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  1. More proven than Fleury, though. I'm not underestimating the importance of the blue line, but at the same time i'd prefer a balance over feast-or-famine. You know what? I might. Rather trade Hainsey or Liles - hell, i'd rather give them Hainsey and Liles - but with the depth the Hurricanes have on defensive prospects, i could be coerced. Look at it this way, RNH's point total so far this year would make him the highest-scoring forward on our roster. Last year he would have been our leading scorer. The year before, our second-leading behind EStaal. We lose Staal, we need a top-line center. Eberle, meanwhile, is a right wing - and we lose Versteeg, we need RW just as desperately. And his totals? Yes struggling this year, but the past 2 seasons, even better than RNH. In fact he would have been our leading scorer last year and the year before Mind you i don't see Edmonton doing it, but i'd have to consider it pretty strongly. Here you go - EStaal, Hainsey, Liles, and Fleury for RNH + Eberle. Never happen, but a 1st-line of Skinner/RNH/Eberle and a 2nd of Lindholm/Rask/Nesty-or-McGinn? Hi...
  2. Faulk has, for the most part, been bloody awful defensively, if you ask me. Some nice moments here or there, and of course he has the offensive abilities, but he isn't our defensive best by a long shot. He just needs a good defensive partner to offset that. And Hainsey sure as hell ain't it. Or, as i half-jokingly suggested elsewhere, try him on the wing with Hanifin and Slavin behind him...
  3. Well, the futility in this argument is the obvious one - his contract expires before next year and the year after that. If he were signed through those years, this would be mere water cooler chatter. But he isn't, so we can't just coast through. And is Francis going to extend him 2 more years at his current $6.3M clip in order to keep him? If he does, then this team fully deserves the sub-.900 play they'll likely get from him. Great post, rem. I still stand by my $3M number, but that's the only place i disagree.
  4. I hate it, but room had to be made and he was the last guy up. Hoping for a follow-up trade announcement on Hainsey or Liles...
  5. And no way do we. Ward's more-valuable to Francis right now than he is to any other GM in the league. Francis will be lucky to get more a 6th-rounder for him. For that, you keep him around until the end of the year and try your chances then.
  6. No, but it should be damned easy being the goaltender for the team that is allowing the fewest shots on goal in the entire league (sure, the quality of those shots is high, but damn...). I'm not saying Ward's the best we can do nor the worst we can do. He isn't stealing too many games, nor is he single-handedly losing too many games (though i agree last night is probably on his shoulders). The $3M/3 years i mentioned, yeah, it's probably 'home town bonus', but i think we can live with it (and it certainly beats the $6.8M he's getting this year, yes?). But the long and the short of it is that regardless whether Francis re-signs him and at what price, nobody's giving Francis 1st-rounder + prospect for what is now 2.53gaa and .898%.
  7. Goaltenders tend not to bring in huge dividends as rentals. Even if Ward were having a career season, i'd say Francis would be damned lucky to even get a 2nd-rounder for him. But, obviously, Ward isn't having a career season. So what would Francis get for him? A consolation prize. Unless, again, a playoff team suffers a goaltender injury come January - in which case maybe he could bring in a 2nd after all. Simply put, Ward is worth more right now to the Hurricanes than he would be to any other team in the NHL. Unless there's a GM out there who severely overvalues Ward or who goes into panic mode, i don't see much more than a 5th- or 6th-rounder. If anyone offers up even a 2nd- or 3rd-rounder, i'm on the phone with Ward's agent trying to make it happen. Otherwise i just coast until the end of the season, offer him $3M for 3 years, and take it or leave it.
  8. If i'm Francis, i definitely send Jordan down. Sure, even then he's being paid NHL salary but right now he's being paid NHL salary to enjoy the games from the pressbox, so no biggie. Problem is that it just means someone else is sitting in the pressbox. And who do you sit? Or do you dress 7 D? I guess Hanifin hasn't sat in a while, but i'm really not chomping at the bit to see him sit out another game.
  9. It actually looks like we're in exact disagreement. The only entity helped by Murphy in Charlotte is the Charlotte Checkers. For Murphy's and the Hurricanes' sakes, he needs to be in Raleigh. I just don't know where the room comes from, because the players we all want out - Hainsey and Liles - are the ones who need to be out there increasing their trade values.
  10. I took this to mean he helps the Checkers more than he helps the Hurricanes, in that the Checkers are 11-9 and he could very well be a major factor in keeping them on the winning side of things and help carry them into the playoffs, whereas the Hurricanes aren't going to the dance and while Murphy's making big strides, his return doesn't make them a playoff team, especially when we all expect a fire sale is imminent. That said, it doesn't help Murphy's development for him to play in Charlotte, so i'm all for bringing him back up and putting him in the top 6. But maybe that waits until after we trade Liles and/or Hainsey, because i don't want Murphy back in the lineup at the expense of Pesce, Hanifin, or Slavin.
