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  1. 1 hour ago, CanesFan2003 said:

    Watching Stars and Kings game, they showed Koudobin's save percentage, 2nd best in the NHL, top with 15 games or more.


    Where was this Koudobin when he was a Cane?


    Plus they have Bishop at #9..... Two goalies in the Top 10.



    He wasn't far off in his first season at .926.  The wheels fell off the 2nd year though.  Can't remember the circumstances at this point though i remember there was an injury at one point where he came way out of the net to play the puck and injured himself trying to scramble back or something.


    Then we got Lack...

  2. 3 hours ago, Sportsfan-1-2 said:

    At this point this is all I care about.  Despite our D issues we're on a 100 point pace folks.  2nd most points in franchise history.  Always room for improvement but this is what I care about; we're still winning.  Who knows, we may pick up more D during the trade deadline this season.  I don't think we need any more skilled forwards at this point.



    I care about the fact the Canes are mostly winning as well, but i also care about the fact the Canes are only mostly winning against 3 divisions, none of those being the Metro.  2nd most points in franchise history is great, but only sitting in a wildcard spot and only 3 points over the cut line.  They really need to get a grip on the division also-rans, and the defense getting their stuff together would be a great start to that.

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  3. 1 hour ago, wxray1 said:

    Something is missing.  I believe the team needs to make a change or addition on Defense.



    Giving Gardiner a night or two in the pressbox to take notes on Slavin might take care of a lot of it.


    Must admit Pesce is worrying me a bit this season as well.  Is he playing through something, or just a step off?  If it's the former, then i'm in the same place with him that i've been with everyone else who played through injury - let him heal and come back 100% rather than try to play the NHL game at less than 100%.  The Canes have enough depth to fill the void in the meantime.

  4. 3 hours ago, 2ndsacker said:

    Love the comments section in the tweet. I hope the one that the nhl coaches are all chipping in $700 to pay his fine is true. Proves what I've said all season. Players, coaches, fans, everyone is dadgum sick of the pitiful excuse that officiating has become. They need to be called out, publicly embarrassed, and brought down if need be. Does a heart good to know fans of every club are just as sick of it as I am.



    Agreed.  It's absolutely disgraceful that the league fines him for speaking up instead of addressing the problem.  The fans are the ones who suffer the most, but the league obviously doesn't give a crap about the fans.

  5. We've all revealed our personal opinions of +/- a number of times, but i'm in the same place i've always been - it isn't a sole indicator or a player's value, but when one player is consistently a +20 player and his teammate is consistently a -20 player, i have a hard time dismissing it as a 'team stat' and saying it's just a luck thing for either of them.  Sometimes you make your own luck and if you're ultra-sound defensively, you're way more-likely to be in the higher reaches of your team than the lower.  IMO, of course.

  6. 12 hours ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    You mean besides most of the guys on the roster, who went to the Conference Finals last year? Well, how about...


    Staal: Won the Cup (58 total playoff games before last year's 15 with the Canes).

    TT: Won the Cup (plus 7 more playoff games with Chicago before last year's 15 with the Canes).

    TVR: Won the Cup (and 11 more playoff games with Chicago before last year's 9 with the Canes). 

    Edmondson: Won the Cup (22 games last year in winning it, and 27 in the two years before).

    Haula: Finals in '17-'18 (plus 25 playoff games with Minnesota over the four years prior).

    Nino: 39 playoff games with Minnesota.

    Hamilton: 23 games (19 with Boston, 4 with CGY).

    Dzingel: 24 games (15 games with OTT and 9 with CBJ.



    Picky picky...

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  7. 1 hour ago, AssistantGM said:

    NJD are being Skinnered; as Taylor Hall at least for now, refuses to sign an extension with any of the Devil's potential trade partners. He knows, that his best chance for major $$ and term will as a UFA on July 1, 2020; thus essentially robbing the Devils of any significant return. Maybe they'll get Clif Pu and a 2nd round pick!!!!!!



    As long as GMs/owners keep giving out stupid contracts, this kind of thing is going to happen.  Don't worry - there will be another lockout before you know so they can attempt to fix the messes they themselves keep making.

