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  1. Agreed. ES and CW are discussed the most because they're long-time franchise players who won the Cup here and whatnot, but i'm fully on board that Versteeg is the one who will have the most suitors suiting, drummers drumming, and lords a-leaping. And yeah, defense wins championships blah blah, so JML probably gets his tires kicked by a couple GMs. Hopefully someone out there thinks they can make something out of ES for the rest of the season and gives RF something for him. CW likely goes nowhere unless Montreal feels he can fill Price's skates, and only then if he can get back in the lineup and stay healthy for 2 more weeks. But i've reached the point i'd be good with him staying if reasonable terms can be agreed upon. The rest of the UFAs - Terry, Gerbe, Nash, Malone - might bring RF enough crickets to feed his pet tarantula for a day. I still wouldn't mind seeing Malone back, but he's barely able to crack the lineup now, so how's that going to change next season?
  2. I'd have to think if Yzerman weren't 99.9% positive he can re-sign Stamkos, he wouldn't be releasing that statement. If it doesn't happen, sure, i'd make a run at him - but i'm pretty confident it's a moot point.
  3. Hate to continue my role as naysayer, but despite 3 of a possible 4 points this weekend, the Hurricanes are 3 and 4 points behind the 3 teams in front of them, with every one of those teams once again holding 2 games in hand on the Hurricanes. The cave, Remember your failure at the cave. Playoffs aren't happening for the Hurricanes this season. Prepare for the future.
  4. I totally agree it's time, but in fairness he was one of only 3 plus Canes against the Pens. Maybe RF can use that fact to get JR to give up a haul similar to what he gave up for Jordan...
  5. You mean it took until last night to get to that game for you?
  6. "I'm sorry i broke into your parents' home and shot and killed them and the family dog just so i could sit on the couch, but look how nice a guy i was for 30 years before that..."
  7. Didn't realize that. Good deal, maybe that means the scouts weren't paying much attention to the Hurricanes yet...
  8. Welp, there go the offers. Aside for Hudler and Ramo of course, but they don't really concern us...
  9. Ring my bell with 3 concussions and i'll show you soft. As far as diving, he draws penalties by keeping his feet moving.- sure beats flailing to the ice. Whining- not in a good while. When he first broke in, sure, but he was what, about 6 sat the time? Selfish? He's our leading goal scorer - would you rather have him pass every time he gets the puck so Forslund can tell us 'one pass too many'? I don't see the issues with Skinner. Throw a couple 40-goal-scorers out there and we can talk shop about what to do with problem child Skinner. Until then, i'm all in.
  10. His puck-moving skills were solid. Keeping the puck on the zone while on the point? Couldn't do it to save his life.
  11. I'm not a Murphy fan by any stretch, however count me as one who has seen improvement this year. The Hurricanes inexplicably have 3 defensive phenoms who are in their first year and (arguably) outplaying every defenseman on the roster not named Faulk (and on the defensive side i'd say they're outplaying him as well), but we all know that's not normal and that defensemen usually take longer to develop. Murphy is still, as top pointed out, 22 and on his entry-level deal. And while he's certainly had some growing pains, he's been considerably better this season. Has he been another Pesce? Of course not, but he hasn't been an MJordan either. As a prospect i think he's coming along well, and even if he never truly advances beyond 7th-man status, i feel more comfortable with him there this year than i have with a few other 7th-men the Hurricanes have had along the way (Rodney, anyone?). He's not Faulk, but he isn't Boychuk either, at least not to me.
  12. Agreed. If this is his way of saying "Excuse me friend, i need to sit down", i hope my family's never standing between him and the last seat on the subway.
  13. In this forum, yes. But watch as Facebook lights up with 'I'm done with this team why do they always trade there best players". I'm with you completely, though. Focus on the future, and whatever happens this season is gravy.
  14. Doing a little perusing trying to see about Lindholm's penalty shot, and apparently he's the youngest Swede to score an NHL goal period. Didn't know that. Also, the youngest NHL player to score on a penalty shot - Jordan Staal. Mind you he was a flightless bird then...
