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  1. 24 minutes ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    Yo-yoing this kid is the only thing holding him back at this point, IMO, from becoming our next shutdown Dman. He needs NHL games.



    It looks like i'm in a definite minority where Fleury is concerned, which is fair enough - i'm ready to be proven wrong and if i am i'll admit it with a smile on my face.  I still think McKeown is the stronger candidate at this point, however

  2. 2 hours ago, JonKerfoot said:


    Ah, cut Fleury some slack. 😉 He's still more than half-a-season behind the record for most NHL games played without scoring a goal.


    If you aren't aware of that record, it's held by the Hurricanes' own Steven Halko, who played parts of six seasons and a total of 155 games without scoring a goal.


    In college at U of Michigan, he was recognized as the CCHA "Most Outstanding Defensive Defenseman" for 1994-95, made the CCHA All-Tournament team three times (first team once, second team twice), and captained the Wolverines in 1995-96 when they won the NCAA title; Halko was named to the NCAA All-Tournament team that season.



    Honestly i'd put Fleury at Halko-level, not simply because of the lack of goals (anyone who knows me knows i don't rate defensemen on how many goals they've scored).  I hope he shows a little more this season, particularly after the franchise let go a couple of better defensemen and kept him.

  3. 3 hours ago, remkin said:

    I don't think we are better without Faulk. If it was just a Faulk for Pu situation, then don't do it, IMO.


    But, there is the return, and the fact that we are not keep to overpay guys with a year left, and we are just so deep at D. 


    Kase, if we ended up getting him, has pretty high upside and is on a cheap deal. And while we are better with Justin Faulk than TVR, in the cap era it is just really not a good plan to have a $6 million/year bottom pair D man. 


    I think it's the entire thing together that screams trade, especially after we signed Gardiner. 



    This.  i don't think it's about being better without Faulk at this point, i think it's about preparing for life after Faulk.  If an offer was made last season and he turned it down, i think it's about getting something for him now rather than lose him for nothing at the end of the season.  Especially with Gardiner climbing on with a similar game.

  4. 26 minutes ago, remkin said:

    If I were on the committee, (who knows, maybe they read us), I would not vote to trade Faulk for Pu. IMO we traded Skinner for Pu because he was viewed as a negative to the plan. Old Faulk, I'd agree, but last year's Faulk no. The proof is not only Faulk's play, but the team's play with Faulk on it. Faulk is worth more to us than Pu. I want a first rounder or something better, or just keep him. But that's just me.



    I agree with you and was prepared to watch Faulk with the Canes this season, but Gardiner.  There's a logjam on defense and for the first time in the history of organized hockey in North Carolina, salary.  Something has to give, and losing Fleury's salary isn't going to fix anything.

  5. 17 minutes ago, remkin said:

    Sounds like we might actually get to find out what the return on Faulk would be. Of course we've been shopped Faulk quite a bit to date, so who knows if we'll get a bite. 



    Ironic that he just had probably the best season he's ever had, yet his trade value is probably the lowest it's ever been.  I'd love for the Canes to get top cash and prizes for him, but i'm expecting Pu.  Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

  6. I think it depends on how the team does without him.  If they hit the ground running, jump off to a great start, and have a great season, i think he returns to sound the siren and visit John and Tripp in the booth.  If they struggle out of the gate and hit Thanksgiving like they hit Thanksgiving last season, i think he returns to the ice.

  7. 1 hour ago, gocanes0506 said:

    McK is good but not Fleury good.  Pesce was good on his offside but Gardiner needs a solid defensive partner.



    We'll have to agree to disagree on the first part - i saw too many games last season where McK played circles around Fleury.  I want to see good things from Fleury, but it's a struggle sometimes.  I still think Didier and JWesley were better options, but i'm just this old hippie in the stands - the committee obviously didn't see what i saw in those two.  I definitely agree with you on a solid defensive partner for Gardiner, though.

  8. 12 hours ago, gocanes0506 said:

    It is a good move. He looked worse because he was being forced into a top line role where he was asked to be the defender of the pair. 


    4.025 million for a 2nd pair, UFA, puck moving defender is a steal (which is crazy to say). 


    He will make some Faulk level mistakes



    Jesus, Gardiner.


    (just rehearsing...)

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