  8. 5 hours ago, PamlicoPuck said:

    Im no Gardiner fan thus far. However I see him as the lesser of the current issues.. Struggles to score, or when we do, cant play with the lead is a reoccurring theme to be addressed... 



    Can't argue with that, however at the same time his offense is supposedly his selling point, so that's 2 fronts he's failing on.  It's possible it's a Hamilton situation where he's playing through injury and will turn it around when he heals, but to that i'll say the same thing i said about Hamilton - give him a few games off to get there.  We're rolling out 7 d-men for Pete's (Tom's) sake, so it isn't like we don't have enough defensemen to let the guy rest.


    If he isn't injured, meanwhile, then he simply sucks.  Either way, a few games off wouldn't be a bad thing.  Hoping if Gibbons draws in that it's in his place,, not in TVR's or Fleury's.

  9. My debate with the "time to move Nino" is the 'sell low' principle - his value is probably the lowest now that it's been since the Canes acquired him.  Of course it's hard to make yourself trade someone when they're on a peak, but 9 times out of 10, trading the guys who are disappointing you are going to get you more guys who disappoint you.

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  10. 6 hours ago, legend-1 said:

    RF's lack of a statement is unfortunate because I want to say cheapskate Karmanos is lying. It's ridiculously easy to believe he refused to pay a second coach to not coach.



    I don't know how coaching contracts work, but wouldn't that be just cause for terminating the contract and not being on the hook to continue paying Peters?

  11. 2 hours ago, legend-1 said:

    I couldn't figure out why Nino felt a guy who was skating into four Canes head on absolutely had to be hooked. All this right after having the Wings throw the puck right past him as he stood next to the empty net. 



    We talk about what Dzingle may or may not be accomplishing, while Nino continues to outstink him in pretty much every aspect of the game.  Where's the Nino who played last season?  This guy isn't impressing me at all.  Injured Haula or no, i think Nino's about due for a night in the pressbox.

  12. 1 hour ago, remkin said:

    I want to clarify one thing. My "trade Gardiner" thing is just how I'm leaning now. I would not actually try to trade him at this point. The guy has a ton of skill. If he can settle his D game down he could be very good. He still may start to click better on the PP, where he is smooth. He's on a new team and needs time to adjust. I would not actually start looking for a trade now. But IMO our experience suggests that you do indeed need your D men to play at least some D. So if it turns out he continues to struggle on this, I'd want to at least see what kind of return we might get. 


    DeHaan is plus 8 on a -3 Chicago team just for consideration. Still not sure what the rush to move him was.



    I'm still not sure either... thought he was a great fit.  Only justification is could see was that it looked like he may be out a while, but he didn't miss much, and RB certainly could have used Fleury in the meantime.

  13. Showing how much of a relic i am once again, i prefer defensemen who can play defense.  Not sure i've seen that part of Gardner's game.  Agreed with c6 - we're not going to get prime return for a guy who isn't living up - but if he doesn't turn something around, i'd take the 4th-rounder or whatever with a smile on my face and give Fleury some ice time.

  14. 8 hours ago, Caniac514 said:

    Thanks for clarification! This though is still puzzling me: say "I am done, thank you very much" and enjoy your retirement. 

    Does he have any "agreement" with his buddy RB and the org, should he decide to return they will sign a contract? Because I am not sure any other team would...



    While it's glamourous to some to think Williams will play again, there are no real signs that it'll happen - and for that matter there's no agreement and/or guarantee that if he does play again, it'll be for the Canes.  We can all wake up in the morning, open our laptops, and be immediately welcomed with a headline saying he's just signed for the remainder of the season with the Pens.  Sure, i doubt that'll happen, but it's just as possible as a headline saying he's returning to the Canes.  He is nobody's property and as such, can go to any team willing to throw a couple bucks at him should he choose to do so.  He can even come down to Charlotte again and skate with the Chex for a couple weeks before joining former-longtime Checker Jamie McGinn in St. Louis, you never know.  Best bet at this point is to count on Williams not playing in the NHL again and if he does return, maybe the Canes get him.


    Personally i wouldn't be surprised to see him go to the Caps, should they have a use for him and he feels he has a better shot at one last cup there.

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