  15. Don't quote me on it - i was looking away and looked up pretty much just in time for the graphic to disappear, but that's what i thought it said anyway.
  16. Yeah, i do remember some instances. Still thought he deserved more chances, but Mo. Things went well for a while once he was reacquainted with Laviolette, anyway.
  17. If i saw it correctly, which i may not have because i just happened to catch it right before it disappeared, it said he was the youngest Swede to score a penalty shot goal.
  18. Full agreement here. The past month and a half has been fun, but once again they dug themselves too deep a hole pre-December. .750 hockey the rest of the way may do it, but they also need to make sure none of the other .250 comes against the 'leapfrog' teams. They can't go losing 5-0 to the Jimmy Rutherfords. But i'm in agreement with Lake on the NTC. You're probably right that it's what it would take to re-sign ES, but i think if RF makes that offer, it tells the rest of the league that he plays the NTC game. I think it best he avoids it consistently from the get-go, even if it means ES finishes his career in greener pastures and the Hurricanes face an extra season or two trying to find a replacement 1C.
  19. Well damn. When i saw that Altshuller had been called up, i thought 'that's mighty tasty' but didn't know what was up with Ward. Whether you're in the "trade Ward" camp or the "keep Ward" camp, this isn't a best-case scenario. I guess it at least will show whether Lack is ready to be The Man, anyway.
  20. I'm in agreement in wanting to trade Hainsey before Liles, but i think we lose Liles first simply because his contract is over this year and we have another year of Hainsey. Re-sign Liles and trade Hainsey before the deadline? Yeah, i'd do that... but who knows what's going on in RF's mind... he surely hasn't shown his cards... Keep in mind, though, that we also still have Carrick and Chelios doing well in Charlotte. I'm particularly pleased about Chelios because we all knew about the big deal prospects but he seemed to not be mentioned in that group. I think his stock has risen considerably this year, however. So while that makes for an even younger blueline, Murphy isn't the only one we have who can fill the 6th-man void. And then there's Agosta, if he hasn't burned his bridges yet...
  21. It's a mess, but if the league wants the fans to vote for players, then it should be willing to accept who they vote in. The fact they asked him not to attend is utterly classless. The trade, the demotion, i won't speak of those. But asking him not to attend? Tacky. Very tacky.
  22. This is a very valid point. My observations are purely based on my observing from the comfort of my living room - i haven't been to a game since the last lockout. That said, i will continue to subject you lot to those observations.
  23. Yeah, it was quite possibly me. While of course i have no qualms with his offensive abilities - and how could i? - it's fairly well-documented that i'm not overly impressed with his defensive game. He certainly has his positive moments, but the negative moments rear their heads fairly regularly as well. I could very well be wrong, but i honestly don't think he'll ever be a very strong defensive defenseman - the best i hope for is that he can at least not be a defensive liability. But that's fine - that's why you have the Pesces and Slavins. Unlike the JR years where he decided he wanted a 'puck-moving defenseman' so he tried to bring in a half-dozen of them or when he wanted a 'bone-crushing defenseman' so he tried to bring in a half-dozen of them, i think you want a balance of solid 'defensive' defensemen and solid 'offensive' defensemen. Faulk falls into the latter category, which of course is not a bad thing. I think the answer is finding the right partner for him who covers his shortcomings defensively - which is why i'm so giddy about the 3 rookies, any of whom can be that partner once they have another season or two of experience under their belts. It just isn't Hainsey. Hainsey might not be a bad defensive defenseman, but he isn't a top-pairing defenseman either. But the guy who was brought in to be on the top-pairing played 47 seconds before being lost for the season, causing Hainsey to usually be overslotted to the top-pairing. Mixed bag there - it caused a weak top-pairing defensively this season, but kick-started early development of the future top-pairing, whatever it ends up being. So in short, i don't see Faulk ever being one of our strongest defensively. But i'm cool with that...
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