  11. This. Remember how Dwyer wasn't traded at the deadline? Think that's because Francis was unwilling to let him go? Teams looking to win the Cup aren't looking at our 4th-liners or 7th D-man as their saviours. Maybe we could get a 6th-rounder for Gerbe. Terry or Jordan, we're lucky if we can package them together and get an 8th. I also, sadly, don't see much return for Ward unless someone simply loses a goaltender to injury a week before the deadline. Playoff teams are playoff teams because their goaltenders are solid enough to get them there. While we all know Ward's stats are victim to the team around them, they are what they are an teams in the playoff hunt aren't coveting 2.44 GAA or .903 sv% as the missing link to win them the Cup. Maybe we can get a little something for him from a team that wants insurance, but i don't see a 1st-rounder coming back.
  12. No way in hell would i trade the young, upcoming, finding-his-game Murphy and keep the turnover machine known as Ron Hainsey - who i also think would bring in more than Murphy. I also don't re-sign Jordan in order to have him as a 7th next year when Wiz returns - waste of space, if you ask me. Throw Carrick or McKeown in his spot...
  13. Based on what i've seen, i'd wager to say he won't do 'nothing'. Not everything he did during the off-season has fully panned out, but i'd have to believe he didn't expect Wiz to be out for the season 47 seconds into his first shift. But from solid draft picks over the past 2 years to good trades that led/are leading to additional draft picks to bringing in new coaching staffs in both Raleigh and Charlotte to cutting loose some dead wood (think things are bad now, just imagine if he hadn't bought out Semin and then made the trade for Versteeg!), he definitely isn't resting on his laurels. I'm with you... i'll have that blind faith. Stanley isn't returning to Raleigh this year nor quite likely next, but i do like the direction Francis is taking.
  14. I'm far from an EStaal apologist, but he was made Captain halfway through the 2009-10, and was our leading scorer that season and every one since through the most-recently completed season, 2014-15, logging 459 points in 519 games - .88 pts/gm. Does he take the rest of the team on his shoulders and lead them to constant victory? Of course not. He hasn't led them to the playoffs once. But i'm also not ready to say he's done nothing but pick up his paycheck through all of those years. Sure, his pts/gm have dropped the past couple seasons and into this one (and he isn't leading the team in scoring this year, either), but strangely enough (i didn't realize this until looking up these stats just now) he does currently lead the team in +/- (though that's more by default than any great defensive epiphanies on his part). His defensive play has been better than the current leading scorer's has been, however... All of that said, i'm in agreement that he isn't Captain material, and if he weren't the Captain, we perhaps wouldn't be having this conversation to start with. Like many others, i'd love to see him start a new chapter in another sweater and allow the Hurricanes to start a new chapter with a new Captain and an additional 1st-round pick and prospect - but i'm not sure how do-able that really is. Even though his production has dropped, everyone on this board knows that if he goes tomorrow, we can't just plug Chris Terry or Jay McClement into his slot and not miss a beat. When he goes, things are going to be even uglier than they are now (and when Versteeg goes as well, fuhggedaboudit). Put me in the club that would love to see Francis re-sign him at a reasonable salary with no NTC, as well as pass the torch on to a new Captain. That way we retain our top-line center and leading scorer of the past 6 seasons but have the option to trade him for real merchandise if he falters. Now as to who gets the C, i'm clueless. Put me, also, in the club that doesn't think it's Faulk.
  15. Playing the Hurricanes has always been sure-fire for getting the opposition out of their slumps or getting their firsts - why not just loan Lindholm to the Leafs tonight? He'll net a hat-trick, and then he can carry that momentum into Sunday against the Kings...
  16. That's good news then. Coupled with the reality that Gleason and Francis are apparently acknowledging concerning Gleason's return, this hints the team is still moving on the youth movement and not pinning hopes on Tim-may. I have another gig tomorrow night so probably won't be able to watch the game. Someone keep an eye on Slavin for me if he makes it into the lineup and let me know how he looks...
  17. This one confuses me a bit, because from what i last read the Checkers had to recall Acosta from Florida and go out and sign an extra defenseman - and still had to throw a forward on the blue line just to have 6 defensemen. Both teams play their next game Friday. This is great for Slavin and i've been wanting him to get a shot, but who's playing in Charlotte then? Unless a couple defensemen will be back by then...
  18. Based on donwake's prospects post, i fully expect the Hurricanes to end up with Puljujarvi. Just a gut feeling. Would be typical Canes positioning at that - #5...
