous as having a forward able to stop pucks in order to allow the goaltender to join the rush.  Stay in your own lane.  If Staal can't score and can't help his linemates score, then having him out there with one of the team's best scorers (if not the best) is counter-productive as all get out.  At this point i'd rather see Svech out there with Wallmark or Haula than Staal.

  7. 5 hours ago, remkin said:

    Getting two top picks in this draft would be the most rapid turnaround possible, especially if you want to add scoring. I've listened to a lot of experts agree, and Craig Button yesterday, Lafreniere is a "head and shoulders best" #1 pick, but Byfield is a future 1C, Holtz is a pure goal scoring machine. And if they end up picking D, Drysdale is superb. Since we are so unlikely to be picking up here, have to live vicariously through them at the top.


    But, IMO, there should be a rule against any one team picking twice in the top 3. By default they have to have someone else's pick, so the idea of trying help the lower teams doesn't apply to that pick, and it's too much largess for one team. Let them get their highest pick, then slot the second pick to #4. If I were in charge that's what the rule would be.



    I see where you're coming from but when the Canucks could only manage a single visit to the Finals (and a loss at that) after getting the freaking Sedin twins in the top 3 in the same draft, i'm going to say it doesn't exactly guarantee a dynasty.

  8. I always said EStaal had the ability to totally carry a team on his back and lead them to victory.  Case in point, the game in Winnipeg when the fans kept chanting 'Jordan's better' and Eric showed everyone in the arena just how good he was.  Problem is he might have done that kind of thing 10 times in over 900 games as a Hurricane.  This team excelled last season because as a group they were playing 'rear-ends and elbows'.  A lot of that playing style has disappeared this season and bringing Eric back would be the opposite of renewing that style.  Plenty of talent that this team could use, but for whatever reason not enough of the work ethic this team needs.  I won't say 'hard pass' necessarily, but i also don't get overly excited at the prospect.

  9. 1 hour ago, cc said:

    I am sorry but I see AS games as snooze fests for all sports. 



    Difference between the NFL and the NHL is that the NFL is smart enough to play their useless AS game after the season's over so everyone can safely ignore it.  They don't shut the freaking season down to make time for it.

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  10. 3 hours ago, legend-1 said:

    Headline just popped up on my phone, Slavin replaces Dougie. It's great and sucks all at the same time. A worthy replacement is all I can say.



    Doesn't surprise me at all.  Our representative was a defenseman, so they weren't going to take a forward.  He doesn't fit the 'all offense' mold of All-Star games, but i for one might actually enjoy someone out there trying to defend a little bit.

  11. On 1/12/2020 at 1:17 PM, beboplar said:

    What do you guys think of the hit by Tkachuk on Kassian, followed by the retaliation and soon to be safety hearing by the league?


    IMO, while technically a "clean hit" because he turned sideways just prior to contact, Kassian was engaged with another Oilers player while Tkachuk came at him about 100 mph and completely blind sided him.  Tkachuk deserved what he got in retaliation, and I don't think the league should encourage hits like that.  They will almost likely strap Kassian with some suspension, but a) he got his money's worth, and b) he let the league know they better not pull any stunts like that on his teammates.


    I think Tkachuk's hit was potentially dangerous, especially so close to the boards, and maybe the league should question why that kind of action does not rate a penalty.



    And Kassian gets suspended.  Misplaced priorities on the part of the NHL, IMO.



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