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  1. I'm not really familiar with the guy but if he can defend and hit, i don't much care how much he scores. His +/- tends to be lower middle-of-the-pack on his team, which is what i look at more than looking at someone's +/- # in a vacuum. If he had been consistently at the bottom on his team in that stat, i'd be more worried about it.
  2. I might be misremembering, but i really feel like i read things about him in particular, including hesitation to play here at first because he didn't want to wear red. Of course it all may have been kidding as well.
  3. I still remember the press conference announcing Dundon as the new owner and everyone saying Waddell looked uncomfortable because he was going to be out of a job while Peters and Francis would continue with the team...
  4. If i remember the chatter correctly, i think Irbe would be way more-likely to come here to work with a non-Russian than to work with a Russian.
  5. He needs to make up his mind - he isn't doing the team any favors by dragging it out. Crap or get off the pot.
  6. Cullen was on my editlist the day he left the Canes the first time around. Didn't give a crap for him his entire second stint here and still don't. Rutherfart can have him.
  7. Murphy is a great example of the need for defensemen to be able to play a defensively-sound game. A defenseman who can only play an offensive game is missing the most-important aspect to his game; not living up to his offensive billing is a double-whammy. The NHL won't miss him.
  8. It's been a while since you checked. He's 3 years younger than you now.
  9. I have no tattoos because you don't put bumper stickers on a Porsche.
  10. He was a goalie but was a long long way from being Ken Dryden. That in itself could have played a large role in his inability to find solid goaltending - didn't know what to look for because he never had it himself. And when saw one catch lightning in a bottle for a couple months, he gave him the key to the city and moved on to other methods of mortgaging the team's future. Time to make a decision, Willie...
  11. Is there an ordinance saying it has to be white? Yellow has been in the past obviously - not that yellow would work for the Canes but if yellow, why not a silver/lighter grey?
  12. With all due respect to everyone involved, why are we still rehashing the same arguments about Faulk's play from 2-4 years ago? Last season wasn't divisive enough so we're going to continue to reach back because we miss the old snarky arguments?
  13. Let us get past the September CBA opt-out dates and have the guarantee there won't be a lockout before expansion and i'll start thinking about who i'd want to protect. I have no confidence in these misers.
  14. I'm very disappointed you didn't say 'DiGi will have another GiGi', but maybe next time...
  15. I'm considerably more-impressed with McKeown than Fleury but i'm with you - seems he's never going to get a shot with the Canes. Darned if i can figure out why.
  16. I questioned Brown being called up before Bishop in the playoffs; perhaps the committee saw the same thing i saw and that's why Bishop was the one they re-signed. Lose the battle, win the war...
  17. Doesn't change your point, but it won't be Pot - he signed with Anaheim.
  18. Mine would stay the same, until they get to a point where i'm feeling more-confident about the defense beyond the top 5. Agreed deHaan was making too much money for a 3rd-pairing guy but i'm not feeling it with Forsling/Fleury/McKeown/Bean just yet and i'm still not sure we even have enough defensemen signed to fill 6 slots in Charlotte.
  19. It's a shame half the fanbase gave up on this team when the sky fell on the first day of free agency. They'd really like this move.
  20. I don't remember much hitting from Gauthier last season. If he's going to be ahead of Necas due to physicality, he needs to suddenly add some physicality to his game.
  21. I love Williams but it's time for him to edit or get off the pot - the team needs to know what he's going to do so they can move forward one way or the other. C'mon JW...
  22. I didn't give an edit for him - really he was just another reason for me to hate the Pens. It's a wash though because now i have a new reason to pull against their farm club whenever it visits Bojangles.
  23. I disagree with this completely. Put Defenseman-X out on the ice with Gretzky, Lemieux, Gordie, Lidstrom, and Hasek in their primes and his +/- is going to be very different than if you put him out there with a bunch of scrubs, and Lintuniemi hasn't exactly been surrounded by Gretzkys. That said, he's been a minus player every year he's played, consistently in the lower reaches of the stat on his team. Admittedly i've not seen the guy play, but his numbers certainly look like the kind of defenseman who will drive me bonkers, more concerned with scoring than defending. Give me deHaan or Didier back instead, thanks.
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