  19. Here's what the ISS has to say about it currently - Top 30 prospects... http://www.isshockey.com/iss-top-30/ 1 MATTHEWS, Auston C 9/17/1997 L 6.01.5 194 Zurich ZSC SuiA 2 CHYCHRUN, Jakob LD 3/31/1998 L 6.02 215 Sarnia OHL 3 JONES, Max LW 2/17/1998 L 6.03 205 London OHL 4 TKACHUK, Matthew LW 12/11/1997 L 6.01.25 195 London OHL 5 PULJUJARVI, Jesse RW 5/7/1998 R 6.03 203 Karpat FinE 6 MCLEOD, Michael C 4/19/1998 R 6.02.25 188 Mississauga OHL 7 NYLANDER, Alexander C 10/15/1997 R 6.00.5 179 Mississauga OHL 8 BROWN, Logan C 6/20/1998 L 6.06 222 Windsor OHL 9 LAINE, Patrik RW 2/3/1998 R 6.04 209 Tappara FinE 10 GAUTHIER, Julien RW 3/5/1998 R 6.03.5 225 Val-d'Or QMJHL 11 DUBOIS, Pierre-Luc LW 3/2/1998 L 6.02.5 202 Cape Breton QMJHL 12 SERGACHEV, Mikhail RD 6/25/1998 L 6.02.5 206 Windsor OHL 13 FABBRO, Dante RD 6/24/1998 R 6.00.25 189 Penticton BCHL 14 JUOLEVI, Olli LD 4/14/1998 L 6.02.5 179 London OHL 15 CLAGUE, Kale LD 5/5/1998 L 5.11.75 177 Brandon WHL 16 BENSON, Tyler LW 6/5/1998 L 5.11.75 201 Vancouver WHL 17 JOST, Tyson C 3/15/1998 L 5.11 191 Penticton BCHL 18 BELLOWS, Kieffer LW 3/14/1998 L 6.00 196 NTDP USA Under-18 USHL 19 STEEL, Sam C 6/10/1998 L 5.11 177 Regina WHL 20 BEAN, Jake LD 2/3/1998 L 5.11.75 173 Calgary WHL 21 KELLER, Clayton C 7/29/1998 L 5.09.5 168 NTDP USA Under-18 USHL 22 KNIERIM, William RW 1/22/1998 R 6.02.5 207 Dubuque USHL 23 MAKINEN, Otto C 5/8/1998 L 6.00.5 178 Tappara FinJrA 24 KRYS, Chad LD 5/21/1998 L 5.11 185 NTDP USA Under-18 USHL 25 HOWDEN, Brett C 4/10/1998 L 6.02.25 193 Moose Jaw WHL 26 KUNIN, Luke RW 3/29/1998 R 5.11.75 193 Wisconsin BigTen 27 ASPLUND, Rasmus C 12/4/1997 L 5.10.5 176 Farjestad SweJE 28 ABRAMOV, Vitalii LW 12/3/1997 L 5.08.75 172 Gatineau QMJHL 29 MATTSON, Mitchell C 2/4/1998 L 6.04 186 Bloomington USHL 30 HAJEK, Libor LD 2/4/1998 L 6.02 185 Saskatoon WHL
  20. Sorry, i had to go grab a towel to wipe the drool from my chin there...
  21. I suppose he could actually be a better mentor for Pesce than Liles or Hainsey - i actually kind of compare Pesce's game to Gleason's when he was in his prime. Of course if the thought is to sign an extra guy so they fill an extra spot in Charlotte, that doesn't compute. They aren't going to send Liles, Hainsey, or Faulk to Charlotte. Jordan's on a 1-way in Raleigh. Murphy's out for who-knows-how-long with a concussion. Who would they send down? Pesce or Hanifin. Or Gleason does the LaRose thing and goes to Charlotte. Either way, unless they send Hanifin down - which i guess is a possibility since he's been a healthy scratch in Raleigh multiple times... but i still find it unlikely - Pesce and Gleason don't hit the same ice anyway.
  22. Gleason to Practice With Canes http://hurricanes.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=788495 Eek. I'd rather Slavin get a shot in Raleigh. At least Gleason will stand up to people now and then, i guess.
  23. I'm not defending much on this team at this point, but i will point out that it wasn't much later in that game that Liles did take a run at that player and that player (White) is now out 2-4 because of it.
  24. +1 So MJordan in. I'm in the minority that thinks he isn't completely useless out there, but all the same i'd still rather use this as an opportunity to see what Slavin - currently running .5 pts/game and a +6 on a team whose next-best is a +3 - can bring to the table in the NHL.
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