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  1. +1 So MJordan in. I'm in the minority that thinks he isn't completely useless out there, but all the same i'd still rather use this as an opportunity to see what Slavin - currently running .5 pts/game and a +6 on a team whose next-best is a +3 - can bring to the table in the NHL.
  2. If i'm Versteeg - a 2-time Stanley Cup winner who will turn the ripe old age of 30 during the off-season - i'm not signing with a team that's going into a full-scale rebuild (which it most definitely will be if E, J, and Skinner are all moved) unless i just really like the area and want to retire there. And if i do that, i'm going to be looking for an NMC to do it - which we all know the Hurricanes don't need to be doing. Gut instinct says that unless this team turns it back around and is solidly in the hunt for the post-season, we should all just enjoy Versteeg from now until February and wish him well when he makes it clear he won't re-sign and we trade him away at the deadline.
  3. Agreed. Mind you i'm not convinced Malone or Nestrasil are going to make up the difference. Think there's another call-up in the near future? DiGiuseppe? Ryan? I certainly wouldn't mind seeing what Ryan brings to the table in an NHL game situation. He's another midget and won't do anything to improve the 'team toughness', but he's proven he can score.
  4. Wow, McGinn back to Charlotte. Not a bad move, though. Great first game and flashes here and there since, but he hasn't made a solid-enough case for himself and his +/- is abyssmal. http://www.gocheckers.com/articles/1370-carolina-reassigns-brock-mcginn-to-charlotte edit - well, i guess they're saying it's because Charlotte is having injury troubles, but he still hasn't made a solid-enough case if you ask me... edit II - not that any of you did...
  5. Fair enough, i can't remember for sure so i'll yield on that one. That said, while it's far from a 10-day break, he still hasn't played since the 6th. That's a pretty decent rest already, if there are truly no injury concerns.
  6. I seem to remember Forslund saying something about a 'nagging lower body concern' or something. Maybe, maybe not, but could have a role in it.
  7. And for the first time this season, the Hurricanes won a game where JStaal scored. Golly.
  8. Possibly, but he had a pretty good jump in production under the same system last season.
  9. Attendance is just over 12,000 - i'd say that pretty much equals the number of people who would care if the team moved. Given a population of ~2,000,000 in the triangle area, that's about 0.6%. I won't even take into account the percentage of those who are Hurricanes fans and not transplant fans going to see their favorite team when it visits Raleigh...
  10. Man i hate it for the kid, but reading that, you'd think someone's dog died. It does suck, however, that the Oilers are going to have to try to salvage this season with only 3 1st-overall picks on their roster. The humanity.
  11. Must admit that was my first thought as well.
  12. I think his +/- has as much to do with being paired against 3rd- and 4th-liners than it does anything else, but he has looked good for the most part. I made a point to keep an eye on him for a few shifts last night (as best i could watching on television) and his positioning was solid and his passes were crisp. I don't think he'll ever be top 4, but i think he's on pace to be a solid 3rd-pairing contributor. And i don't mind the cautiousness if it keeps him honest.
  13. You could have stopped right there and your point would have been loud and clear. 4 NHL games and only 7 further games at any professional level. I'm downright giddy about this kid. My new favorite Hurricane, to be sure.
  14. The off-setting difference, however, is that over an 82-game season a hockey team can easily overcome the occasional bad luck / bad call game. In football where they play a measly 16-game (14? not sure...), a couple bad call games and your season is shot. Likewise the 1-game 'winner take all' when they reach the playoffs. A bad luck goal or two in a best-of-4 series can be overcome... a bad call in a playoff football game and whoops - there go your hopes and dreams...
  15. It's a shame because there's so much potential. A bigger shame that because of JR's knee-jerk signings, the Hurricanes are still paying him millions of dollars a year to sit in the pressbox for another team.
  16. I think the Red Wings would say the same about this team.
  17. What was it Chantel asked that one time? "What did it mean to the team for you to score that goal in overtime?" or something like that? I don't remember who it was now, but the answer was something like "Well, we won...". Yeah, she was rough. My '0 times 100 is still 0' comment above was meant as dissatisfaction with Chantel, not Michelle. I like Michelle was well. She brings a professionalism to that role we haven't had since Bob Harwood.
  18. We've already exceeded mine by winning 3 games in October with potential, slim as it may be, for more. Actually it's not entirely slim, either - we've already beat one of our remaining October opponents once this month.
  19. I can't dispute that one. Lack certainly didn't steal a game for the team, but he can't be faulted for the whole thing either. 2 goals wins very few games in today's NHL. Peace.
  20. I'd be happy. Maybe they can even tank enough in the process to get Matthews...
  21. Well, Lack certainly made them look that way. But truthfully you can look at pretty much any roster in the NHL and say they're potent and talented. And i'm not saying the Sharks aren't, because they obviously are - but i'll still strongly debate them being top 3, particularly at this time. And including Couture is utterly irrelevant because he didn't play, and the whole point of discussion is what Lack did face, not what he could have faced had everyone been healthy. A back-to-back against a team on a 4-game win streak and a team on a 3-game losing streak - i'd say the losing streak was certainly the better time to put Lack back in. As for the 'cold' argument, not playing for a few games certainly didn't stop Nash from scoring a goal, and he'd been out longer than Lack. I'd love for Lack to get into a groove just as much as you would, and yes, i feel he could have gotten another start or two before Saturday night - but he didn't, so it was up to him to make his case for more. But he didn't, and it wasn't because of top 3 potency and talent - it was because of a couple softies that trickled through that the Blue Jackets' 4th-liners could have poked home, much less the supposed top 3 talent he was facing.
  22. In what alternate reality are the Sharks a top 3 offensive team? As of this morning they are #12 in GF, and that's after scoring 5 on us last night. Before that they had only scored 18 goals and were on a 3-game losing streak... edit - Just did the math. Before last night, San Jose was 15th in GF.
  23. All right, didn't think i'd be saying this, but i think i want Khudobin back.
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